15 February 2007

Idiot busted posing as cop

The NYPost is reporting that a man was arrested for posing as a police officer. He was able to use his "police powers" to obtain at least 2 vehicles and an unknown amount of cash.

"He was doing police duties," said Tejeda, who witnessed Terry in action. "He would pull people over, but never wrote tickets."

In one encounter, Terry went to an area known for prostitution and staged a phony arrest of a man and a woman he caught together, Spota said. He let the pair go after allegedly shaking them down for $100.

He was outfitted as well as a real officer. His vehicle was the consummate cop car - a late-model Ford Crown Victoria complete with lights and sirens and a public-address system, neighbors said.

He also had 10 cellphones and a bulletproof vest, Spota said. The finishing touch as a clipboard with realistic forms on which he recorded, in detail, every time he allegedly pulled someone over.

Real cops found dozens of reports in Terry's documents.


The blue contact lenses are a nice touch. I'm sure this goof will get one year probation and court enforced psychotherapy.

The community is lucky he didn't do anything worse than commit larceny - who knows what the voices in his head would have started ordering him to do.

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