07 July 2007

Base to Bush: Go F**k yourself!

Bush's political base has checked out. Bush was elected because he was "allegedly" a conservative: a proponent of smaller government, less taxes and more fiscal responsibility.

But the base has had enough. Bush fatigue has set in. They're tired of the out of control spending, the wishy-washy platitudes from this White House, the refusal of this President to take a strong stand against the Islamic terrorists, and the White Houses' mode de jour of "going dark" (ie. sticking its collective head in the sand and ignoring everyone).

No, conservatives are unhappy because the president allied himself with Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.) over an immigration deal that leaned too far toward amnesty for illegal immigrants.

They're unhappy because Bush has shown little interest in fiscal responsibility and limited government. And they're unhappy, above all, because he hasn't won the war in Iraq.

All of this has left Republicans saying, at least among themselves, something blunt and devastating: It's over.

Bush has enraged his base because he refuses to listen to what we're saying. He has proven himself to be an elitist little stooge who has the verbal dexterity of a 6th grader. Add to that an attendant penchant for enacting policies with little or no justification, and you have a formula for anger and frustration.

Our president should be OVERLY communicative. What we had with Clinton is someone who was a superlative politician but not someone who should have been in charge of the country. Clinton's "character defects" stood in the way of him being an effective leader and, in our foreign policy, we're still paying the price for his mis-deeds and shoddy oversight.

GW has shown that he just doesn't care about anyone except his own close circle of cronies. From treating Saudi Arabia and the House of Saud with kid gloves to his trying to ram Harriet Miers onto the supreme court, everyone has had enough.

In the immortal words of Carl Spackler, "Au revoir gopher."

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