02 July 2007

Bushie elites no intention of enforcing immigration laws

Michelle Malkin reports that in an interview, Michael Chertoff plays down report of imminent al Qaeda attack but plays up the shortage of lettuce pickers.

When Chris Wallace asked him if the Administration would start Immigration Enforcement since their immigration legislation was stalled in the senate, Chertoff said that,"We've made arrests, unfortunately. Some of the unfortunates can be seen: crying children, families arrested and it's unfortunate."

Michelle points out the phony raids that occured to "soften us up" prior to the Shamnesty showdown in the congress. And here he is again displaying his unfettered contempt for those of you who want to maintain our national sovoreignty and our borders.

These exchanges show what we're up against with this administration, elites with a "better than you" mentality who want to make the United States of America nothing more than a free trade zone - a la Eurabia. The president and his staff have no intention of enforcing our borders unless we continue to scream at them to get that fence built.

It's now official that George W. Bush is deaf, dumb AND blind.

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