18 July 2007


We all know that the Democratically led congress is good at is voting themselves pay raises.

One other thing they're good at is providing succor and comfort to the Muslim jihadis worldwide. Our congressmen and senators are busy sending Al-qaeda cells the reassurances of "just hang in there - we'll be out of your hair by September, December at the latest!"

It's is a telling trait that these pathetic and shallow politicians (that was redundant) are only interested in putting on a dog and pony show - complete with television footage of toothpaste and cots - all in an attempt to show YOU that they're actually able to get something done.

There were only two senators who had anything insightful and constructive to say: Jim Bunning (R-Ky) and John Thune (R-SD)

Here's a part of Bunning's speech:
Mr. President, I rise tonight to play my small part in this pointless political play put on by the Senate Majority Leader.
It is an insult to the brave men and women in our Armed Forces and to the American taxpayers that we are here tonight for no other reason than for a publicity stunt.
Instead of following the script written by "Move On" like my colleagues on the other side of the aisle, I want to be honest and frank with the American people.
I hear Democrats every day talking about public opinion polls on Iraq and on the President’s approval rating.
To some extent they are right. The American people are not satisfied with the war in Iraq. And the President is at an all-time low in his approval rating.
But I rarely hear my friends on the other side of the aisle talk about public opinion of Congress. And it’s obvious why. President Bush has a higher approval rating than the current Democrat led-Congress.
I have never been accused of being a political strategist. But I have been around this town long enough -- over twenty years -- to know that the American people resent their leaders for so often taking the politically expedient path instead of doing what they think is right.
The American people see right through this charade going on tonight. It is just more political theater. Phony images of cots, toothpaste, and sleepy politicians meant to convince people that what goes on here at three in the morning may actually do some good.
But it doesn’t do any good. In fact, it does a lot of bad. Because this debate is more about political show and placating the "Move On" folks than it is about talking about the real issues at hand.
It is appalling that we are using a bill that provides vital funding for our nation’s military as a political smokescreen for Democrats to gain points in the polls.
The safety and security of the brave men and women in our Armed Forces is not a game to me. Our troops should never be used as a basis to stage a cheap publicity stunt.
If the Senate truly supported our troops, we would be here debating the nuts and bolts of the Department of Defense Authorization bill. Instead we find ourselves back debating whether to cut and run from Iraq as we have done countless times before tonight.
Democrats would like for you to believe that Republicans will not vote on the Reed/Levin amendment. Give me a break.

The embarrassment of this whole thing is that YOU are paying for this circus - you the hardworking taxpayers are paying for these clowns to stand up and whine about giving in to our enemies.

Cowardice, thy name starts with a Capital D.

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