26 January 2007

Blogging hiatus

I'm going dark for a little while until things cool down. Should take about a week before posts appear again.


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Until the next time, run silent - run deep. Oh and stay safe!

24 January 2007

Black Terrorists charged in Officer's murder

Michelle Malkin posted this SFGate story on her website. A most auspicious Hat tip to Her.

The arrest and charging of a group of former black militants Tuesday for the 1971 slaying of a San Francisco police sergeant ends decades of frustration for investigators who say the men were soldiers in a five-year war on law enforcement in the late 1960s and early 1970s.
The accused -- all reputed former members of the radical militant group known as the Black Liberation Army -- carried out a "terror and chaos'' campaign aimed at "assassinating law enforcement officers'' that began in 1968 and ended in 1973, Deputy Police Chief Morris Tabak said.
Tabak said one of the casualties was Sgt. John Young, slain on Aug. 29, 1971, whose killing was the focus of the arrests and the charges Tuesday. He was killed when at least three men burst into Ingleside police station and one fired a shotgun through an opening in a bulletproof glass window.

God bless the spirit and memory of Sgt. Young.

And just so you can hear and see just what a "domestic terrorist" looks like, here's one:

21 January 2007

Hmong Hunter found Murdered

Payback's a bitch, huh?

It's interesting that the family of the Hmong are now claiming that this was a hate crime -- I guess it's only a hate crime when one of the Hmong are killed, not when whites are murdered by the Hmong.

Maybe the Hmong hunter, who allegedly did not speak english, shouldn't have been walking around the Wisconsin northwoods while armed a weapon: if indeed he didn't speak the language.

The Hmong press paper called Hmong Today ran a story which was entitled Wisconsin Hunter Killed: Hate Crime or 'Accident'?

When the shit hits the fan, it's always better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

19 January 2007

"Fairness Doctrine", Anything but Fair

It is telling and typical that the Democrats would go to any length to silence political opposition to their Big Government, State Sponsored Agendas. It is not surprising that they are using the Federal government to do their dirty work for them.

There is current legislation proposed to re-enact the Fairness Doctrine. It would effectively muzzle conservative media outlets: radio, cable and internet.

The legislation would require controversial (LibSpeak for "Conservative") programs to have an opposing viewpoint.

Interesting that the Democrats aren't concerned about filtering all the thousands of Liberal media venues - from the NYTImes down to the DailyKos. Where are the "opposing viewpoints" on the Liberal media platforms? I'll tell you: Nowhere.

The Collective Left knows that their Political agendas are being drowned out by The New Media: blogs and talkradio.

Even Melanie Phillips has claimed that the only thing that is saving America from going down the road of Politically Correct/Cultural Diversity insanity is The New Media. There isn't much talkradio in the UK.

There really is no viable reason to reinstitute the Fairness Doctrine. It was overturned in 1987 by the FCC because the Feds recognized that the freemarketplace of news and opinions were opening up every steadily. There was, and is, no monopoly on the airwaves. See the Hertiage.org article which picks apart the rationale for emplementing it here.

So while we're at war, trying to defeat Islamic Radical Terrorists, the Democrats are, as usual, right on top of what's really important. For them the two things that they've decided to devote their considerable energies are:
1.) Dismantling our First Amendment rights (free speech)
2.) Surrendering to OBL.

Don't we already have enough Big Brother in our lives?

Enough already!

18 January 2007

Countdown for Border Agents begins

Update: Both officers received 10 years in jail. What galls me is the fact that this known drug dealer, who was caught with 700 pounds of marijuana, was given immunity in order to testify against two agents whose only "crime" was not following some internal department directives. It is disgusting.

As Florida Cracker says, "Why send a Mexican drugrunner to prison when you can send the border patrol?"

Shame on Bush for not pardoning these two men. Just more assinine filth pushed out of our courts and, from our Federal government. They are punishing the good, rewarding the bad: All in the name of political correctness and - Because Bush is such a pussy and won't stand up for what's right for fear of "offending" the mexican-american community.

From the Canadian Free press:

By now, everyone in North America, and especially certain Mexicans are familiar with the case of two former Border Patrol agents convicted of causing serious bodily injury, assault with a deadly weapon, discharge of a firearm and violating the civil rights of a drug smuggler and illegal alien at the U.S. - Mexican border.

Absent of a successful appeal or a presidential pardon, former agents Jose Alonso Compean and Ignacio Ramos will begin serving their 10-year-plus sentences in federal court this Wednesday.

Despite an unprecedented exhibit of support from the public and public officials, including 55 members of Congress and over 175,000 U.S. citizens, President Bush has shown no interest in pardoning these two agents whose sentences will surpass many murderers, rapists and even drug smugglers they have put behind bars.

In addition to the obvious, however, the situation involving Compean and Ramos is having a "rippling effect" among border patrol agents and other law enforcement officials who have the increasingly dangerous and difficult task of protecting American citizens.

Call the White house: the phone number is 202-456-1111. Send them emails: the address is comments@whitehouse.gov

Do whatever you can to bring this national tragedy to the attention of the president. It is an outrage that even illegal alien drug smugglers have civil rights - since when did the US Constitution apply to non-citizens?

15 January 2007

Wie sagen Sie 'jihad' auf Deutsch?

The Romans had the visigoths - the unwashed barbarians who's violent and illiterate masses ended up defeating the greatest civilization the world had ever known.

Present day Germany is no Holy Roman Empire but they're going the way of the Do-Do just as sure as I'm sitting here.

Arutz Sheva reports that at projected birth rates and immigration into Germany, Muslims will be a majority by 2046.

Did someone say Caliphate?

MLK: holiday-worthy?

I was young when President's Day was swapped out for Martin Luther King day. I didn't know then what the hullaballoo was all about. I knew that Martin Luther King had been a civil rights leader, had given the "I have a dream.." speech and was assassinated somewhere in the south.

Of course, now I see that the accolades for this man were placed on him for one reason: out of political correctness and as a mea culpa to a narrow, hypersensitive segment of our population. You'll never see the mainstream media publicly make this connection for fear of being accused of bigotry and "hate speech".

Lincoln and Washington were men of courage, able battlefield commanders, and charismatic leaders who had strong core values. Lines from Hamlet come to mind when I think about this situation - Like a hyperion to a satyr, this unweeded garden grows to seed; things rank and gross in nature... Here's the full stanza:

How weary, stale, flat and unprofitable,
Seem to me all the uses of this world!
Fie on't! ah fie! 'tis an unweeded garden,
That grows to seed; things rank and gross in nature
Possess it merely. That it should come to this!
But two months dead: nay, not so much, not two:
So excellent a king; that was, to this,
Hyperion to a satyr;

~~Hamlet (lines 130-145)

Lincoln and Washington never knew from day to day whether or not this country would fall, one to the British and one to the Southern rebels. We were at war and fighting for our very lives. To be tested under fire proves your mettle better than any doctoral thesis could do.

Martin Luther King was undoubtedly charismatic and possessed of leadership skills but, was he a worthy icon for all of America? Many think so but I am skeptical. Just like Clinton, MLK let his personal infidelities color his policy and affect his actions. He rubbed shoulders with Communist Party officials, had numerous extramarital affairs and was a Plagarist. We celebrate the satyrs and forget the Hyperions.

This is just my opinion...you be the judge on whether a libertine deserves a national holiday.

I could think of a dozen others who are holiday-worthy...just go to the Museum of Science and Industry and stand in the Great Hall. Look up at the names engraved along the ceiling perimeter and you'll know what I'm talking about.

Take the 12 hours and run!

06 January 2007

Muslims Youths in Racist Attack

Video taken by surveillance cameras of a large group of Muslim youths who went around Sydney randomly attacking any white person they encountered.

Some of this animosity stems from confrontations with local aussies; who were getting tired of middle eastern men constantly patrolling the beaches and leering, commenting and harrassing young women they found at the beach.

Back in '04 an Australian detective wrote an article entitled The Rise of Middle Eastern Crime in Australia. His predictions were prophetic.

And do you remember the 5 Lebanese men who viciously gang-raped 2 teenage girls? They're now claiming Islamophobia as the reason they were found guilty of the crimes.

Jeez - Go figure. Coming to a town near you.

Cultural diversity at its finest!

05 January 2007

Guardsmen flee from armed Mexican intrusion

Sickening. More results from effectively handcuffing our law enforcement personnel. This time at the US border where PC "rules of engagement" allows armed groups of Mexican drug runners to confront unarmed National Guardsmen.

Aren't they just coming here to work? The 124,000 pounds of drugs seized through that corridor must have been just an aberration.

03 January 2007

A Cop's view on Illegal Immigration

UPDATE: Savage had a timely interview tonight with Cort Kirkwood who authored a study on the current crime wave being committed by illegal aliens. His article elucidates exactly where we're at in handling the influx of illegals; we're losing.

From the article at The New American (excerpt - $1.95 to purchase the entire issue)

Consider these alarming facts:
In 2003, according to the Government Accountability Office, illegal aliens composed 27 percent of the federal prison population. The majority of these, 63 percent, were Mexicans. Some 267,000 illegal aliens were jailed in federal, state, and local facilities that year. And, immigration writer Ed Rubenstein observed, while illegal aliens were an estimated 7.2 percent of the population in 2003, 12.9 percent of them were in jail or prison. In Los Angeles in 2004, 95 percent of the outstanding warrants for murder named illegal aliens.

In April 2005, the GAO studied the 55,322 illegal aliens in federal prisons during 2003. The frightening facts? Those 55,322 illegal aliens were arrested 459,614 times, or eight times each. They committed some 700,000 crimes, 13 each. Thirty-six percent of them were arrested at least five times. Moreover, as Rubenstein notes, the number of illegal aliens locked in federal, state and local jails grew from 9,000 illegal aliens in 1980 to 267,000 in 2003. Even worse, Deborah Schurman Kauflin, who heads the Violent Crimes Institute, which studied illegal aliens and crime, discovered that a disproportionate share of illegal aliens are dangerous sex offenders.

At her website, Kauflin presents her analysis of 1,500 illegal-alien cases covering nearly eight years. Most of the criminals were gathered in states with the highest number of illegals: California, Texas, Arizona, New Jersey, New York, and Florida. She uncovered a tsunami of drunk driving, robbery, child molestation, rape, and murder, including serial murders and brutal gang rapes.

Frighteningly, she reported, sex offenders represent 2 percent of illegal aliens. Assuming a population of 12 million illegals, some 240,000 illegalalien sex criminals are now in the United States. That, in turn, “translates to 93 sex offenders and 12 serial sex offenders coming across U.S. borders illegally per day.” This might be one reason Operation Return to Sender targeted illegal-alien sex criminals, and why the feds have arrested 100 sex fiends in White Plains since 2003. At any rate, Kauflin’s 1,500 offenders victimized 5,999 people, about four victims each. Of those studied, 525, or 35 percent, were child molestations, 358, or 24 percent, were rapes, and 617, or 41 percent, were sexual homicides and serial murders. Illegal aliens, she calculated, victimized nearly1 million people over the 88 months of crime data she studied.
More reading:

"Illegal aliens linked to gang-rapes"
"The Illegal Alien crime wave" (2004)

I personally knew a woman named Leticia. Letty's mother was kidnapped by a neighbor when Letty's mother was 14 years old. The 25 year old neighbor raped Letty's mother and kept her hidden away in a squalid room on his ranch a few miles outside of Durango. The woman had two children with her rapist - Letty was one of the fruits of the damnable union. Letty's father was eventually arrested on a felony marijuana charge and is now in prison somewhere in Georgia. Her mother eventually escaped with the two little girls and came here where she married a man and had three sons with him. Letty's mother, who's been here almost 30 years, still doesn't speak english.

We are going to end up being Northern Mexico sometime within the next 50 years if we don't step up and do something to safeguard our history, language and values. It is as simple as that. Letty's example shows quite clearly that in Mexico, kidnapping, rape and confinement is a normal every day thing. It's no big deal. Do you seriously want that type of attitude here? That's why sex crimes by illegals is trending upwards.

Our leadership doesn't want to point out these statistics because they want the cheap labor and are afraid of being labelled 'racists'. Truth just took a holiday.

Any police officer can relate to what this east coast cop has to say on illegal immigration.

He has seen and experienced the direct results of our liberal, borders-wide-open policy. The nonsensical mantra of "they just want to come here to work" that the mainstream media sells us is refuted everyday by street cops who have to deal with the violence, the haughty defiance of our country's laws, and the third-world ghetto values that they bring from their countries of origin.

For more information on the real cost of immigration, go to Immigration's Human Cost

Ask Adrienne Shelly how she feels about illegals. You can't because she was murdered by one.

"I was having a bad day," illegal immigrant Diego Pillco, 19, told cops. "I didn't mean to kill her. But I did kill her." Pillco told detectives that he punched Shelly, 40, last Wednesday afternoon outside the Abingdon Square apartment she was using as an office after she yelled at him about the noise he was making while working in a vacant apartment below.

Those of you who were working that night will never forget the site of Officer Michael Gordon right after his squad car was struck by a drunken illegal alien drive. Micheal lost his life to a drunk driving illegal alien. The driver, Luis Calle, was a Guatemalan whose blood alcohol level was measured at 0.177, twice the legal limit.

Two people were just killed in Humboldt park by a drunk driver, who happened to be an illegal alien. The tribune reports: Jose Diaz-Perez, 21, of the 5000 block of South California Avenue, was charged late Tuesday with two counts of aggravated driving under the influence; leaving the scene of a personal-injury accident; driving under the influence; and driving under the influence with a blood-alcohol level greater than 0.08 percent, police said.

Here is a list from the FBI's featured fugitives. Of the 66 fugitives listed, 33 of them are hispanic and are probably illegal immigrants. Here is a partial list:

Miguel Angel Hermosillio-Alcaraz - Murder
Alicia Leonor Banuelos- Murder & Child Abduction
Liliana Lucero Mercado-Gonzalez - Felonious Homicide
Edmundo Cerda-Anima - Murder
Adrian Delgado-Vasquez - Murder
Juan Manuel Rodriguez, Jr. - Murder, Attempted Murder
Leonel Isais Garcia - Murder
Diego Trejo - Murder
Francisco Martinez - Murder
Juan Carlos Martinez - Murder
Juan Carlos Mayorga - Murder
Jesse Mendez - Murder
Marvin Aclaro Mercado - Murder, Attempted Murder, Burglary, Conspiracy
Eduardo Gilbert Nevarez - Parole Violation; Homicide
Jorge Emmanuel Torres-Reyes - Murder, Attempted Murder
Hugo Varela - Murder
Jacobo Varela - Murder

What galls me is that the liberals who write for our major papers and television news shows refuse to highlight these facts. In our Politically Correct sterilized culture, you can't point out the fact that many of these immigrants have no respect for our laws. To them, the laws are just arbitrary guidelines. You can't really blame them since they crossed over the border, broke our laws multiple times, and nothing happened to them.

The consequences to coming here illegally have all but vaporized.

I have sat in traffic court many times and witnessed this interaction between the judge and the defendant, charged with "no valid license" (violation of 625 ILCS 5/6-101) --
Judge: "Mr. Montalvo, you're charged with driving without a valid license. How do you plead?
(court appointed interpretor translates for defendant)
Accused: "Guilty."
Judge: "Mr. Montalvo, do you have a license?"
(court appointed interpretor translates for defendant)
Accused: "No."
Judge: "Can you get a license?"
(court appointed interpretor translates for defendant)
Accused:"No. I don't have my papers."
Judge: "Alright. The fine is $25. See the clerk. Next case!"

It's a joke and no wonder the illegals run around with impunity. There are no teeth when it comes down to the courts. They get treated with kid gloves.

How about you, as a US Citizen, try this: Go get a job with a fake or stolen social security number. How fast would you be arrested and charged?

Currently illegals aren't being charged with a crime for doing so. There are a couple high profile cases of illegals being charged but those are tougher suburban jurisdictions. And even if they're deported, they'll still just come back.

The laws in this nation need to be enforced. It is right and it is only fair.

02 January 2007

Footworkin' don't work for me

News from the Phony Culture Front:

As first reported by your intrepid blogger back in January of 2006, the 'art-form' of '"footworkin'" continues to fascinate the northshore liberals who write for the Chicago Tribune.

In last Sunday's Tribune, the editors ran updated stories of news items that had been published earlier in the year. They ran a follow up to an August 20th story about a Chicago Heights man who's name is Charles Parks. His street name is "King Charles".

Just as with the b-boy crews, she added, footworkin' cliques have battles, and the style's even got a reigning "king": Charles Parks of Chicago Heights, who is represented by Edmond.

"He has trophies and everything," she says. ~~Footworkin' Fan

(My favorite part:He has trophies and everything)

His claim to fame is that he can tap-dance. Oh, that's right ... they don't call it tap-dancing anymore. That is too mundane, too ordinary - too, too, um ..... Caucasoid. They now call it 'footworkin'. Apparently "King Charles" is a rags-to-riches success story within the world of ghetto-garage-party dancing. He used to work the drive through at Popeye's Chicken & Biscuits making minimum wage and now, since he won TWO "King of the Circle Dance Competitions", he's being paid $23/hour to teach 'footworkin' in a residency program at Little Village Lawndale High School.

I think the overall student body at Little Village Lawndale High School would be better served by spending $23 per hour to hire an additional english teacher, not some goof who can tap-dance. Well what would you expect from a school located at 3100 S. Kostner and whose campus has a "Social Justice School". A brief review of their mission statement revealed this little nugget of information:

Struggle and Sacrifice
Our struggle is against systems of power that have been historically used to deny, regulate, and prohibit access to the most basic human rights that should be granted freely to members of society regardless of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, or religious belief. We accept the reality that such struggle will require sacrifice from all involved.

Sounds like it's right out of the Communist Manifesto.

And while the students aren't in school getting their dose of socialism, they're out demonstrating. Here's a picture from the Little Village Lawndale High School's field trip to last year's Immigration Rally:


The school hasn't been around long to enough to gather any scholastic achievement information on its student body but if a picture is worth a thousand words, a fitting name for it would be "Illiterate Truants of the World, Unite!"

You might think that I'm being overly critical and, even petty, with today's harangue. I'll confess as to what irks me about these organizations. It is that the people that they choose to bestow with accolades (very often) aren't worthy of the recognition. I worked for two non-profit dance companies and, I can tell you from first hand experience that they're not interested in equality. Nor are they interested in promoting the best and brightest. It is all driven by the liberal PC agenda. They're very much into "celebrating diversity" which is LibTard code for: people of color, OK - all others: Bad. And if they can highlight someone of color for their accomplishments, well then Mission Accomplished.

Well, back to the featured character of this story: Charles Parker. Most importantly, "King Charles" will have more opportunities to score with the ladies now that he doesn't smell like chicken grease and butter.