20 September 2007

Amnesty on the Installment Plan

The politicians who you've elected to represent you think you're stupid. I have no other explanation to justify the Bill that is now before the Senate - except to say that Richard "Little Dick" Durbin is its author. The pandering to the Open-Borders lobby continues unabated. And when Durbin isn't sucking up to the Illegal Alien lobbyists, he's enacting other "important" legislation like overhauling Toy Safety and trying to spend your Tax dollars by giving more and more money in Financial Aid stipends.

Just like a typical Democrat, he thinks throwing money at things is always a good strategy. Take financial aid. Everyone with minimal intelligence knows that college tuition is going through the roof. Tuition hikes have outpaced inflation significantly every year since WWII.
What would give colleges the incentive to maintain or even reduce their tuitions? Lower enrollment possibly but by opening up the government coffers to prospective students, it puts more dollars into the public domain and the colleges know that they don't have to reign in their rates.

Of course, unthinking, knee-jerk morons like Durbin just want the photo-Op of them walking around some campus so it looks like he's actually doing something constructive.


The Dream Act (SA 2237) gives a multitude of benefits to illegal aliens and their off-spring. Some of the highlights of this disasterous legislation include:

* In-state tuition for illegals and their children (note that military veterans and their families have NO such benefit!)

* Grant amnesty to Agricultural Workers (will be voted on at end of September)

* According to Numbers USA, the Dream Act amendment allows an illegal alien to remain in the U.S. on a track headed for citizenship, provided:

1. the illegal alien can demonstrate continuous presence in the U.S. for five years and was not yet 16 years old upon initial

2. the illegal alien is of "good moral character" and is not inadmissible on criminal grounds or because the illegal alien is a
national security risk; an

3. the illegal alien has been admitted to an institution of higher education, has attained a high school diploma, or has obtained
a GED in the U.S.

Critics charge the Dream Act is a free pass to millions of illegal aliens, especially given the rampant documentation and identity theft fraud accompanying illegal immigration for decades.

Our beloved loser senator from Illinois is trying to wrestle away benefits from legal citizens and give illegals perks and give-aways in a manner that only a true Democrat could do.

His latest "initiative" is The Dream Act needs to be defeated. We won't allow another veiled Amnesty attempt to get by us.

Here's a nice run down on the Bill - I suggest you read it.

Email Durbin's office here.
Email Obama's office here.


Anonymous said...

America must pay the worlds bills. Since they steal the worlds resources.

Anonymous said...

The spray and pray tactics used by the U.S. military since Vietnam show they can't win a war with firepower. The troops have no heart for the battle, thus they will lose.