07 September 2007

Muppet Faces of Death


voody said...

It Bad funny

leomemorial said...

Hey Rue!!

Thanks for the laugh after a long week.

Rue St. Michel said...

Anything for you guys! :)

rosco said...

I guess its time for more benefits for drunken cops again. Show me your boobies? Ho Ho. Or beat handcuffed women at house parties? Maybe you guys should take a timeout from drinking.

Rue St. Michel said...

Never give up drinkng!

As Homer Simpson once said, "To Alcohol. The solution to and cause of all of life's problems!"

And who doesn't love to see a nice set of boobies? Pleeze!

And beating handcuffed women? No person, man or woman, was ever beaten up without richly deserving it. Dats a fack, jack.

I think your Mommy should take you OUT of your timeout. Shouldn't you be in school?


rosco said...

Attention: All non-cops! Next time in a bar, any bar, and you see off-duty cops, throw a drink in their face. You will get paid! Have a friend with a video cam film it.