09 July 2007

Muslim Victimology, Again

The tribune ran a story yesterday about Abu Omar - a radicalized Muslim who preached anti-US rhetoric to his wannabe jihadis - who was allegedly abducted by CIA agents, taken to an undisclosed location, tortured, raped and then released.

I'd have a hard time believing this to be true if it wasn't for the fact that the US government allegedly offered Abu Omar $2 million and citizenship for himself and two kids.

(CIA surveillance photo of Abu when he was strolling the boulevards of Milan in search of a good cappucino)

Personally I don't have a problem with this story. I think radical Muslims have been getting a "free-pass" by law enforcement out of respect for the Islamic religion and many (way too many) hide behind the Quran and shield themselves from prosecution with it.

So the lesson here (for any Imams that might be reading this) is scale back the incitements to jihad, keep the "We Must Butcher the Infidels for Allah" messages to a bare minimum and don't funnel money to Islamic Training Camps.

If you do those small things, chances are nobody is going to kidnap you and tie battery cables to your genitals.

The sad and pathetic part to this story is that this radical cleric is using the media and the courts to claim that he is a victim. The Italian ministry has issued 20 arrest warrants for CIA operatives who were known to work in Italy.

This world really is upside down. These radicalized Muslims are no better than the Nazi punks who were bullying and murdering their way through Europe in the late '30s and '40s. Think of it this way ... it's like living in London in 1942 and opening a storefront where you espouse Nazi ideology to your enthralled congregation. And the government, instead of shutting down your shop and arresting you, goes after the officers who picked you up and interrogated you. Better yet - the government gives you millions of dollars and says,"Hey, come live in our country!"

I wonder how you say "zeig heil" in Arabic? Oh yeah it's "Allahu akbar!" Check out this story about the Red Mosque hostage stand off in which the children being held want to be murdered so that they can be "martyred". One poor father used a ruse to get his two daughters out of the place and now they're hurt and angry with him because they wanted to die for the cause of Allah. While our kids are being raised on Sesame Street, the kids in the middle east are being taught in a Death Cult.

On another related note, the NYTimes posted this story . Apparently back in 2005 we had Al-zawahiri in our sites and could have killed him and a bunch of other Al-qaeda terrorists but did we? Uh no. We didn't want to "create a rift" with Pakistan. Unbelievable.

Whatever happened to the backbone of the United States of America? When will be get our fortitude back?

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