02 January 2007

Footworkin' don't work for me

News from the Phony Culture Front:

As first reported by your intrepid blogger back in January of 2006, the 'art-form' of '"footworkin'" continues to fascinate the northshore liberals who write for the Chicago Tribune.

In last Sunday's Tribune, the editors ran updated stories of news items that had been published earlier in the year. They ran a follow up to an August 20th story about a Chicago Heights man who's name is Charles Parks. His street name is "King Charles".

Just as with the b-boy crews, she added, footworkin' cliques have battles, and the style's even got a reigning "king": Charles Parks of Chicago Heights, who is represented by Edmond.

"He has trophies and everything," she says. ~~Footworkin' Fan

(My favorite part:He has trophies and everything)

His claim to fame is that he can tap-dance. Oh, that's right ... they don't call it tap-dancing anymore. That is too mundane, too ordinary - too, too, um ..... Caucasoid. They now call it 'footworkin'. Apparently "King Charles" is a rags-to-riches success story within the world of ghetto-garage-party dancing. He used to work the drive through at Popeye's Chicken & Biscuits making minimum wage and now, since he won TWO "King of the Circle Dance Competitions", he's being paid $23/hour to teach 'footworkin' in a residency program at Little Village Lawndale High School.

I think the overall student body at Little Village Lawndale High School would be better served by spending $23 per hour to hire an additional english teacher, not some goof who can tap-dance. Well what would you expect from a school located at 3100 S. Kostner and whose campus has a "Social Justice School". A brief review of their mission statement revealed this little nugget of information:

Struggle and Sacrifice
Our struggle is against systems of power that have been historically used to deny, regulate, and prohibit access to the most basic human rights that should be granted freely to members of society regardless of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, or religious belief. We accept the reality that such struggle will require sacrifice from all involved.

Sounds like it's right out of the Communist Manifesto.

And while the students aren't in school getting their dose of socialism, they're out demonstrating. Here's a picture from the Little Village Lawndale High School's field trip to last year's Immigration Rally:


The school hasn't been around long to enough to gather any scholastic achievement information on its student body but if a picture is worth a thousand words, a fitting name for it would be "Illiterate Truants of the World, Unite!"

You might think that I'm being overly critical and, even petty, with today's harangue. I'll confess as to what irks me about these organizations. It is that the people that they choose to bestow with accolades (very often) aren't worthy of the recognition. I worked for two non-profit dance companies and, I can tell you from first hand experience that they're not interested in equality. Nor are they interested in promoting the best and brightest. It is all driven by the liberal PC agenda. They're very much into "celebrating diversity" which is LibTard code for: people of color, OK - all others: Bad. And if they can highlight someone of color for their accomplishments, well then Mission Accomplished.

Well, back to the featured character of this story: Charles Parker. Most importantly, "King Charles" will have more opportunities to score with the ladies now that he doesn't smell like chicken grease and butter.


the truth said...

talkin bad about people is never going to help you through life..your nuthing more than a pathetic excuse in the world with no meaning..it's so sad to read your article while you degrade in so many ways first or all who gave you the right..first of all you don't know anything about footworkin' and the only thing your doing is making up false advertisement...

Rue St. Michel said...

Hey, why it is a 'shorty-loser' posting on my blog. I'm touched! I hope you're not getting potato chip grease on your mouse. And don't spill that red pop on the keyboard. You'll have to go steal another if you break this one.

First, I don't remember asking for advice on "how to make it through life." So take your opinions and start your own blog, asshat.

If my article/opinion is "so sad" then again, refer to my first point above and go somewhere else.

And since your intellectual faculties appear to be less than stellar, please tell me what you meant by "first or all gave you the right..."?

And what is a 'false advertisement'?

Get a clue, hip-hop-wannabe-thug and come back.