16 February 2007

Lie of The Day: "We support the troops"

The WSJ highlights, in their OpinionJournal, that the current congressional initiative to pull out funding the war and supporting the troop surge shows that our politicians are merely giving lip service to supporting our soldiers and have no intention of actually "supporting" them.

Worse yet, congress' actions will embolden our enemies. It shows the terrorists, in an exquisite manner, that their public relations campaign is working.

On present course, the Members will vote on Friday to approve a resolution that does nothing to remove American troops from harm's way in Iraq but that will do substantial damage to their morale and that of their Iraqi allies while emboldening the enemy. The only real question is how many Republicans will also participate in this disgrace in the mistaken belief that their votes will put some distance between themselves and the war most of them voted to authorize in 2002.

The motion at issue is plainly dishonest, in that exquisitely Congressional way of trying to have it both ways. The resolution purports to "support" the troops even as it disapproves of their mission. It praises their "bravery," while opposing the additional forces that both President Bush and General David Petreaus, the new commanding general in Iraq, say are vital to accomplishing that mission. And it claims to want to "protect" the troops even as its practical impact will be to encourage Iraqi insurgents to believe that every roadside bomb brings them closer to their goal.

As for how "the troops" themselves feel, we refer readers to Richard Engel's recent story on NBC News quoting Specialist Tyler Johnson in Iraq: "People are dying here. You know what I'm saying. . . You may [say] 'oh we support the troops.' So you're not supporting what they do. What they's [sic] here to sweat for, what we bleed for and we die for." Added another soldier: "If they don't think we're doing a good job, everything we've done here is all in vain." In other words, the troops themselves realize that the first part of the resolution is empty posturing, while the second is deeply immoral.

Rush nails it with his usual panache ....


The only positive here in these debates, is that the House is showing they have the courage to show they have none.

They are demonstrating, for each and every one of us, that they have all the courage in the world to show that they have no courage whatsoever.

Do you know what courage would be here? Courage would be going against the polls and supporting the mission. Courage would be going with the polls and cutting off funds. Neither of these options are on the table for these people, because they don't have the courage to do either of those things. All they have is the courage to say, "We support the troops, Mr. Limbaugh! We support the troops," and that, my friends, is not support. It is the guidance of political consultants who tell 'em what to say.

But what message are they sending to our troops? What message are they sending to the enemy, and what message are they sending to Pelosi's children and grandchildren?

....and then names names....

A dozen Republicans arrived in the House chamber on Wednesday to set aside their party allegiances and lend their names to a resolution intended to rebuke President Bush for his Iraq policy. Representative Howard Coble of North Carolina said that Iraqis had their chance at freedom, but chose civil war. Representative Steven C. LaTourette of Ohio argued that troop buildup was a tactic that had already failed. And Representative John J. Duncan Jr. of Tennessee suggested that military contractors had profited mightily at the expense of the American treasury." These are Republicans joining Democrats in the resolution tomorrow, a total of 12 of them breaking ranks here. It's unbelievable.

After the vote today I'll report back with the tally. The congressmen who voted in favor of this ridiculous proposal should be ashamed of themselves. But I guess you can't go into politics if you have a sense of shame.

The real tragedy here is that the House is using this vote as a sound byte - the troops are merely pawns.

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