28 June 2007

Mayor Daley: Privately pro-Gun

The lads over at SCC linked to this story in the SunTimes.

Mayor Daley launched himself into a bout of poseur nympholepsy over the tragic shooting of a 13 year old girl at Armitage and Central Park. As SCC rights asked - What is this guy smoking?

Da' Mayor isn't anti-Gun, privately that is. Ask his bodyguard detail. Are any of them unarmed?

Ask his cousin - one of the Guilfoyle clan - what he was doing driving around downtown Chicago with a loaded gun in his car.
Oh - and did you know that Mr. Guilfoyle, after being arrested for possession of the aleged weapon, stated he was a City of Chicago Inspector? His brother Michael was fired for violating city residency rules for 13 years as a water department employee.

The sad fact is that our Mayor is anti-Gun because he knows the media would grill him if he came out in support of gun ownership. While he benefits from having gun toting body guards surrounding him, he can play the other side and claim to be anti-Gun - all for political effect. Daley playing the "I hate guns" act is pure theatrics.

We all know hypocrisy streams out of City Hall like a poisonous mist. Some day the little man behind the curtain will get his because every dog has his day.


Anonymous said...

Daley's dangerous because he is the real governer of this state. Therefore whatever he feels applies to his city, should go statewide.
Gun owners statewide shouldnt have to suffer because he refuses to control a few ghetto thugs in shitcago.

Anonymous said...

CBS ch2 10pm(28 jun) reports:That downstate hostage thing where the Deputy was shot: its all the Chicago poooolizeez fault now! The plize responded to a call at the original victims house but couldnt get in , so they coded it. According to J.Levine, the suspects fled after the poolize left w/the victims cars from shitcago and the rest is history.

LearnAboutGuns said...

I couldn't agree more, and it is simply wrong for Daley to have tax payer sponsored bodyguard while denying ordinary citizens the right to defend themselves.