24 September 2007

Muslim TSA shown frisking Nun for weapons

Mike Savage has this listed as his Picture of The Day. No shit - it should be the picture of the Year!


I wonder if the TSA had been a tall blond norwegian woman and she was shown patting down an Imam or Muslim cleric, if CAIR would have had a press conference to protest such "indignities to the Muslim people" - no doubt followed by a $500 million dollar lawsuit.

The nun probably took it all in stride and, I'm sure even said,"Thank you" to the Muslim as she slipped her shoes back on and made her way to her flight.

Just another double standard. In our media, Christians are maligned, Muslims are forgiven.


Anonymous said...

Why not? You would have them search old islamic ladies wouldn't you? The Catholic Church is the most evil church in history! They burned people at the stake, chopped off hands, stretched limbs and various other means of torture. All in the name of God???

Rue St. Michel said...

You're certainly entitled to your opinion but it sounds like your beliefs are founded in ignorance.

The church did do those things - in the middle ages! If you want to go back 500 years, then we have nothing to say to one another.

What I'm talking about is now. Now we have Muslims who are hanging people for being gay, Now we have Muslims who are murdering 12 year old girls simply because the girls are Christian, Now we have jihadi sociopaths running around our country attempting to get their hands on a suitcase nuke to enact their final world vision on the US.

Because of the fact that NOW we are facing Islamic Facists - 19 of whom murdered almost 3,000 US Citizens on September 11, 2001 - I would expect a Muslim to get a weapons pat-down but not a 70 year old Irish nun.

Christians aren't out murdering innocent people - Muslims are.

Your "moral equivalency" shows your ignorance. Wake up, you fool.

Anonymous said...

911 was just a plane crash by a student pilot.