24 September 2007

This can't be a Hate Crime!

This can't be a Hate Crime - they're just "boys" who are "fighting". Never mind that the cowardly punks who are ganging up on one white kid are doing it because he's new to the neighborhood.

Of course this beating won't be called a Hate Crime because the offenders are black and the victim is white. There will be no commentary by Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton or Louis Farrakhan because they implicitly presume that the kid "deserved it".

I guess we can't blame them - they had to endure 400 years of slavery, institutionalized racism and separate toilet facilities for blacks and whites.

Tell that to the 13 year old kid who was beaten and terrorized by a gang of thugs. I'm surprised that there hasn't been a demonstration by the Professional Race Baiters claiming that the offenders were "provoked" into attacking the kid because of some cultural "slight" that he committed - like wearing FUBU gear or Timberland Shoes.

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Anonymous said...

brings to mind incident in Beverly area park last year where young Tyrone stated he wanted to kick goofy looking white kid to steal his bike or whatever victim was a sickly heart victim not one word of hate crime from our fearlesss leaders in fact Ginger cunt of 19th ward didnt push it whats wrong with this picture