06 July 2007

Al Gore's son busted

Awwwww.....poor Al Gore. Just when his career in science fiction movie making was taking off - his kid gets busted for driving 100 mph while high on marijuana and a plethora of anti-depressants.

If Al Gore, a pseudo-science buffoon with a penchant for making an ass of himself, was my dad: I might be driving around self-medicating too! Between "inventing the internet", self-destructing at the cusp of obtaining the White House, and creating hysteria around a phony "global warming" boondoggle - Al Gore just didn't have enough time to spend with his children.

Part of me can't blame the poor guy for wanting to numb-out with some recreational drugs. Having Al and Tipper as parents would drive anyone to drink.

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Anonymous said...

Is that the same son Al Gore was yelling at years ago when he( Al Sr.)pointed at his Secret Service agents and said " Do you want to wind up like those guys?"?