20 July 2007

Obama Has An Idea

...not an original one, nor one that is worthy of implementation. Obama wants sex education for kindergartners!

Jeez! Why didn't I see that? That's what is wrong with our culture, our society and our Nation. It's not illegal immigration, the expanding size of government, Islamic terrorists trying to enter our country and detonate nuclear weapons - oh no! It's that our 5 year olds aren't being exposed to enough sex.


Just more vapidity from our Empty-Suit-of-Illinois.

Some Liberal 20-something has posted this R-Kelly ripoff homage to Obama on YouTube. Funny that she never mentions his enormous ears, nor that his voting record is scandalous. She doesn't even mention that his Dumbo sized ears
fail to listen to Illinois voters. It just shows you that it doesn't matter the substance of a politician. Many female voters will simply ignore a candidate's record, history and background and focus on the thin veneer of superficiality when making their decisions in the voting booth.

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Anonymous said...

Indian cab driver on Devon told me he swears Obama stuck him up 2 years ago under a viaduct and then threanted to have him perform oral sex on him how true this is i dont know