29 June 2007

Death to Amnesty!

Ding dong the witch is dead --- Amnesty for Illegals is officially dead in the water. The senate didn't have the required votes for cloture so the issue is moot, for now. Who knows what other scheme the President will come up with to bypass the wishes of the American people in order to ram this dreck down our throats.


I sent "thank you" emails to a handful of senators who voted "nay" for the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act. The real leader on this issue was Mitch McConnell of Kentucky. If you're only going to send out one thank you, please send it to him.

And of course our two asshat senators - "Little Dick" Durbin and Barack "Insane" Obama - both voted "yea" (in favor) of the legislation.

Shame on them! Never forget that they took the side of illegal immigrants, law-breaking illiterate invaders, over the wants, needs and resources of American citizens. We will never forget!

We will not give up our language, our culture and our national sovereignty in order to feed the myopic political agenda of one man and one ethnicity. This is not that cesspool of socialist corruption - This is the United States of America!

OOh-rah!!!! Get some!

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