15 February 2007

Carnage and Culture

Victor David Hanson is a fellow at the Hoover institute, a professor and a brilliant writer. He authored Carnage and Culture in 2001.

Though an avowed Democrat, he voted for Bush in both the 2000 and 2004 elections. My favorite quote by him is this little gem: The Democratic Party reminds me of the Republicans circa 1965 or so—impotent, shrill, no ideas, conspiratorial, reactive, out-of-touch with most Americans, isolationist, and full of embarrassing spokesmen.

Recently he published a piece on immigration that is very well written and hits directly to the heart of the issue. The article, entitled How Will Illegal Immigration End? succinctly lays out what it'll take for us to get out of this illegal immigration morass.

Granting Mexico favorable trade incentives is cheaper in the long run than dealing with the social problems caused by illegal immigration and the economic consequences of billions of U.S. dollars being sent southward from Mexican
workers. The North American Free Trade Agreement, however controversial, has probably helped decrease Mexico's general poverty rate and increase its gross domestic product.

By closing the borders, the U.S. would stop subsidizing Mexican failure. At present, workers come to America not only because of higher wages, but also on the assumption that their cash income will often be untaxed and augmented by subsidized state health care, housing and education.

Tax evasion and American entitlement help to free up workers' dollars to be sent back to Mexico. In economic terms, that translates to the United States economy subsidizing millions of the unemployed in Mexico through $20 billion annually in cash remittances. This money weakens the incentive of millions in Mexico to seek employment or to demand government reform.

Finally, we need honesty about the problem. Mexico masquerades as a revolutionary socialist state, replete with flashy radical slogans that date back to the old days of Emiliano Zapata and Pancho Villa.

In truth, Mexico City's creed is elitism and a fossilized cronyism. Its privileged few have hurt millions of their hardworking citizens who deserve far more humane treatment — and sometimes find it only here in America.

What he says is that we'd like Mexico to be more on par, as a neighbor, like we are with Canada. The problem that impedes Mexico is a ruthlessly corrupt political and economic system which is bereft of the values which have made The United States a world dominant superpower.

Illegal Immigration is articially supporting millions of Mexicans in Mexico and keeping the social structure in Mexico from advancing.

Hanson's vision is that when the wall goes up, illegal immigrants send less money back "home" and economic pressures in Mexico cause the politicians to look within their own ranks for reform, we'll see a more prosperous and politically stable southern neighbor.

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