17 July 2007

Somebody's Watching You

I'm a big fan of the conservative photo-blogger Zombie.

I just found Zombie's antithesis.

The site is called CopWatch LA and, if you want to laugh at some pathetic losers, the website is described here. (I won't link to it because I don't link directly to urban terrorist organizations.)

The website's Mission is: "CWLA is a program dedicated to the struggle that will end police terrorism through collecting information on and observing police activity, by offering support to those caught in the criminal injustice system, fighting for change without a reformist consciousness, and working side-by-side with oppressed communities* to create revolutionary alternatives to policing, prisons, and all systems of domination, oppression and exploitation."

The person who runs it is one Sherman Austin - eventhough he was prohibited by a Federal Court injunction back in '02 from contributing to any website because he was found to be promoting violent anarchy and revolution. Austin comes across as some disaffected youth who has, maybe, had a negative experience with police and who holds a profound grudge with the LAPD. But if you dig a little you'll find that this guy is just a professional shit-stirrer, anarchist and marxist revolucionario.

A discussion board about Austin's CopWatch site has one "rah-rah" supporter saying,"If 'WE THE PEOPLE' don't police the POLICE no one will! Otherwise, the gun and badge is just a licence to lie, steal, assault and, yes, EVEN MURDER. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK SHERMAN & CO. !!"

cop_watch_banner(Notice where the cross-hairs are centered!)

The yahoo interview with this slug glosses over some salient points on Austin's own criminal history. In USA vs. Sherman Austin you can see that he wasn't convicted simply of fomenting violence on his website, an FBI search warrant revealed that he'd constructed 60 Molotov cocktails and was planning on using them at an World Ecomonic Forum in New York.

From the court transcript:

The defendant operates a web site, or used to operate a web site, which advocated direct action, violent action, to stop different events; most specifically, the World Economic Forum which just happened in New York. He also advocated direct action, violent action, to stop the 2002 Olympics held now in Salt Lake City -- I believe the opening ceremonies are about to begin -- by all means necessary, is what the web site said.

In fact, his web site, before it was dismantled by the FBI, indicated he wanted to burn the Olympics. And I ask the Court's indulgence. I'm going to have to use strong language which was inside the web site, but this is the language of the defendant. He indicated he wanted to burn the Olympics, and he wanted to fuck the corporate playground.

Your Honor, the web site indicates -- the defendant indicated to others that were going to visit this web site that it was essential, essential reading, for anyone who was associated with the groups that advocate or utilize sabotage, theft, arson, and more militant tactics.

The web site encouraged demonstrators to assault police, even encouraged them to use different-tactics, how to lure police so they could be more vulnerable to rioters and to more militant tactics; to use weapons of mass destruction; to use bombs, to explode bombs; to injure police and to blow up their cars, just like in the movies, the web site cautioned.

The web site taught users and visitors how to make different types of bombs, as I mentioned before, including Molotov cocktails and fuel fertilizer bombs. Therefore, the FBI was quite alarmed, obviously, when bags of fertilizer in the defendant's car, the silver Toyota I mentioned earlier, were found in the back of his car, along with fuel canisters. Again, these are the key ingredients to the fuel fertilizer bombs the defendant instructed others how to make.

On a related note, the government released its Terrorism Report today and warns: Non-Muslim terrorist groups probably will attack here in the next several years, although on a smaller scale. The judgments don't name any specific groups, but the FBI often warns of violent environmental groups, such as Earth Liberation Front, and others. CopWatch should be included in this list.

So give me a break. People like this aren't just "disaffected youths" - they are dangerous and most definitely should be monitored 24/7. The next time Austin's backdoor is being kicked in by some "economically deprived teenagers", I'm sure he won't be calling some of his anarchist loser buddies - he'll dial 911.

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