19 February 2007

President's Day

Happy President's Day.

Sadly it is just another holiday that less and less people know or even care about. Part of that apathy stems from the fact that leftist school personnel aren't teaching our children about the country's early history.

Add to that - The media pile on by highlighting only the most salacious tidbits. Story after story of Jefferson fathered children with his slaves and Washington was a slave owner. The press would have you believe that our first 10 presidents ran plantations and just kept a harem of slave women to satisfy their lust.

After dealing with 8 years of Slick Willy Clinton, I now understand why there is such deep cynicism.

But like all things, if you dig alittle you can find how the mainstream media is trying to force-feed their totalitarian agenda down your throats. Here are a collection of letters to and from General George Washington. Notice that he constantly writes about implementing a plan to abolish slavery.

If you're working, remember to turn in your holiday slip.

God bless the United States of America. Hell - today I'll even whisper a small prayer for Bill Clinton....at the very least I pity the man. He is a poor pathetic fool.

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