10 September 2007

Keep the Fight Alive!

The Looming Tower by Lawrence Wright was 5 years in the making. It's already won a Pulitzer for the in-depth research and meticulous attention to detail. The author interviewed over 600 people - including friends and relatives of Osama bin Laden.

Wright goes back to the 1920's and the foundation of the Muslim Brotherhood to trace the origins of today's modern Jihadi in an effort to understand why we're in the position that we're in with the Islamofacists.

The book revokes a number of myths that surround Al-qaeda, bin Laden and the Afghan campaign against the soviets.

OBL's initial impulse in joining the mujahideen in Afghanistan was primarily because he was a devout anti-communist. The mujahideen commanders in Afghanistan saw OBL and his Al-queda as sayeed ("hicks" in arabic). They were untrained, inadequately armed and were only interested in dying for martyrdom. They were largely viewed by the fighters as a pain in the ass. Jamal Khalifa, bin Laden's college friend, even went to visit OBL in Afghanistan and implored him to come back to Saudi Arabia and quit the pipe-dream of creating an All-Arab peninsula. Khalifa could see that bin Laden and his "troops" were about to be wiped out by a soviet encampment that was only kilometers away. The squalid conditions and impoverished surroundings were not conducive to training anything. Bin Laden refused to be budged and Khalifa and he never spoke again.

Bin Laden is not as tall as you've heard: he's about 5'11" to 6'00" tall. He's not the 6 foot, 6 inch giant that he's commonly portrayed to be.

He doesn't have kidney disease and he isn't a billionaire. When he left Sudan in the early 1990's he only had about 50,000 dollars in the bank.

Many of the people that OBL interacted with didn't like his personal idiosynchrises. He has a highpitched, nasal voice. When he laughs he titters and holds his hand up to his face like a girl. And he's generally regarded as an incompetent military commander with little or no leadership qualities. He has often deferred leadership roles to other, more able, people.

Many of the stories of battle in Afghanistan are utter hyperbole. Bin Laden and his troops were about to engage a small soviet force when Bin Laden had the idea that he should climb a tree to get a better visual on the enemy positions. The soviet group was only 70 meters away. They saw him in the tree and opened fire. He was nearly killed by incoming 7.62mm rounds. An RPG exploded and knocked him out of the leafless tree. Mortar rounds came in hot and heavy from the soviets. OBL, in typical fashion, declared that he was so calm that he "fell asleep" during the engagement. What probably happened was that he fainted. OBL does suffer from low blood sugar and is often light-headed. He carries a bag of salt with him and dips into it frequently to keep his sugar from falling too low.

On April 17th, 1987 OBL showed his incompetence and almost got his entire crew killed. They spent months planning a big attack on an Afghan government outpost near Khost. Right before the attack was to begin, they found that someone had forgotten to get wires to connect the rockets, there was no ammunition at any of the positions, and there was no food for the men.

The enemy forces overran OBL's position and his men had to destroy The Lion's Den (Al-qaeda's group of tunnels which they used to store their supplies and equipment). It was a stunning defeat for Osama bin Laden.


So anyone who disagreed with their [Dr. Fadl & Dr. Ahmed - takfiri leaders] joyless understanding of Islam were deemed apostates and their lives were forfeit. The mujahideen leaders were apostates eventhough they'd come to help liberate Afghanistan.

They regarded the entire population of Afghanistan as infidels because they were Salafists. The new takfiris believed that they were entitled to kill practically anyone and everyone who stood in their way; indeed they saw it as their divine duty.


One important point that Lawrence Wright brings up in the book is the Muslim concept of tak-fir (excommunication, in arabic). It is what the jihadis use to justify murdering other Muslims. The Koran explicitly states that Muslims shall not kill anyone, except as punishment for murder. The murderer of one innocent, it states, is as if "he had murdered all of mankind." The killing of Muslims is an even greater offense. So how can they justify murdering other Muslims? They use Sayyid Qtub's "logic" to justify it. Qtub stated that any leader who did not institute Sharia law in his country, by deduction, must be an apostate. According to Mohammed's writings, there are only 3 ways in which a Muslim can kill another Muslim: Marital infidelity,
as punishment for murder or for turning away from Islam. That was what the Muslim Brotherhood had used to murder Anwar Sadat, the former president of Egypt. He was the first victim of the twisted logic of tak-fir.

This tak-fir was even extended, for example, to anyone who registered to vote! The logic being that if someone participated in a Democracy, they were implicitly saying that the government was more important than God - which is heresy.
Therefore, anyone who voted was an apostate and was deemed to have turned from Islam - and could be murdered.

So on this September 11th, 2007 - Please remember to do something to support our troops. Fly the flag, send a card, make a phone call. We're in this fight and we need to follow through and eliminate the threats that we have at home and abroad.

God bless America, God bless her Warriors and may death come soon to Osama bin Laden and his to his sick, twisted ideology.


rosco said...

Throw down your arms and come home, its a lost cause. Just do a scorched earth policy and leave.

Coldtype said...

"Throw down your arms and come home, its a lost cause. Just do a scorched earth policy and leave."-Rosco

Yeh, Just as Hitler or Tojo would have done.

rosco said...

Such a waste of money. All the funds used in Iraq could be used at home. This war is all about protecting the Oil companies and other big businesses.

Anonymous said...

"Yeh, Just as Hitler...."

Yea, just like Saddam Huesein did when he left Kuwait. U liberal,lefty
types have such short memories.

rosco said...

Its seems over time the U.S. military is getting weaker. They seem to lose every battle they fight. The troops whine about how heavy their gear is. Now they wear extra-heavy body armor? Why? Are they scared? In the past you wanted to move faster. All they do now is drive-bys. Ride around in their Hummers, shooting people on the streets of Baghdad.

Coldtype said...

"U liberal,lefty
types have such short memories"
-8:34 AM

We do? As I recall Iraq did not launch planes into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.

Unless my memory fails me we DID launch an unprovoked attack against Iraq, a country posing no theat to us, in March of 2003.

"Yea, just like Saddam Huesein [sic] did when he left Kuwait"

I find it rather odd, since we're talking about forgetfulness, how you aren't up in arms about Saddam's murderous invasion of Iran in 1980--the one we supported at the cost of over 1 million lives. Just wondering.

the patriot said...

Hey coldtype, nice to see your back, u j*goff.....
"I find it rather odd"
Im not up in arms because my Country used someone else's army to f*k w/an enemy of ours; an enemy that held our hostages and attacked our soil (embassy).
Its also called "the enemy of my enemy is my friend".
Alot of our problems today are because YOUR hero of that time, CARTER,didnt confront Iran after the Shah........

rosco said...

Weee, Weee The yankee army is now modeled after the French Army with those black tams/berets they wear.

Coldtype said...

"Alot of our problems today are because YOUR hero of that time, CARTER, didnt confront Iran after the Shah........"

7:59 PM

Hello Patriot, forgive the delayed response. As is generally the case for most Americans you have not the barest understanding of history or the role your nation has played in it.

The Shah was overthrown as he should have been by his own people whom he savagely brutalized at the behest of the US/UK energy corporations. In 1953, the US via the CIA overthrew the democratically elected parliamentary government of Mohammad Mossedega.

Mossedega committed the "sin" of nationalizing the Iranian oil industry--which the people of Iran rightfully considered to be their birthright--thus depriving the western oil corporations of the massive profits margins they formerly enjoyed.

After the US orchestrated the violent overthrow of the Iranian democracy, they installed the Shah and helped organize and train his savage secret-police apparatus known as the SAVAK which introduced a reign of terror upon the population for the next quarter century--all in service to the western oil corporations who were the chief beneficiaries.

In 1979 the people of Iran had had enough and finally mustered the strength to take back their country. Sure they went about things the wrong way in sacking our embassy and abusing our personnel, but how would WE have reacted if the tables had been turned? What if, after 25 years under the brutal tyranny of a dictator who maintained his authority and privilege via the auspices of a foreign power, we overcame him and captured his foreign cohorts and enablers in their embassy/spy headquarters? Would we be gentle?

The tragedy of Iran was that but for our meddling in their affairs that country was on the path of genuine representative democracy under Mossedega's government. The unintended consequence of our self-serving policies in Iran was the corresponding attractiveness to large portions of the Iranian public to the theocratic rhetoric of the Mullahs now in charge. When compared to the Shah and the SAVAK how Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini could have appeared to the Iranian masses as anything other than a savior and avenging angel is a mystery only to those ignorant of our history there.


Coldtype said...

Oh, and another thing...

This, courtesy of WHO IS IOZ? [whoisioz.blogspot.com],

"Hey, maybe it's true. Maybe Iraq has made "satisfactory progress" toward 9 of 18 benchmarks. I'm not there. Who am I to quibble?

But here's the thing. And I've been out of school a while, so maybe this has all changed. Back when I was a wee lad in short pants, itchy wool coat pulled tightly 'bout my scrawny neck, fingers stained with ink, 50% was still a muthafuckin F, bitches."