04 June 2007

McCain hints that Illegals may riot

Our esteemed Senator John McCain (Rhino - AZ) said in an interview with the Des Moines Register that if we deport illegals, like France is doing, then we would have our suburbs filled with rioting and looting "youths" - just like France did.


30% of France's population are illegals. The US only has about 5.5% right now. The reason France has had so much violence is that they waited too long to get rid of their "problem children". If they had nipped the problem in the bud a decade ago, France wouldn't be in the situation it is now.

Taking a cue from McCain, it sounds like maybe we should start deporting more and more of them BEFORE we get like France. That sounds like a good idea.

The US currently spends $21,000 per illegal alien family. They use our E/R's like a primary care facility and don't pay for the services received. That's why schools are in dire straits, hospitals are closing and our social security funds are getting sucked down the toilet.

Well I say let these people riot. Two years ago they were caught running around waving Mexican flags and hurling racially insulting slurs at Americans. Then when the MSM caught them doing it on videotape, they changed their tactics. They started carrying US flags after that.


Well no one is buying the public relations spin that the pro-open borders groups are trying to shove down our throats. This bill is bad and, with our government's track record on enforcing immigration law, it's no surprise that 63% of US households want the bill dashed and swept under the rug.

Check out Fontana HS Riots from last year. The offspring of people who "are doing the jobs that Americans won't do" were caught in a fullscale race riot. They have video and pictures of the little darlings throwing up gang signs and beating other students.

That's why they should all be allowed into our country - We don't have enough gangs, drugs, corruption and crime.

Thank you Mr. Bush...


Anonymous said...

Hey. rue, send me an email address. Furlough is almost over, so I will be reading more soon.

Rue St. Michel said...

Hope you enjoyed your furlough. You can always reach me at stmichelrue@yahoo.com

Stay safe....

leomemorial said...

Yep. Westlawn & Marquette Park used to be decent neighborhoods, until the illegal Se Habla Espanols came in. Now these areas are riddled with drugs, gangbangers, crime, etc. They destroyed the neighborhoods and try to trickle over into other places, to ruin them as well.

Rue St. Michel said...

It's truly a shame that our government won't get control of our borders because they're too busy pandering to special interest groups and don't have the "testicular fortitude" that it takes to say what's really going on.

On the one hand, in my district I see the really bad areas improving because hispanic families are moving in but then the areas that have been overrun and are, primarily hispanic, are rampant with gangs, violence and drugs.