07 July 2007

Islamic Fanatics in UK Police Force

The Daily Mail claims that MI5 has a list of upto 8 suspected Al Qaeda trained operatives working in Scotland Yard, some as coppers and some as civilians.

It is said that they can't be fired because it wouldn't be "politically correct" to do so. Authorities claim there isn't enough evidence to give them the boot even though one of the listed was running around showing Islamic beheading videos and pamphlets. Some of these people were trained by Al Qaeda in Pakistan.

If you've read Londonistan you'd know that Britain has a huge problem now due to their institutionalized Political Correctness and Cultural Diversity. Over the last 20 years their Liberal immigration policy let in a slue of radical Imams and jihadis. Most of them were given asylum and provided with welfare benefits, automatically. All they had to do was say that they were being "persecuted" in their country of origin and, Presto! - full British citizenship. Now the British people are shaking their heads in disbelief that "british boys" are responsible for terrorist attacks on British soil. That's because these "british boys" are Brits in name only - their hearts and souls belong to Allah.

So Scotland Yard will just let these people work in law enforcement out of a misguided sense of magnanimity.

Another nail in the coffin of Western Civilization by the insanity known as Cultural Diversity.

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