20 February 2007

Police officer morale low

Just a quick hit on this beautiful Tuesday morning.

I was reading SecondCityCop's blog and saw this anonymous post. The officer's comments about morale within the rank & file hits the nail on the head.

Name the last thing the city did to try and boost the morale of its officers. The powers that be started "Operation Just Cause". [While] we, as police officers, are treated like these dogs on the street.

We have to worry about all these idiots out there, then come into the station and worry about an inspector or a boss trying to screw us. When something hits the news or a PO makes a mistake, "Operation Just Cause" is initiated on the rest of us.

Find legal parking going to jobs! Come in at 15 after the hour! Cameras in the car cause you can't tell Reverend Meeks to get back in the f.... car! (which anyone of us would of [done] including these asshole bosses), don't chase anybody in a vehicle! I can see it now....PO gets into a foot chase..bad guy knocks over some citizen.."BALANCE TEST" TO CONTINUE FOOT CHASES! That's why [I now] understand why people on this job don't want to do shit!!

He or she is completely correct. My biggest issue with the Chicago Police department is that their policies are completely reactive - never proactive. We aren't being run by police officers; we're being run by accountants and lawyers.

Whenever an officer uses deadly force, the press automatically assumes that it wasn't warranted. When some shitheads were running a robbery team downtown and the police chased them in a vehicle pursuit (because the criminals decided to drive away in order to defeat the arrest) and a woman was killed when the shitheads jumped a curb (because the criminals decided to drive fast and dangerously in order to defeat the arrest) then all of a sudden it was "the fault of the police" for the death of an innocent civilian. Therefore they changed our chase / pursuit policy which virtually ceased all vehicle chases because the directive was so prohibitive.

There is no way this is going to change because our brass won't confront the politicians and stand firm. When the aldermen send in "special attentions" or demand a street rollcall they should be told that we'll get around to it when our schedule allows it. When Reverend Meeks acted in his typical outrage and vitriol our Superintendent should have never met with him, at the very least. There should have been an arrest, not a meeting.


leomemorial said...

It's really weird (shocking) here, Rue. I've never seen anything like it. They don't allow the CPD to be cops. You never see any traffic/dui enforcement unit, no high tech equipment, etc. Many cops I've seen tolerate way too much. Some cops I know out in the burbs wouldn't allow it, and other states, you could get arrested for swearing or spitting at an officer. Not in this city.

Someone I know on the CPD was Sgt quite some time ago. They wanted this person to hold roll out in Sniper's Alley @ the projects. They refused.

It's a damn shame, because we should be utilizing the talents of these men and women, and let them DO their job.

Anonymous said...

Hey,this is nothing but the slow but steady pussification of the CPD.We do not have any bosses that have the testicular fortitude to speak the truth..They only give a f*@k about parkers,movers,and curfews...You will remember these days as the good old days,cuz it will get worse...

Rue St. Michel said...

How true. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Leomemorial aka Renee is not the police, she's a groupie and she doesn't know the first damn thing about the job but it gets her panties wet and occasionally she gets laid by some copper who has a death wish. . . She needs to shut the fuck up!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

>>10:10 AM

Groupie? LOL. If that was true, cars would be lined up like as if the White Hen were giving away free food...

dumb jagoff!!

leomemorial said...

Yes. It takes a LE professional to see how far behind the times we are here!! duh. let's see... no dui enforcement. no breathalyzer's in the patrol cars. but hey, reciting the alphabet backwards, the ol' penlight test and touching the fingers to the nose is just UP TO DATE. We're on the cutting edge, I tell you. Problems with speeders, pedestrians/bicyclists getting run down? No problem... because we have the CAMERAS!! Do we have our cops out here with a handheld radar (one that works) radioing police waiting in the wolf pack to ticket violators in high risk areas? ha ha

We're short cops on the streets, we have what, one functioning police chopper, and our police memorial asked Mayor Daley to hold a terrorism training drill for the CPD last July! Yes, you have the Blackberry. Good thing too. If we ever get hit by terrrorism, then you can google other departments to help bail our asses out.

Now, I have to go back to watching Andy Griffith on tv. Oh wait. It's not my tv but I'm looking out my window. Zzzzzz

The people to blame our the politicians in our city who have failed our officers and citizens.