28 September 2007

Illinois dhimmis cancel Xmas

LGF has a link to a story from my own backyard. Here in Oak Lawn, IL some schools have decided to stop celebrating Christmas and Halloween out of fear that it may "insult" Muslim students.

I've long been disappointed in my fellow Illinoisans - they put Dick Durbin and Barack Obama in office after all. So what does that tell you about their collective IQ.

I'm also embarrassed by the LibTards who are taking up space in this state and voting, no less.

This is just another "pre-emptive dhimmitude" (as LGF puts it) and it speaks to how low we'll go out of political correctness.

Just for yucks I'd love to see some municipality go out of their way to celebrate a Christian holiday, in effect putting the Muslims on the defensive and forcing them to acknowledge that this is STILL a Christian nation and we have nothing to be ashamed of for that.

Fat chance. The Left has really sucked the life out of our society by dividing the family and deconstructing the churches.

Hey Thanks ACLU!


Anonymous said...

Santa is a racist figure. A white man in a bright red suit? End this Euro-trash nonsense now!

Anonymous said...

We must change these holidays since most are European. We need to add more African holidays, like Nelson Mandella's birthday day. Also, we need some Asian ones too. The U.S. should apologize for the nuclear attack on Japan.

Anonymous said...

They dont want to offened the muslim's ? They are in the USA if they dont like it they should leave

Anonymous said...

Just get rid of all holidays. Now everyone will be happy!