08 February 2007

Some thoughts

I find myself at a critical juncture: my wife and I just polished off a bottle of Cellar 8 cabernet, I had an Acid brand blondie cigar on the way home tonight and we just finished watching disc 3 of season 2 of 24 - I've got the Imperial March playing in the background as I type away, not a good combination.

Add to this that I just finished reading Faust by Goethe and began reading One Day in the Life of Ivan Desinovich by Alexander Solzhenitsyn - I feel a trainwreck coming on!

Well it's quasi-official : the CPD internet webmaster has pulled the plug on any IP address that has www.blogger.com as a server. It's a DNS (domain name server) blocking action in which they don't have to actively "filter" the site - they just block access to the IP address...much cleaner, simpler and no mess.

It's a real shame - and I'm not saying that because I care one i-ota for hits to my blog. I couldn't care less about that. I never started this blog with anything but the purely selfish motivation of putting my thoughts down onto the keyboard and uploading to the server ... I don't care if I get 10 hits per month.

What really blows is that the brass think that they can quell the surging tide of knowledge that the internet offers as a networking tool. No more are the days in which each district is its own little "cost center" - now we can know what Sergeant Doofus and his girlfirend did in the 6th district at last night's crime scene. The blog allows us, as police officers, to share our collective experiences - those that transcend the thin confines of our individual districts.

It's a shame that our bosses at HQ can be so petty, superficial and self-righteous enough to cut off this resource from the rank & file.

What do they hope to accomplish? It comes down to nothing more than a dog & pony show - an empty gesture.

Well empty gestures is what we're used to : contract negotiations that go on for years, more and more tedious rules piled onto us in a feeble attempt by the City at keeping themselves insulated from lawsuits, meritoriously promoted sergeants who were incompetent blue shirts with about as much personality as a fruit fly who, through the magic of a phone call, get promoted over more deserving people, the fact that your slightest actions constantly get scrutinized and second-guessed...it all begins to wear on you after awhile. (ask a veteran)

Maybe Nietsche was right : the world does live on lies. Just think about all the nonsense that our city leaders feed us regarding crime statistics....hhhmmmmm.....

Well - Here's to the Liars of the world! May they inherit the underworld.

"I know my fate. One day my name will be associated with the memory of something tremendous--a crisis without equal on earth, the most profound collision of conscience, a decision that was conjured up against everything that had been believed, demanded, hallowed so far. I am no man, I am dynamite."



leomemorial said...

Rue... you've been banned and now need to wear an ankle blogging bracelet. ;)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Not to worry, I just read you at home now.

Rue St. Michel said...

My 2 favorite readers :-}

Thanks! It's good to be back.