24 June 2007

America: The Last Best Hope for civilization?

While the eco-gloom-and-doom types on the Left bemoan the loss of wetlands, unrestricted forest cutting and the intractable policy of US foreign policy in refusing to sign the obnoxious Kyoto treaty, western civilization is going the way of the DoDo and the Left doesn't seem to notice.

In fact, the collective Left seems to have joined hands with the Jihadists for a round of Kumbiya, all in the dismal hope that when the Muslims outnumber non-Muslims; the feminists who refuse to wear a burqa, and the gays who refuse to not hold hands in public - that the Islamic Religious Police will turn away and pretend not to notice that the Koran has been insulted.

Fat bloody chance.

As Europe slowly disintegrates due to absurdly low birth rates, Muslims will take over. It's not a matter of "if" but a matter of "when".

As I said in a previous post, Greece has a fertility rate of 1.2 - the highest on the continent. Spain, Russia and Italy are the lowest and are in a death spiral that they won't be able to pull out from.

Well why all the doom and gloom chum? Would it be so bad if Muslims were installed into positions of power? It certainly would. Go right now over to Michelle Malkin's site and check out how the Islamic Police treat people who go into public wearing clothing that doesn't fit "Islamic code". Go see the beatings, whippings and humiliations heaped upon these guys.

You Lefties think that Evangelicals are intolerant???? Guess what's coming to your neck of the woods in about 25 years? Since the Left has decided that Bush and Cheney are the "real" threats, then it's almost a moot point to say that they don't recognize Islam as a threat to us all. But you can't escape the fact that all terrorists are Muslim - brought up and bred on wahhabism.

Islam is the only major religion that is also political. Every year there is an International Islamic Economic summit - kind of like our GATT or G8. Of course no one objects to it because it would be anti-PC to do so. One just doesn't criticize a major religion except - Oh that's right - except when the major religion is Christianity: then it's full steam ahead.

What if Christianity tried to put together a Christian Economic Summit? What do you think the world's reaction would be?

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