02 August 2007

It's Grau

At 02-Aug-2007 0800hrs, the new superintendent of police is Hiram Grau.

Hiram was born in Puerto Rico and lived in Chicago for the great majority of his life. Hiram is one of three children born to Jose and Carmen Grau. He was drafted into the U.S. Army in 1968, served 13 months in Vietnam, and received four medals. Hiram entered the Chicago Police Training Academy in 1981.

He first served as a police officer in the Belmont District, 019, and as a Gang Crime Specialist in the Gang Crimes Unit. Hiram also worked as an undercover buy officer in the Gang Crime Unit. He later was a supervisory Sergeant on the FBI’s Street Gang Investigation Squad for (9) years. Hiram Grau served as Acting Commander of the Gang Investigations Section and 014th District Commander.

As Commander of the014th District, Hiram Grau worked with all facets of the Community. He instituted the first Businessmen’s Subcommittee, the first Clergy Subcommittee, the Peer Jury Program, and a Cease Fire initiative. He worked with school and church leaders to help young people in the community and helped create youth athletic programs.

As Deputy Chief of the Organized Crime Division, Hiram Grau supervised 500 employees responsible for investigations of drug, gang, prostitution, terrorism and organized crime offenses. On April 11,2002, he was appointed to the position of Deputy Superintendent of the Bureau of Technical Services.

Hiram has received 12 Department Commendations, Chicago Police Department Special Commendation Award, Chicago Police Department Unit Meritorious Award, Cook County States Attorney Recognition Award, FBI Appreciation Award, FBI Chicago Joint Task Force on Gangs Award of Merit, 60 Honorable Mentions, 41 complimentary letters, the National Democratic Convention Ribbon, and The Joint Operations Award. Hiram was elected President of The Saint Jude Police League on January 1, 2002 and is currently still serving in that capacity.

Hiram Grau holds a Bachelor’s Degree in criminal and social justice from Lewis University and a Masters of Business Administration from St. Xavier University’s Graham School of Management. He also has completed management training through the FBI National Academy Associates, the FBI Law Enforcement Executive Development Program (LEEDS), and the City of Chicago Intergovernmental Executive Development Program.

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