19 February 2007

Don Markham for Alderman

UPDATE: The news is reporting today that Alderman Brian Doherty is shown leaving a bar and driving away, apparently intoxicated. The piece is posted at YouTube.

If the alderman has a drinking problem, then that would explain why nothing gets done up in our Ward. I don't think, personally, that this is a big deal. Everyone of us has driven after having had a couple "pops". And while I'm not condoning it, he didn't get in an accident and no one got hurt.

The other day I received a 4 page, full color, glossy campaign brochure from Alderman Brian Doherty (41st Ward).

I read it and held it up for my wife to see. I pointed at Doherty's picture on the front page and said,"Look honey - here's what our Alderman looks like!"

The joke is that we've never heard from or met our alderman - even though we've lived in the ward for quite a while.

Since our ward is pretty quiet, there's not much pressure on the alderman to make the rounds and shake hands with the citizens. His duties are probably fairly minimal. But when we got hit with all that snow last week, it took the streets and san department almost 2 full days to get around to plowing our street.

Another complaint is that our property taxes up here are going through the roof.

Reading the Doherty's list of accomplishments, I saw one item which scored big points with me ... he was the only one to vote No to slave reparations.

But he also listed "work actively with CAPS to reduce crime" as an accomplishment. That is a bunch of crap. So he sends one of his lackys over to a few beat meetings every month. W-o-w..h-o-o-o...!

This year I'm voting for Don Markham. Don is a Chicago police officer who has 12 years on the job and lives in Norwood park.

I think that Don would be a much more proactive alderman and would address issues that matter to the residents in the 41st Ward. He'd also wants to keep the money raised in the 41st ward kept in the ward.

Don's website is here.

Mark #54 on your ballot. It is easy to remember since it is Urlacher's jersey number.

And who knows - maybe Don can finally bring some commonsense to the City Council by repealing the Residency requirement, lifting the handgun ban and requiring Dorothy Tillman to remove her hat when in chambers!

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Anonymous said...

I wonder who else reads your blog. I found it searching for the good alderman Dorothy Tillman. Just wanted to point out that since the city of Chicago has held the slavery reparations hearings and pasted the slave era disclosure law, a great deal of other cities and governing bodies has adopted the ordinance and or passed resolutions regarding slavery and reparations for the decendants of Enslaved Africans in America. From the the Church of England to Jamaica and every place in between because of Tillman's Ordinance. I know the alderman of the 41st ward and his community are a bit unsensative about slavery and its effect on all Americans. Remember it was the FREE LABOR of the Enslaved American that this country became the GIANT that it is and the country that many immigrants flocked to.

Anonymous said...

Wow pretty powerfull stuff above.
The fact that I am Jewish and my people have been repressed for over 2000 years and not 200 like African Americans does that give me the right to suck at the government tit. Hey maybe I can get my hands on some Nazi loot from the war as my descendents surely suffered. Ask for nothing and work hard, the reward is that much sweeter

Anonymous said...

Ok,I want a reparation check cuz I have an ADT alarm system on my house...

Rue St. Michel said...

8:21 -

I don't know where to start with you except to say that I hear that kind of garbage all the time from many african-americans that I come in contact with.

They have given over all control of their lives, completely succumbed to their basest drives, are obsessed with fulfilling their 5 senses, and wear the cloak of victimhood like a red badge of courage. With multiple children fathered with different women, single motherhood is now over 70% of all black households. And they (and presumably you) have the audicity to call it "pride".

You and yours have had 40 years of welfare - that is your reparation. Take the 950 trillion dollars that this gov't spent on you and go preach somewhere else about why "the blue eyed devils" haven't done enough for you.

You're pathetic.