28 September 2007

Gay NYPD cop sues city

A gay NYPD police officer is suing the city for unspecified damages because he alleges that the department supervisors didn't do anything to remove him from, what he claims, was a hostile work environment.

He claims that he overheard a fellow officer utter the word "faggot" in the precinct locker room. Gasp!

He also says that people drew pictures of him in sexual positions and taped them on the wall in the locker room. Double Gasp!

It sounds like this guy is just thin-skinned. Police officers "bust the balls" of their colleagues all the time. Seriously. This guy wasn't dragged into a bathroom stall and gang-raped, for chrissakes! So someone uttered the "faggot" word in his presence. If you come out and claim the lifestyle, you better be prepared for the backlash. If a copper is having multiple extramarital affairs and someone calls him a "male whore" he's not going to sue the city.

If he'd established a good rapport with his team by being a good guy and a good officer, then I'm sure they would have extended him the courtesy of being respectful of his lifestyle choices. It sounds like he was a whiney goof who was liked on the watch.

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Anonymous said...

Is there not something wrong with a group of people who let small animals run up their butt hole?