06 January 2007

Muslims Youths in Racist Attack

Video taken by surveillance cameras of a large group of Muslim youths who went around Sydney randomly attacking any white person they encountered.

Some of this animosity stems from confrontations with local aussies; who were getting tired of middle eastern men constantly patrolling the beaches and leering, commenting and harrassing young women they found at the beach.

Back in '04 an Australian detective wrote an article entitled The Rise of Middle Eastern Crime in Australia. His predictions were prophetic.

And do you remember the 5 Lebanese men who viciously gang-raped 2 teenage girls? They're now claiming Islamophobia as the reason they were found guilty of the crimes.

Jeez - Go figure. Coming to a town near you.

Cultural diversity at its finest!


TĂșlio Fernandes said...

Even living in Brazil and without (at least) reported problems with muslins here, I know how much trouble they can cause in a country. But I think that the problem stands in the governament that protect those people, affraid of being missunderstood as a racist governament.
I see this hapning in europe, if they let this go loose, when the time comes, the snowball will be too big to be sttoped.

Rue St. Michel said...

That is very true Tulio. Thanks for the comment. Only a strong government, supported by courageous and outspoken people, can counter act the Muslim invasion.