19 January 2007

"Fairness Doctrine", Anything but Fair

It is telling and typical that the Democrats would go to any length to silence political opposition to their Big Government, State Sponsored Agendas. It is not surprising that they are using the Federal government to do their dirty work for them.

There is current legislation proposed to re-enact the Fairness Doctrine. It would effectively muzzle conservative media outlets: radio, cable and internet.

The legislation would require controversial (LibSpeak for "Conservative") programs to have an opposing viewpoint.

Interesting that the Democrats aren't concerned about filtering all the thousands of Liberal media venues - from the NYTImes down to the DailyKos. Where are the "opposing viewpoints" on the Liberal media platforms? I'll tell you: Nowhere.

The Collective Left knows that their Political agendas are being drowned out by The New Media: blogs and talkradio.

Even Melanie Phillips has claimed that the only thing that is saving America from going down the road of Politically Correct/Cultural Diversity insanity is The New Media. There isn't much talkradio in the UK.

There really is no viable reason to reinstitute the Fairness Doctrine. It was overturned in 1987 by the FCC because the Feds recognized that the freemarketplace of news and opinions were opening up every steadily. There was, and is, no monopoly on the airwaves. See the Hertiage.org article which picks apart the rationale for emplementing it here.

So while we're at war, trying to defeat Islamic Radical Terrorists, the Democrats are, as usual, right on top of what's really important. For them the two things that they've decided to devote their considerable energies are:
1.) Dismantling our First Amendment rights (free speech)
2.) Surrendering to OBL.

Don't we already have enough Big Brother in our lives?

Enough already!

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