18 July 2007

Conservative Artists

Artists who are conservative : You know that they're out there. Not everyone in the Art community can be a Leftist puke.

Today on Laura Ingraham'sshow, she took a call from "Manny" who claimed to be a conservative Republican, as well as a member of the Art community. He said he played trumpet in the Minnesota Symphony Orchestra.

I did some digging on the internet and I think I found Manny. A Manny Laureano plays trumpet for the Minnesota Symphony. His website page is here. He's their first chair trumpeter. I noticed that their site has a music library page. Check out a few of the songs.

God bless him. We certainly need more artists who are patriotic, and who relish in being American. I hope he doesn't catch any hell from his colleagues for coming out of the Conservative Closet. That can be a death knell in the world of high Art.


princetrumpet said...

Hey, thanks, man. I'm glad for the acknowledgement by you and I wish you all the best with your site. Don't worry about me catching hell because I'm tenured and the folks that give me hell get it right back. I'll be seeing Laura Ingraham during the PTTP tour on the 20th of Sept. And just so we're clear, I'm a Latino and totally with you on the illegal immigration thing. My country doesn't need that kind of lawbreaking. Hasta luego, amigo!


Anonymous said...

enjoy life in hell,manny.(or is it TOADY?)

Lenora said...

I'm a visual artist and I'll have to say that sometimes it is rather hard to find fellow conservatives in the art world, although it does seem to be getting better.