24 October 2007

Media Feeding Frenzy

With the phoney "screw-driver" incident, on top of the SOS scandal, the chub is in the water and the Media Sharks are in a feeding frenzy for anyone, or anything, associated with the Chicago Police Dept. This morning on WIND I heard Alderman Joe Moore decrying the behavior of the officers accused of the "screw-driver" incident. The incident that was unfounded by IAD/OPS, and should have been dismissed by the courts as just anotherl lying, indolent loser who wants a pay-day by the City.
Here's Ald. Moore's email address. Drop him a line and tell him that he should review the facts before passing judgement in the media about police "misconduct."

The being said, there is more blood in the water today: Our Top DUI Cop in 025 gets his hand-slapped for some "procedural" mistakes on his DUI arrests.

And a Big Thanks goes out to our beloved States Attorneys who chose to testify against this officer in open court. Out of the kindness of their hearts, they went out of their way to say that he didn't read them the Warning to Motorist, and ~ gasp and horror!~ didn't spend the required 20 minutes of observation time. Outrageous! You mean while the arrestee sat in the interview room, quais-comatose and urinating in his pants due to inordinately high levels of alcohol in his blood-stream, Officer Haleas didn't stand there and stare at him for the required 20 minutes?

Get a clue, you morons. I would strongly suggest that ASAs no longer be given permission to do "ride-alongs" with CPD Officers. If they're going to nit-pick our actions and ignore common sense then they don't deserve to be around us in a working district.

The public should know that the Courts is the place where the biggest disconnect lies. The ASAs routinely deny felony upgrade - even when it is an Agg Batt to PO and, as this case shows, don't have any problem throwing a working police officer under the proverbial bus.


Anonymous said...


rosco said...

What do you expect, 025 is the dumping ground for all the derelict cops. Its all bust outs! Half of them are tavern drunks!

rosco said...

See the city is trying to come out with new rules in regards to 4:00am taverns. Seriously, these late nite joints are nothing but sh*t magnets. Get rid of them, period!

Coldtype said...

Off Topic:

Forgive me Rue for failing to notice your new tag line, "No Illegal Immigrants".

Since you appear to be deeply troubled by this phenomenon, I'm somewhat curious as to why you raise no objections to its primary causes, namely NAFTA and CAFTA?

Sabian said...

I don't like DUI drivers myself, but.........

Disregard for procedure is disregard for due process. Put yourslf in some poor saps shoes. We are all entitled to due process. ALL OF US IN AMERICA ARE GUARANTEED THAT! If you disregard RIGHTS TO MOTORISTS and specific procedural elements from p.c. to arrest and evidence collection then you should get hacked. Who in their right mind on the job does this dumb shit? If you can't get a DUI the right way, you have no business being on the job. It may seem unfair to remind offenders of their rights because it may damage a case but it is still part of what is upheld by our constitution and that oath. Oath?....anybody remember that? I had to rub my eyes twice as I read the original post. Sure, let's support that kind of incompetence....or laziness (IF this is true. IF!) with how one has to actually observe and properly administer a field sobriety and/or breath sample and how it's tying you down and disgusting to watch some pissy drunk. IT's a part of YOUR JOB. Period! Better than rolling up on a fatal with innocents involved. Somebody give THIS guy the HGN test. I hope he wasn't slated to be honored this past Sunday at the Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists (AAIM) fundraiser and recognition banquet.

rosco said...

They have 20/20 film crews in 025 following the police filming their stops.

Rue St. Michel said...

Rosco - er, I mean "shoestring" : Go chase your tail!

I'm not endorsing violating a person's constitutional rights. Each arrestee has the right to due process and DUI's are no different.
Did you know that it is a fact that only 24% of DUI drivers WHO COME IN CONTACT WITH A POLICE OFFICER are arrested and charged with DUI? That leaves 76% of the drunken misfits we encounter still driving around. How many people have to die before coppers start locking up drunken drivers? You know the excuses as to why coppers don't make more 501 arrests: too much paperwork, can't get a breath-tech, don't have a warning to motorist form, can't remember the instructions on the FSTs....it's a litany of rationalizations to avoid arresting the guy/gal.

Every DUI driver I arrest, I think of Michael Gordon.

So forgive us for not following the letter of the law when doing a DUI arrest. I may get the Miranda Warning times mixed up between the alcohol influence report and the Warning to Motorist but WHO CARES! It's one more drunk off the streets and, maybe, one life saved.

rosco said...

Does the judge ever order a guilty offender to pay restitution to the victim? Or is his short time being processed thru lockup it?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of media frenzies; how bout this beef w/dog the bounty humper. His bustout son turns in a recorded message of his to the media whores.
Looks like the two of them wont be doing any pigroasts together outside the trailer.
Like some of our "elite" units;

rosco said...

Mr. Rue, are you one of those french knights in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail"????

Sabian said...


I respect your viewpoint. We each have our own motivations. Everyone figures they can TRY to do the best they can with what they have. It is true that there are way too many drunks on the street. And as far as arrests go, the DUI is the longest and sometimes sloppiest mess to be involved in. Aside from breath test operators I am sure you didn't forget but didn't add spanish, polish, hindu, etc. speakers for those who don't or won't speak English. I'm sorry but I see things from a liability and constitutional end. And, that is OK. Like I said. We all have our own beliefs and motivations. That's why gangs or an office spot weren't.....or today aren't such bad places to be. If you can find one once the music stops.

Anonymous said...

You must be a police officer in the wrong.You dont want anyone to ride with the police?WHY?So know one could actually see the abuse these so called protecters do.Wait until someone harms you or a loved one you will feel differently.They did what they had to do to get another dirty cop off the streets.

Rue St. Michel said...

Posting at 9am - are you some delinquent who has skipped school and is surfing the internet at some library out in the beautiful WestSide?

First off Mutt no officer is going to "harms" me or my family. You know why? Because we obey and respect the law. I know that is a novel concept to you. You can't be bothered to even post on my blog without making a typographical error so I'm assuming you're an uneducated ghetto rat.

The only people who get "abused" are the ones we have to fight in order to arrest them. Ring a bell? Was your Uncle Pooky knocked around by a cop because Pooky "wasn't goin ta jale?"

As far as "dirty" goes - your "peeps" are the ones who are dirty: and you get caught all the time - Caught Ridin' Dirty.

If you're not part of the solution then you're part of the problem.

Now go back to spewing your Westside/Southside garbage on some other's blog. I'm done with you.

Anonymous said...

Percy Betram here HYDE pARK RESIDENT AND educator at U of C,would like to see less police presence in coffee shops and local eateries making sexist and racial comments to other patrons and please get rid of thoese neo fascist uniforms and conform moreso to the european type of a smock and beret type dont you realize that the present attire inflames sensibilties of all clear thinking ppl and intimidates the minorities in your midst further we beleive you are over payed for the amt of work you do we beleive that 11 dollars a hr would be sufficent and a pension of social security should suffice i thank you Percy Betram Esq

Rue St. Michel said...

Hi Percy! You work at U of C? How many times have you been mugged? Were they all off campus or were some of them on the campus?

Just curious.