29 December 2007

Jazz loses a giant

Jazz giant Oscar Peterson has died. He was one of the premier jazz pianists of the 20th century. His career spanned 7 decades and his contributions to the art are unfathomable.

With a style reminiscent of Art Tatum, but with a texture and touch which were far more resonant, Peterson blazed his way into international fame. He played with the greats - Getz, Ellington, Basie and Ellis.

Growing up in Canada and practicing 4 to 6 hours per day, honed his skills and made him a virtuoso by the age of 18. Here is a fitting tribute to him. You can see the master at work in this haunting piece.

Au revoir Oscar. Pouvoir les anges vous chantent dans l'endroit spécial que dieu a créé pour vous.

28 December 2007

Chicago talk radio

560 AM - WIND has been my choice for talk radio for 2 years now. My favorite shows are Michael Savage and Laura Ingraham.

Michael Savage's show is raw, brutal and enlightening. He strips away most of the political correctness that encapsulates our political dialogue and drills down to the details in the news that the MSM ignores. He's like the interesting, angry uncle that comes over for dinner once in a while.

Laura Ingraham, on the other hand, is erudite and highly informed. She is an attorney who once clerked for Justice Clarence Thomas. She's genuinely funny and fills her show with funny banter, interesting guests and audio tidbits that will put a smile on your face for the short 2 hours that she's on our local affiliate.

I'm slowly pulling away from WIND since they replaced Laura's morning show with Dennis Miller. While Miller is a talented comedian, he's definitely out of his element when discussing politics. His sidekick - "Sal" - is an annoying personality who rarely has anything to add to the discussion. They take turns laughing at each other's remarks, which aren't all that funny in the first place. And when Miller makes a comment which he thinks is humorous, he chuckles at himself. He's the only one chuckling at his obscure references. As I write, Miller is interviewing Norm McDonald and allowing McDonald to do a "stand-up" routine for most of the hour. Miller must be the only person who thinks Norm McDonald is funny. Again, no one is tuning in to Dennis Miller to listen to a mediocre comic - we want to hear political discussions and interviews.

But the worst part of WIND's lineup is definitely The John and Cisco show. After one year, it is painfully obvious that they don't belong on the radio.

It's apparent that they don't prepare for the show by doing research. For example, they interview Micheal Medved every Friday for a 10 minute segment. When Ann Coulter made her famous "jews aren't perfected beings" remark, Medved spoke with her on his show. He did a good job of clearing up the controversy and determined it was blown out of all proportion by the media.

On the following Friday, a week after Coulter appeared on Medved's show, "Big John and Cisco" wanted to hear Medved's take on the Ann Coulter controversy. These two couldn't be bothered to pull 15 minutes of Medved's show to figure out that he'd already spent hours talking about it! For the listeners who already heard Medved's take on the whole thing, it was tiring to listen to the whole thing again. I was thinking, "Why couldn't these two be bothered to tune into some of Medved's show - or have Medved's engineer send them a slice of the Coulter show?"

Another annoyance about "Big John" is his thinly veiled dislike for the Police.

When Chicago police officers raided a false identity ring, run by Latin King gang-members, in the Little Village neighborhood last year, "Big John" Howell said, "Why couldn'nt the police NOT come in such large numbers and wearing their big, black riot gear - it was all intimidating."

He's made a number of ridiculous and uneducated comments on the air - enough of them that I've sent emails to Dave Santrella, WIND's General Manager, complaining about the show's bias and its lackluster content.

All they do is read newspaper items and then comment about them - it doesn't take much "talent" to do that. I'd rather see BIll Bennett brought back for the 5am to 9am slot, with Laura Ingraham returning to take the reins at 9am to noon.

So for now I've gone over to 890AM - they've got Don & Roma (pro-Police) in the morning, Rush Limbaugh at 11am and Mark Levin at night.

I've had enough of WIND's morning boredom show and their idiotic comedian commentary.

If you feel the same way as I do, you can email Dave Santrella at dave.sentrella@560wind.com

What a way to go!

A two hour lap dance session kills a 28 year old Florida man.

Murdered by Mumia

Murdered by Mumia is the new book by Maureen Faulkner - wife of slain police officer Daniel Faulkner.

As is so often the case in capital crimes, the victims get overlooked by Liberal pundits. They seem to automatically glam on to the offender's side and defend him to the end.

As Maureen Faulkner writes so eloquently, she is the one who has been sentenced to life: a life of grief, pain and loss.

Here is an excerpt from the book:

The knock. That rap on the door that is the dread of all of the spouses of people who put their lives on the line—cops, firefighters, EMTs, the military, each profession with its own protocol. I got that knock in the early morning hours of a bitter-cold Wednesday, December 9, 1981, when my fitful slumber was interrupted by the thud of destiny. That night I had trouble sleeping, so I went down and fell asleep on the couch in front of the TV. I was awakened by the sound of a rap on the door. It was a gentle tapping but it sounded like a cannon shot to me. I quickly looked at the clock and saw that it was a little after 4:00 a.m. I got up and looked through the window to where a police officer was standing on the step. With his shiny adornments glistening against the dark night, I thought maybe I was dreaming. My heart pounded furiously against my ribcage and my knees felt weak as I opened the door....

Full excerpt can be read here.

Mumia was convicted by a racially mixed jury. Mumia's brother was the person that was driving the car and he was struggling (fighting) with Faulkner when Mumia came out of the car with a pistol in his hand. Mumia was shot once by Officer Faulkner after Mumia shot Faulkner in the back. Mumia was found on-scene with the gun in his hand and screamed "I shot that motherfucker! I hope that motherfucker dies!" as they wheeled him into the hospital.

Mumia was (is) a member of the Black Panthers and has a history of anti-government, anti-police agitations.

If you want a clear delineation of why Mumia Abu Jamal - nee Wesley Cook - is absolutely guilty of murdering Daniel Faulkner, go here.

As Bob Weir writes:
Well, here we are, 25 years later, and instead of an execution, we have something akin to a coronation. Mr. Cook has received money for the sales of books written while in prison, and he has been allowed to write a column in which he regularly rants about 'racial injustice in America.' In addition, his fight against the death penalty, for which he has had the support of several Hollywood celebrities, has proved fruitful because, a few years ago, a judge reduced his penalty to life in prison. Now, his international fan club, which has succeeded in getting him named an honorary citizen of 25 cities around the world, including Montreal, Paris, and Palermo, and even naming a street after him in the Paris suburb of St. Denis, is trying to get him released.

In our current debased culture, men of vice are elevated and men of virtue are denigrated.

27 December 2007

People Flee California from Illegal flood

Apologies for no posting since 15-Dec-07. I've been under the weather, the kids are taking turns getting sick, and with the holiday rush, I haven't had time to post anything.

From today's LATImes, California's citizens are fleeing the state in droves but overall state growth is up due to immigration.

The annual study by the Department of Finance showed that 89,000 more people fled California than moved there from somewhere else. The arrival of 200,000 immigrants caused a net surge in population growth.

What is the influx of immigrants to California doing to the crime rate? It's going up.

Going back to '05, the homicide rate in California was higher than in the battlefields of Iraq.

San Francisco is having the bloodiest year of violence. Back in 2005, it had 96 homicides. As of Tuesday this week, San Fran's homicide rate was 97 - the hightest since 1995!

I guess California will continue to allow illiterate, unskilled and dubious people to cross their border unabated: with dire consequences.

15 December 2007

No Love among Minorities

When I heard this story on Rush's show the other day, it made me laugh out loud.

AFP reports that US minorities don't trust each other.

Forty-four percent of Hispanics and 47 percent of Asians are "afraid of African-Americans because they are responsible for most of the crime," the survey of 1,105 adults drawn from the three ethnic groups showed.

More than half of black Americans polled and 46 percent of Hispanics said Asian business owners do not treat them with respect.

And half of African-Americans said Latin American immigrants "are taking jobs, housing and political power away from the black community."

Hispanics and Asians, whose populations are made up mainly of immigrants, were positive about the American dream, saying that those who work hard in the United States reap the rewards of their toil.

In contrast, more than 60 percent of African-Americans dismissed the American dream as not working for them.

The most illuminating portion of the poll was the minority views of whites. The 3 groups viewed white Americans in a more favorable light than they did members of the other minority communities. Sixty-one percent of Hispanics, 54 percent of Asians and 47 percent of African-Americans said they would rather do business with whites than members of the other two groups.

And while we're on the topic of race - Oprah is catching heat from her own fans for her support of Barack Obama. Oprah is throwing her substantial body mass index behind BO and many see it as pandering to "one of her own." Her fans are disappointed in her on two fronts: 1. that she is finally coming out and becoming "political" and 2. that she is backing a black candidate because, and only because, she is black. Many people like to think of Oprah as racially neutral. Publicly she tries to be but privately I'm sure she's "all about the struggles, girlfriend!"

I haven't seen her construct a domestic violence shelter for women in Las Moches, Mexico. Even though 80% of women who are murdered in Mexico are killed by their hubbies. Why did she build that compound in Africa? Because she thinks of herself of African, duh!?!

It'd be nice to have a black person in a leadership position who's default position on everything was NOT their racial identity.

About the only black people like that are Dr. Thomas Sowell, Shelby Steele and LaShawn Barber. If any of these 3 would run for office, they'd certainly get my vote.

12 December 2007

Drew Peterson needs your help!

UPDATE: Drew's website is offline, no doubt because he was just caught trying to hide $250,000 by "donating" it to his son in order to keep it off the books and away from civil suits. I posted the following kind of "tongue-in-cheek" - he probably is guilty of all this but, I just thought it'd be refreshing to entertain the presumption of innocence. Like SCC I'm sick and tired of all the Police Bashing that's going on in our beloved City. And this was just my way of blowing off some pent up steam.

If you haven't heard of the Drew Peterson case, then you've been living in a cave for the last 6 months.

The media is portraying him as evil incarnate. He has the unfortunate luck of being three things that the media has no problem demonizing: male, white and a cop.

Any of those 3 factors is enough to get your name, face, home address and foot-size published in a local rag newspaper.

When OJ was arrested and charged, look how many people came together to support him. Many protestations in the press decried his arrest as racial bias and injustice. The evidence, though mostly circumstantial, weighed heavily against him. Still, there was somewhat of a thread flowing through the media that OJ was "innocent until proven guilty."

There is no such presumption in Peterson's case. He has already been tried and executed.

Drew needs your help. Until a benefit can be put together, he's put together a website where you can make a donation to his defense fund.


God bless all the former SOS officers - especially Lt. JB. Let's bring back the presumption of innocence with police officers. It's the least we can do.

10 December 2007

Robert Rawa benefit

From the St. Juliana's website:

Rawa Family...On July 13, 2007, Chicago police officer and parishioner Bob Rawa, was on his way home from work when he passed away suddenly from a brain aneurism. Bob, left behind his wife Linda (Hayes) a St Juliana alum - class of ‘79 and 2 young children, Robert 4 years old and Holly, 1 year old. Linda was pregnant at the time. Due to complications Carly was born premature and returned home to God. Please use the form below when shopping at Jewel on the designated dates.

You can go to the website here. This information is located on page 6 - just print it, fill it out and take it to any Jewel Food stores. They'll take care of the rest.

Please do what you can to support the Rawa family - they sincerely need it.

Also, remember other officer's families at this holiday season. I'm trying to find a link to the John Kurtz family memorial fund.

I'll revert with updates later.


Euro Women flocking to Death Row Inmates

It's an old adage that says, "Why do good girls love the bad boys?" Well there is no shortage of fools in the world, and no place with more of them than good old EurAbia.

In this instance, it is a group of supremely naive Euro women who have 'fallen in love' with death row inmates.

Romina Deeken, interviewed for the story, travels from Germany to visit her 'inmate' .... here's her photo from her company's webite:

Here's a picture of her from the Dallas News story, complete with a visage saddened with hurt and a tear running down her cheek.

"Ms. Deeken, who works for a media company in Germany, says she knows the deal – some death row inmates manipulate European women for sport, sexual stimulation and money – just like men on the outside.

The death penalty, Ms. Deeken said, is a barbaric punishment in a flawed U.S. justice system.

"Everybody has a right to fair trial, but he never had that," she said, referring to her pen pal. "The fact that he is black – well, there is a lot of discrimination. I know blacks are treated unfairly."

LIke the majority of her European compatriots, they buy the lie that our major media outlets sell: Black are oppressed by a system of racial discrimination that is intent on one thing - to keep blacks in their place and denies them "justice."

I've spent time in Europe, and over a few glasses of Cabernet Sauvignon with a Parisienne, it was like the guy had memorized the NYTimes. He just kept spewing the crap that he'd read in our newspapers: America is an inherently racist country, full of gun-toting cowboys, that is run by an elite group of Republican business-men.

Of course, I corrected his deeply misguided ideas.

I know many famous death row prisoners have had women flocking to them like bees in a field of chrysanthemums. Even Ted Bundy had conjugal visits, and even married a woman while in prison. Richard Ramirez, the Night Stalker, received 100 letters per week and got married while on death row. The article goes on to highlight that a woman is working on a book that will attempt to explain the mechanism behind these poor souls who reach out to the worst people in our society - and fall in love with them.

Clearly these women have deep emotional problems, and the good doctor says that it can all be tied back to a history of physical and sexual abuse in their families of origins.

As PT Barnum said, there's a sucker born every minute. These amateurs are being played by some true professionals.

29 November 2007

Bush's Zealotry

So it's finally come to light that Bush's problem is not that he's unintelligent, nor unmotivated - it is that he's a zealot for democracy.

Pat Buchanan hits a home-run in his new book Day of Reckoning. It highlights why this administration is having problems getting its messages out and across to its constituents. Part of the problem, obviously, is that Bush sounds like a dolt when speaking publicly. Another issue is that the White House isn't very comfortable "communicating" its messages to the world. How many times did it "go dark" right after we invaded Afghanistan? Where were the press conferences updating us on progress in Iraq?

Few and far between.

Ideology is substitute religion, a belief system based on ideas that are often contradicted by history and common sense. Yet men will adhere to ideologies with a zealotry that borders on fanaticism.

Marxism, fascism and socialism were/are ideologies, gods that failed. So, too, is democratism, the Gospel of George W. Bush.

Democratism is a belief that all men are equally endowed with a desire for freedom and an aptitude for democracy. All can be uplifted, and all brought to see that democracy is the one true path to peace in our world. In democracy lies our salvation.

This conviction lay behind the invasion of Iraq, Bush's crusade to democratize the Middle East and his "global democratic revolution" to "end tyranny in our world." And, as Woodrow Wilson's crusade "to make the world safe for democracy" gave us Lenin, Stalin and Hitler, Bush's crusade for democracy is leaving us with ashes in our mouths.

As I said in a previous post, this says alot for why we are where we are in regards to the Middle East. Sadly I see little hope in making a foundation for "democracy" in that region. The people there only seem to recognize leaders who display strict authoritarian styles - dictators and the like.

An anology would be like trying to use Oxen to pull your sleds across the frozen wastelands of Antarctica. They aren't built, nor bred, for that type of environment. The same holds true for the Middle East. They won't embrace Democracy because they can't get their heads around the whole concept. Their core beliefs, founded in strict accordance to the Quoran, is of submission and obedience. It's not the type of place to engender freedom, creativity nor - civilization.

28 November 2007

Modern Civ: No place for Islam

Whenever I hear some LibTard whine about the plight of minorities, the underclass or how the US campaigns in the Middle East "caused" Muslims to turn to violence, I think to myself, "This guy needs to do some volunteer work." At least if the person went into Zaire, Yemen or Myanmar - their eyes would be opened. They'd see first hand that the freedoms and liberty we enjoy here, and engender worldwide, are an anomoly. To criticize the US as a "police state" is a slap in the face to real police states across the globe.

When a talented and caring Liverpool school teacher wanted to make a difference, she decided to go volunteer teach in Sudan. Things were moving along for her quite well until one day she let her school kids pick a name for some stuffed pet animals. The name that they chose for a particular teddy bear was "Mohammed."


Just to show you, cherished reader, yet again another insight into the twisted mind of your typical Muslim, this school teacher is now looking at 6 months in a Sudanese prison, or 40 lashes, for "insulting the image of the Prophet" [may his name be disgraced]. Author Joan Smith writes about it in the Independent UK online. The piece is entitled Islam and the modern world don't mix.

While it seems like Ms. Smith is pointing out the bloody obvious, she elucidates Islam's basic contradictions that preclude it from ever comingling with a modern civilization.

Once again, secular people around the world are left reeling at the capacity of Islam to discern "insult" in the most innocuous behaviour. At one level, this sequence of events is preposterous; I'm sure there are plenty of genuine crimes to worry about in Sudan without wasting time pursuing a woman whose good intentions are manifest.

But the significance of the case goes beyond the individuals concerned,highlighting aspects of Islam as it is currently practised in countries such as Sudan and Saudi Arabia – and promoted in some European mosques – which are incompatible with the modern world. One is the role of honour, which has repeatedly been used to legitimise furious over-reactions to everything from the naming of a toy to instances of women and gay people demanding autonomy over their bodies.

Ever since the outcry over The Satanic Verses nearly two decades ago, I have watched Muslim men (they almost always are men) use the claim that their honour has been insulted as an excuse for disgraceful and frequently criminal behaviour. Salman Rushdie "insults" the Prophet: burn his books. Danish cartoonists display a lack of respect for Islam: attack Danish embassies. A British Muslim girl wants to marry the "wrong" man: kill her for shaming the family. A Saudi rape victim complains that her attackers got off too lightly: increase her sentence (for being in a car with a man who wasn't her husband) to 200 lashes.

The values that we have, our core beliefs, aren't congruent with those of our brethren in the middle east. That is the crux of the problem and one, that I feel, is insurmountable.

27 November 2007

Unit 731

Last year a wizened old man with white hair stood at the district desk getting a report from a young officer. I started a conversation with the man and it turned out he'd served in the Navy during WWII. I asked him if he'd seen action and he said, "Hell yes. Fought on Iwo Jima, and saw what those japs did to our boys. They were animals. I still hate them for what they did." I thanked him for his service and wondered if the old guy was just spooked against the Japs by all the WWII propaganda.

I could see that 60 years later he was still overwhelmed with emotion about the whole thing. Bitterness riled him.

Not until I did some digging on the Sino-Japanese war and Japan's treatment of prisoners did I realize that Japan's Imperialist impulse propelled a long history of blood-letting, torture and conquest.

Japan's Unit 731 was a natural off-shoot of that side of the Japanese. Its been getting alot of press lately, and ror good reason - it is Japan's homegrown version of Auschwitz.

Unit 731 was a Japanese military unit put together in order to test their vilest forms of cruelty.

They did a multitude of experiments on prisoners. For example, they staked prisoners out in a yard and detonated explosives near them. Those that survived were brought in and operated on without anasthesia. They weren't operated on in order to save their lives, they were operated on in order to determine the extent of their injuries.

Some of the more atrocious inhumanities include:

• Dissected live humans without anesthesia

• Poisoned food and water to spread disease

• Used female prisoners for studies on syphilis

• Injected animal blood into the human body for vivo physiological effects
• Hung prisoners upside-down until death to test for pressure resistance

• Exposed humans to extremely high and low pressures

• Exposed humans to extreme cold

• Surgically removed live human stomachs and reattached the esophagus and intestines

• Amputated and reattached human arms to the opposite side

• Committed biochemical warfare in labs and battlefields over 2,700 times, causing countless deaths, and intentionally flouted the Treaty of Geneva
• Laced food with poison for the civilians to consume
• Dropped bacteria-infected fleas on civilians
• Contaminated water and food with germs of severe intestinal diseases, such as typhus, paratyphoid, cholera, dysentery, and bacillus
• Used poisonous gases numerous times to suppress resistance

Check out the whole article. It's fascinating stuff.

Lie down with dogs, get fleas

The world mourns the senseless loss of yet another 'pillar' of the pro-Football community. I don't know what all the fuss is about - he lived like a thug and he died like a thug.

Sean Taylor was no choir boy. Just doing a superficial google search on him revealed multiple arrests in his illustrious career. He was arrested and charged with two counts of Agg Assault with a firearm and simple battery back in June of 2005.

He was DUI'd in 2004 and was hardly a "team player" on the Skins when he went missing for entire off-seasons.

And let's not forget that this maniac almost hospitalized Brian Moorman, the Buffalo Bills punter, during a pro-Bowl appearance. Apparently, Taylor wasn't bright enough to understand the difference in playing a real game versus a fake pro-Bowl game.

Bye-bye, Sean. Say Hi! to Tookie Williams for me!

23 November 2007

Academy Class curse?

An astute reader pointed out to me that Academy Class 02-9C has had a high number of "unfortunate" incidents involving its officers.

First Chris Berlanga was involved in a fatal DUI crash in Indiana, then Misha Barnes failed a drug test and was fired. She was later arrested for misdemeanor theft. And poor Mark Zymantas was attempting to stop a gang-fight while he was off duty and was subsequently beaten into a coma by 5 Assyrian Kings.

And now we see that John Ardelean has been charged with a fatal DUI.

That's 4 officers out of 28 in that class. I know that its not as bad as back in the 80's when the city, in their infinite wisdom, decided to forego background screenings on police applicants and ENTIRE classes disappeared in a flurry of arrests, indictments and grand juries.

If you work with any of these guys or gals, let them know to be extra careful out there. There's a black cloud over the "C" class!

19 November 2007

Absolute Clarity on Immigration

You've known it for years. Felt it in your bones. As a cop on the streets you see it every day, yet our policy makers either seem uninterested or patently neglectful.

The issue is illegal immigration.

And what I'm referring to is the disconnect between what we're seeing on the ground and what our leaders are pushing down our throats. The pabulum coming out of congress and the White House about illegals is maddening to those of us who patrol the streets in large urban areas. We see what our "enlightened" leaers are blind to: the violence, the machismo, the rigid need for "respect", the incessant demands for entitlements and the blatant disregard for our laws, our language and our national sovereignty. When public officials decry that illegals are forced to "live in the shadows" they never say where these "shadows" are. As far as I can tell, illegals aren't in any shadows - they're out in broad daylight. They purchase cars, open bank accounts, obtain easy credit, buy homes (multiple properties), go to the movies, rent movies, take vacations, go to emergency rooms when their kids get sick; in short, they're enjoying the life of a typical American. They even have dozens of their own spanish-language cable stations to choose from.

With unparalleled luminosity, Heather McDonald, writing for City Journal, explains with her usual panache the dark, seemy underbelly of illegal immigration.
Her outline for dealing with a long-term solution to illegal immigration follows the following principles:

*Principle 1: Respect The Law
*Principle 2: Protect National Sovereignty
*Principle 3: Support law enforcement
*Principle 4: Pay attention to the facts on the ground
*Principle 5: refer local decision makers over remote elites.

Go read the entire article here.

16 November 2007

This is Justice!

A family in a rural area of northern California are awakened at 4a.m. by 3 black men who have entered the premises with the intent of burglarizing the home. They beat the family's 19 year old son with a baseball bat - causing extensive brain damage and permanent disability (he can't even feed himself any longer and is living in a rehab center for disabled people.)

The father grabs a shotgun and shoots 2 of the assailants. The third offender escapes but is later caught.

The prosecutor is charging the remaining offender with murder because his actions inititiated the deaths of his 2 accomplices.


So what's the problem? The issue now is that the victims are white and the offenders are black.

The NAACP and a whole gaggle of race-baiters are lining up and claiming that charging this "boy" with murder is racist.

Here's the whole story - read it and get ready to get your blood boiling. We in Chicago are used to seeing the Phony Make Believe Reverends and bigoted black Aldermen standing up and making fools of themselves all in the name of perpetuating crime and dysfunction in their neighborhoods.

It's sickening to see that this is now extending to the Wine Country in NorCal. I hope this offender gets the death penalty - if Tookie Williams can fry, so can this savage.

14 November 2007

Border attacks on Agents rising

The WaPo is reporting that Attacks on US Border Patrol Agents is rising. Mexicans trying to cross the border and those who are members of drug cartels have been stepping up violence against Border Agents.

"They've got weapons, high-tech radios, computers, cell phones, Global Positioning Systems, spotters and can react faster than we are able to," said Shawn P. Moran, a 10-year U.S. Border Patrol veteran who serves as vice president of the National Border Patrol Council Local 1613 in San Diego.

"And they have no hesitancy to attack the agents on the line, with anything from assault rifles and improvised Molotov cocktails to rocks, concrete slabs and bottles," he said. "There are so many agent 'rockings' that few are even reported anymore. If we wrote them all up, that's all we would be doing."

Attacks on Border Agents has almost doubled - from 118 in '04 to 163 in the first 8 month of 2005. And just like other law enforcement agencies - especially Chicago's Police department - our agents at the border are hobbled by administrative rules and regulations.

From the article:
"But union officials and agents said that they are often frustrated by internal policies that keep them from taking aggressive action against illegal immigrants.

McCubbin said that because of personnel shortages, the border patrol has shifted from active patrols to a policy of “high visibility” in which agents are basically static or in “watch mode” until an actual incursion is noted and they have to respond.

“We’re pretty much a reactive operation,” McCubbin said, “and I believe that’s why we’re in this position, we’re like sitting ducks in a way.”

Some agents complained that they are rarely allowed to pursue illegal immigrants, regardless of the situation.

“If anyone runs from us, we don’t chase them,” said one California-based border patrol agent who requested anonymity. “We could have information that there is a nuke in the back of a van but we don’t have authority to chase them,” the agent said. “We’ve had radiation pagers go off and we’re still not allowed [by our supervisors] to give chase,” he said. “They are scared to death something will go wrong and there will be a huge liability.

Oh, but I forgot. Presidente Bush said that they're "just here to work." Hhhmmmmmm......If you believe that then I've got some beachfront property near Las Mochas to sell you.

More PC non-sense eroding our society

News item from the "Etching Away our Free Speech" files:

Pulitzer prize winning Music Critic Tim Page is in hot water for sending an email to Marion Barry's office asking to be removed from Barry's mailing list.

It wouldn't have raised an eyebrow except that he called Marion Barry a "crack-addict". So now you can't speak the truth without worrying about getting fired or censured?


There are days when I am bewildered by the warped rabbit hole that we've fallen into due to our misguided notions of political correctness (Liberal Totalitarianism).

Here's an excerpt from the Page's email:
"Must we hear about it every time this crack addict attempts to rehabilitate himself with some new -- and typically half-witted -- political grandstanding? I'd be grateful if you would take me off your mailing list. I cannot think of anything the useless Marion Barry could do that would interest me in the slightest, up to and including overdose."

Of course now the Race-baiters and apologists for the drug addict Mayor are "outraged". Barry was caught on video tape in 19990 smoking crack cocaine. Barry declared publicly that Page "ought to be fired, and The Washington Post ought to run an editorial apology. That would be a signal to the whole world that The Washington Post won't tolerate this kind of lowlife activity."

But we're supposed to support the kind of lowlife activity that Marion Barry engaged in? We're supposed to look the other way and support some goof who hasn't done a damn while in political office except pad his own pockets. It didn't get much media attention at the time but he tested positive for cocaine in the fall of 2005.

He is a tax dodger, alcoholic and a libertine.

More on the Mayor:
Last week's CityPaper reported in the Loose Lips column (scroll down "THE CONSPIRACY LIVES") that Barry supporters led by Shuta Myoli were planning a rally at E. Barrett Prettyman Federal Courthouse on the day of his sentencing. Myoli believes that his tax evasion charges were a reaction to his anti-ballpark stance and not his admission that he did not pay his taxes. In other words "baseball set 'em up." I suppose MLB is also responsible for the positive test too. Nevertheless, here is to a complete recovery for Mayor Barry from his addiction to the white nose candy.

This straight talking critic should be promoted to Editor. Please drop a line to the Washington Post editorial board and let them know that this guy is getting railroaded for telling the truth. I wish more people came out publicly critical of such corrupt politicians. I think that Jesse "Shake-Down" Jackson, Al "Boofant" Sharpton, Louis "Calipso" Farrakhan, Dorothy "The Hat" Tillman, Bobby "Black Panther" Seals, Todd "Tax-U-All" Stroger, Danny "Hater" Davis, and William "Dee Poleeses Done It" Beavers (just to name a few!) should all be publicly excoriated for their criminal activities and ties to corruption.

God bless Tim Page! Sic Semper Tyrannis!

10 November 2007

The Quisling and The Dead

Norman Mailer is dead at 84. For someone who wrote one good novel in his life, he sure made the most out of it. You can credit that with his long history of Left Wing political screeds.

He ran with the Manhattan elites and towed the anti-war, America-as-Imperialist line. That kept him within the Liberal Establishment and they do take care of their own. I certainly won't miss him.

And let's not forget his biggest snafu: petitioning to get Jack Abbott out of prison. In 1980, Mailer spearheaded convicted killer Jack Abbott's successful bid for parole. He helped Abbott publish a collection of letters to Mailer about his experiences in prison. Abbott committed a murder within weeks of his release, and consequently, Mailer was subject to criticism for his role; in a 1992 interview, in the Buffalo News, he conceded that his involvement was "another episode in my life in which I can find nothing to cheer about or nothing to take pride in."

Here are some of Mailer's quotations:

America is a hurricane, and the only people who do not hear the sound are those fortunate if incredibly stupid and smug White Protestants who live in the center, in the serene eye of the big wind.

If a person is not talented enough to be a novelist, not smart enough to be a lawyer, and his hands are too shaky to perform operations, he becomes a journalist.

In America few people will trust you unless you are irreverent.

We are going to occupy Iraq and occupy it for a long time. Then it all does begin to make its own kind of sense. Because that means we are inaugurating the commencement of the American World Empire.

His personal life was an absolute wreck: 6 marriages (he stabbed his 2nd wife during a drunken brawl, almost killing her), an alcohol abuser, pot smoker and counter-culture icon - there seems to be very little in his personal life that one would emulate. His personal life seems to have been the engine that drove the Liberal Establishment to buoy his mediocre writing.

If you want to read an excellent writer of Mailer's generation, read Tom Wolfe. He's a tremendous person of high character and the clarity founded in a stable life shines through in his novels.

09 November 2007

The Greatest Nation and Its Heros

Sunday November 11th is Veterans Day. I extend my warmest wishes and profoundest gratitude to all of the Men and Women who have given their time, energies, talents and, lives in order that we may remain the greatest Nation that the world has ever seen.

This movie clip stil gives me the chills everytime I see it. I hope that one day someone steps up and attains the mantle of Patton in our fight against Islam. You can take out the word Nazi from his monologue and replace it with Muslim.

And this letter doesn't carry the same power without the music flowing in the background, but when they read it during Saving Private Ryan, it was a tear-jerker. This was a letter written to Mrs. Bixby when it was believed that her 5 sons had been killed in battle. Apparently only 2 were killed, one deserted and the others returned home. Still a touching letter from the White House to someone who had given their most valuable treasure so that our country would continue as one.

Abraham Lincoln 1809 - 1865 
Mrs. Bixby Letter

Executive Mansion
Washington, D.C.
November 21, 1864

  Dear Madam,  I have been shown in the files of the War Department a statement of the Adjutant-General of Massachusetts, that you are the mother of five sons who have died gloriously on the field of battle.  I feel how weak and fruitless must be any words of mine which should attempt to beguile you from the grief of a loss so overwhelming. But I cannot refrain from tendering to you the consolation that may be found in the thanks of the Republic they died to save.  I pray that our Heavenly Father may assuage the anguish of your bereavement, and leave you only the cherished memory of the loved and lost, and the solemn pride that must be yours, to have laid so costly a sacrifice upon the altar of Freedom.   Yours, very sincerely and respectfully,
Abraham Lincoln

President Lincoln wrote this letter expressing condolences to Mrs. Bixby, a widow who it was believed had lost five sons in the Civil War. 

Crossings Down - Immigrant Intifada UP!

More Agents at the border, continuing fence construction and expanded prosecution of border-crossers is having the desired effect on illegal immigration - the LATimes is reporting that crossings are down 20%.

See? All you have to do is enforce the laws that are already on the books and, voila! - it works!

Now that less illegals are coming from Mexico, the illegals and their supporters who are already here, are planning an intifada type revolt against US citizens. Andres Oppenheimer, writing for the Miami Herald, warns that the "13 million" who are here (double that, please) may follow the examples set by "disenfranchised" Muslim youth in France and begin rioting.

Oppenheimer's article (a must-read if you want to get pissed off at yet another LibTard who wants to erase our National Sovereignty) takes an open-borders slant and reams the GOP for not supporting Comprehensive Immigration Reform (ie. No Illegal Left Behind).

Well too bloody bad for them. Let them riot and create havoc. It'll give law enforcement and ICE another tool to deport them. Maybe then the US population will WAKE UP and ship 'em back and lock down our southern border: for good!

24 October 2007

Media Feeding Frenzy

With the phoney "screw-driver" incident, on top of the SOS scandal, the chub is in the water and the Media Sharks are in a feeding frenzy for anyone, or anything, associated with the Chicago Police Dept. This morning on WIND I heard Alderman Joe Moore decrying the behavior of the officers accused of the "screw-driver" incident. The incident that was unfounded by IAD/OPS, and should have been dismissed by the courts as just anotherl lying, indolent loser who wants a pay-day by the City.
Here's Ald. Moore's email address. Drop him a line and tell him that he should review the facts before passing judgement in the media about police "misconduct."

The being said, there is more blood in the water today: Our Top DUI Cop in 025 gets his hand-slapped for some "procedural" mistakes on his DUI arrests.

And a Big Thanks goes out to our beloved States Attorneys who chose to testify against this officer in open court. Out of the kindness of their hearts, they went out of their way to say that he didn't read them the Warning to Motorist, and ~ gasp and horror!~ didn't spend the required 20 minutes of observation time. Outrageous! You mean while the arrestee sat in the interview room, quais-comatose and urinating in his pants due to inordinately high levels of alcohol in his blood-stream, Officer Haleas didn't stand there and stare at him for the required 20 minutes?

Get a clue, you morons. I would strongly suggest that ASAs no longer be given permission to do "ride-alongs" with CPD Officers. If they're going to nit-pick our actions and ignore common sense then they don't deserve to be around us in a working district.

The public should know that the Courts is the place where the biggest disconnect lies. The ASAs routinely deny felony upgrade - even when it is an Agg Batt to PO and, as this case shows, don't have any problem throwing a working police officer under the proverbial bus.

22 October 2007

Islam & Women

Here's one very fine example of why we need to ensure that Islam never gets a foothold in the United States of America!

Where are the feminists decrying the treatment of their "sisters" under the Iron Sandal of Islam? Nowhere.

Because their phoney feminism only discounts "evil republicans" and white males. They've been brainwashed with political correctness doctrine to ignore the Islamic countries and to focus all thier bile on the US.

20 October 2007

A courageous artist

A courageous artist, here? Um - no. In Sweden.

The only "courage" that American artists display is having the prediliction of taking the path of least resistance. They're happy to smoke weed, chat about the latest Daily KOS posting and place a cross in urine and then lay back and wait for the kudos to come rolling in!

If you want to see courage in action, you have no further to look than Lars Vilks. Vilks started to test the boundaries of Muslim sensitivities when he began drawing Mohammed's head on that of a dog. The drawings are fairly crude and innocent. Here's a sample of one:

And not suprising, Vilks is getting death threats. Swedish police have advised him to abandon his home. He won't and I don't blame him.

God bless him for having the backbone to take a stand against these 7th Century throw-backs!

19 October 2007

Nothing Good about Hip-Hop "culture"

Jason Whitlock, writing for Fox Sports, decries the results of Hip-Hop culture on the character and behavior of black athletes.

African-American football players caught up in the rebellion and buffoonery of hip hop culture have given NFL owners and coaches a justifiable reason to whiten their rosters. That will be the legacy left by Chad, Larry and Tank Johnson, Pacman Jones, Terrell Owens, Michael Vick and all the other football bojanglers.

I've written about the wasteland that is rap music before. Rap music sales are actually in decline but the "gangsta" culture is haute couture amongst inner city youths (criminals), prisoners and white suburban kids. They ape the gear, the fashion, the attitudes and lifestyles of the mopes that they see in their rap music videos.

I recently met a person who was hired to perform a service for rapper Kanye West. I was told that for the 3 days this person spent with Kanye, the rapper was drunk most of the time, was ignorant and condescending to the people around him. He was generally a grade-A asshole.

Gee - I've never spent a moment with this neanderthal throw-back but I could have guessed that he'd be as much. Just look at what his music says. Look at who he hangs out with. Look at who he aspired to be like when he was young.

Well he got there.

And the horrendous comportment of black athletes gets little media attention. It is almost like the media excuses the bad behavior of these athletes.

As Jason Whitlock points out in his article, the Colts and the Patriots are the whitest in the NFL. They are model franchises. Right now, in Week 6 of the 2007 season, both teams are 6-0.

In sports, as in life, it is better for everyone is people behave properly and conduct themselves with quiet dignity.

There aren't many black athletes right now that you could call "dignified." Bill Cosby really made sense when he decried the current state of black affairs in our country.

18 October 2007

The Myth of the Latino voting bloc

Captain Ed takes a detailed and expansive look at the myth of the Latino voting bloc.

For years we've heard that Mexicans share our conservative values and, if allowed in to the country in greater numbers, would start voting Republican. Although Ed doesn't cover this aspect of the Latino voters, I can tell you that that too is a lie.

The ones coming in are going over to the Dems in droves.

Excellent read - please go over and check out the piece.

Beating back the visigoths

Just a morning quickie.

I want to give some well deserved kudos to my compatriot over at Second City Cop. He is absolutely on fire!

I know most of my readers are regular viewers of SCC's blog but, for those of you who aren't, go over and read the inside scoop on how dysfunctional this city really is.

I've lived in Chicago for many years - I grew up on the East side but I've lived in almost every "side" there is. It is no secret that Chicago has major problems - it is replete with crime, corruption and waste. Going back for as long as anyone can remember, the mayors and the aldermen have used their clout and political alliances to line their own pockets. They give lip service to fixing problems but what it amounts to is - nothing. Typical Democrats that they are, they just throw some money in the direction of the problem, make sure that there are 5 reporters on hand when they do it, and then they give a small speech about how wonderful they are and how hard they work on our behalf. They then go back to their cushy offices and count the money.

When their BS isn't working, their next tactic is to attack the police. The whipping boy that's been getting the brunt of the abuse over the last 40 years is the Chicago Police department and its members.


SCC is literally fighting city hall. He's peeling away the layers of stinky onion and showing Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Public how things really work.

Police officers take the job because we want to make a difference in the city. We want to arrest the criminals and help people feel safe on the streets and in their homes. What is frustrating for us is that we see where the problems originate and how they fester. You roll through some neighborhoods and you can just feel the despair oozing out from every building. It can be overwhelming at times. And then you hear our City leaders yakking away at some press conference, patting themselves on the back while their ward burns to the ground and you realize that the people of this city aren't getting the full story and aren't getting anything for the money they give the county.

I take my hat off to SCC - he's putting his own career at risk in order to expose the miasma that flows out of City Hall. God bless him (or her, or them).

17 October 2007

Study on Race Condemned

We're equal in the eyes of God but not when it comes to science. People are different but various groups have different strengths and weaknesses. Some of the various racial stereotypes are based on empirical data. People are different, period. We're all equal but we're NOT all the same.

If the study is being condemned, ask yourself why? Looking back over the centuries: How many technological advancements came out of Africa? How many vaccines were developed in Kenya? The entire continent has been devolving into a state of entropy for 60 years now. The Left, over the last 40 years, has bent over backwards to install "political correctness" into our collective mentality. We're paying a high price to remain ignorant of obvious issues.

Well I feel bad for this professor because the press and hypersensitive special interest groups are going to flay this guy alive for having "the audicity" to even raise the subject.

God bless all those brave souls who forge ahead and ask the hard questions. It's the only way we'll learn.

16 October 2007

Warrant 'delays' Contribute to Soldiers' Deaths

Delays in obtaining a warrant to track the terrorists who kidnapped 3 US soldiers are being blamed for the deaths of those soldiers.

The soldiers, Specialist Alex Jimenez, Pfc. Byron Fouty and Pfc. Joseph Anzack Jr., were kidnapped in Iraq on May 12th of this year. Jimenez and Fouty are still missing. Anzack's body was found floating in the Euphrates River on May 23rd.

It is estimated that it took approximately 10 hours to get the warrant and that sufficiently delayed the rescue of the three.

It is nauseating to think that now, at a time of war - in a foreign country with our fighting men and women exposed to horrendous risks - that we have to pull in lawyers and go through the tedious motions of getting a warrant to save our soldiers' lives! It's an outrage, plain and simple.

If and when Hillary gets elected I'm sure she'll fix this. She'll fix it by pulling all our troops home, dismantling the FISA court and stocking the Supreme Court with 9 Ruth Bader-Ginsurg clones. Then we won't have any more problems with terrorists, right? Because we all know that Radical Muslims only starting their murderous rampages after Bush invaded Iraq.

That's the common belief amongst Democrats and it is flatly wrong.

But hey, don't let the facts get in the way of LibTard "emoting" - they don't want to be brought back into the world of history and logic. They'd rather live in their own fractured Utopia.

HillaryGate - again!

The Hill is reporting that Hillary may be in some more hot water.

This time it is for conducting unauthorized surveillance during the '92 presidential campaign. The story says that she listened to cellphone conversations of GOP officials and others.

Republicans are focusing on an allegation in a recent book by two Pulitzer Prize-winning reporters, which suggests Clinton listened to a secretly recorded conversation between political opponents.

In their book about Clinton’s rise to power, <u>Her Way</u>, Don Van Natta Jr., an investigative reporter at The New York Times, and Jeff Gerth, who spent 30 years as an investigative reporter at the paper, wrote:

“Hillary’s defense activities ranged from the inspirational to the microscopic to the down and dirty. She received memos about the status of various press inquiries; she vetted senior campaign aides; and she listened to a secretly recorded audiotape of a phone conversation of Clinton critics plotting their next attack.

So here we have a woman who will use surveillance to feather her own bed, but won't support using it to go after terrorists or others who want to do us harm. She should be nominated for Hypocrite of The Year.

When Nixon did this, he was vilified. I'll wager that she gets a mere slap on the hand for this. The Double-Standards Machine keeps rolling.

12 October 2007

Navy SEAL Hero Gets Medal of Honor

Michelle Malkin is linked up to the news that Lt. Michael P. Murphy was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor (MOH).

Lt. Murphy was killed in a firefight with Taliban fighters in 2005.

Black5 has Lt. Murphy's complete background. Lone Survivor is the book written about Lt. Murphy and his comrades who were fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan. Interestingly, the author says that while their team waited to ambush a local Taliban leader, a local goat herder discovered their position. The team decided to spare the herder's life and, subsequently, the SEAL team soon found themselves surrounded by 80 heavily-armed Taliban members. Just proves the adage that no good deed goes unpunished.

Rue St. Michel enthusiastically recommends this book.

God bless you, Lieutenant. May God commend your spirit to the highest echelons of Heaven.

The Virulence of Hillary

I've been reflecting on the presidential campaign of Hillary Rodham Clinton. I'm trying to come to terms on why I dislike her so much. It's not because I don't like women in power - I thought Maggie Thatcher was a tremendously talented Prime Minister for England. I was saddened to see her go. If Hillary was a conservative - with strong moral character and a penchant for rolling back government - I'm sure I could support her. But, after doing some digging on her background, there is no way in Hell that I would.

I track my distain for the Clintons back to '92, when they first came to the national spotlight. Bill Clinton ran against Ross Perot and I remember watching the debates and noticing that, during the initial months of the campaign, Clinton had run on the standard Liberal Democrat campaign points: "government can do more for you" type of stuff. But during the debates, I noticed that Clinton began adopting ("stealing") items from Perot's campaign platform. By parroting Perot's "business approach" to government, he was able to drag some moderate voters over to his side. It was enough for Clinton to squeak by and win the election.

I didn't vote for Clinton back then but I supported him after the election because I recognized that he'd been duly elected by the people and, thus, was worthy of having my support. Clinton quickly forgot most of the promises that he'd made on the campaign trail and began turning the White House into his personal PlayLand. Even while he was campaigning, there is a photo of Clinton on an airplane with his right hand between the legs of a blonde flight attendant. That stewardess went on to work in Clinton's administration.

Back to Hillary: even back then she was eschewed as the "co-president" and made no bones about the fact that she was going to have a heavy hand in the day-to-day operations of the presidency. She was already softening up the ground for her own run at the Oval Orifice some day.

It is shameful that someone like Hillary thinks that she can just sweep all the negative baggage (ie. criminal acts and conspiracies) under the rug and no one will notice. Certainly the Mainstream Media will gladly help obscure the facts from you in order to put her on the fast-track to the White House.

That is the mark of the current spate of Liberal Democrats in our country. They think that you (The People) are incompetent dopes who have the attention span of a 5 year old. They think that if enough time passed by you'd forget all of the shenanigans that the Clintons (yes plural) pulled during their tenures in Arkansas and Washington D.C.

Having read quite a few books on the Clintons - "The Secret Life of Bill Clinton", "Women Who Make the World Worse", "Do As I Say - Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy", "The Seduction of Hillary Clinton" and "Legacy (by Rich Lowry) - I can safely say that bringing Mrs. Clinton into the White House would be disastrous.

You can see that the books I list above all lean to the Right of the political spectrum. I read those types of literature because if I want the opinions of "the other side" all I have to do is pick up the NYTimes or the LATimes or watch Katey Curic. The media outlets are hopelessly agenda driven Leftists. And if you want to get to the bottom of someone's history and character, the only place to go is to a conservative news outlet. Believe me, the MSM has never wanted to smear their "golden boy" Bill. He was (is) their "Messiah." The kid from Hope, Arkansas who would replace JFK as the new King Arthur and rediscover 'Camelot.' The mechanism of the MSMS's penchant for coddling and massaging the Clintons is much like we see them doing today to both Barack Obama and Hillary. They both receive preferential treatment by our "courageous" journalists that it amount to a virtual "free pass" from any MSM criticism.

With the Clintons we were perpetually told that criticisms of them were founded in a "vast right-wing conspiracy." They were constantly on the offensive because BIll and Hillary both know that a good offense is a good defense. Attack - attack - attack is what we saw again and again from Bill. His finger waving during his deposition during the Ken Starr investigation when he stated emphatically that "I did not have sex with that woman" which later was proven to be a bald-faced lie - and they found the dress to prove it. Or when Chris Wallace interviewed Bill after "The Path to 9/11" movie showed him to have done nothing in response to Islamic jihadist attacks on US citizens (the USS Cole, and the African embassy bombings) and the lies came right out - "I did everything I could to catch Osama bin Laden!" He then jabbed Wallace in the leg a number of times as he chided him for putting together a "right-wing hit piece" on him. It is telling that during radical Islam's ramp up in operations during the late 80's and early 90's Clinton was busy dismantling the US military. His "peace dividend" couldn't have come at a worse time (in hindsight). But that was classic Clinton - too busy womanizing, checking his poll ratings, putting together focus groups, and fretting about his "legacy" - an empty shell of a man who's only thought was to do whatever it took to retain power and put together a list of "accomplishments" that would guarantee him to be the rightful heir to the JFK mystique.

In Ambrose Evans-Pritchard's book "The Secret Life of BIll Clinton" he wrote eloquently about Bill and Hillary's dirty laundry that the Mainstream Press outright ignored. Writing about the Vince Foster murder and cover up, Pritchard points out that the Clintons were able to effectively lock down and hamper the investigation by using the FBI to stage the crime scene, and their own operatives inside the administration were able to obtain and destroy sensitive documents that would have linked the Clintons to even further dirty tricks.

A Clinton acquaintance and supporter [James Dale Davidson] was interviewed by Pritchard about the death of Foster and he had this to say (pg. 212) :

But at a deeper level Davidson is afraid that Foster's death, which he calls an "extra-judicial execution," is a sign of incipient fascism. He notes that the Clintons have mastered the art - described by Hannah Arendt in The Origins of Totalitarianism - "of turning all questions of fact into questions of motive." The Clintons do not try to rebut allegations. They use surrogates to muddy the waters and smear opponents, just as the National Socialists used to do. That they should be able to employ this practice to obscure the violent death of a top White House aide throws into doubt the durability of the republic.

Davidson went on to finance the first serious analysis of Vince Foster's suicide note. It was found to be a forgery. But the FBI and Park Police had their own analysis done and it was found to be "inconclusive." The Clintons were successful at casting the people who wanted to take a deeper look at the Vince Foster death as "Foster Crazies." That mantle was embraced by the MSM and they listened to it wholeheartedly. The Clintons also used their mouthpieces to settle any doubts about the Foster case. The media was admonished to accept the official reports, even though they were contradictory, and "out of respect for Lisa Foster and her children" to drop the investigations.

Foster's office was looted by Hillary - in fact, Secret Service agent Henry O'Neill watched as Hillary's Chief of Staff - Margaret Williams - carried boxes of papers out of Vincent Foster's office before the Park Police showed up to seal it. Clinton was even caught that night lying about Foster's death, when a makeup artist remembered an aide coming in before the show and telling Clinton that Foster was dead. He later denied knowing about it until 10pm - when it was about 7pm when he was told. This time discrepancy was what the Clintons used to collect any damaging information that Foster had on them. He was the Clinton's personal attorney and was park of the "Arkansas Group" that came with the Clintons from Arkansas.

When Ken Starr was appointed Independent Counsel and began investigating the Clintons and the Foster case, he botched the investigation into the White House's illicit use of confidential FBI files on 900 Republican opponents. He used FBI agents to probe misconduct involving the FBI itself. Needless to say, they came up empty handed. A civil suit on behalf of the victims has since uncovered evidence that the purloined files were part of a campaign of political espionage ordered by Hillary Clinton herself. The dirt in the files, including raw data on congressional leaders, was fed into computers.

Presumably it was later used for blackmail, or fed to media surrogates for the systematic smearing of Republicans. (Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, London Telegraph)

More on the Vince Foster case can be found here.

As the adage goes, "birds of a feather, flock together" so let's look at all the people in the Clinton landscape who have been indicted or murdered :
Webster Hubbell : convicted of embezzling $482,410.83 from Rose Law firm clients. ditionally, the media reported in March 1997 that Hubbell received $100,000 from Chinagate figures Mochtar and James Riady's Lippo Group after he was indicted in 1994.[2]
Mickey Kantor, an official in the Clinton Administration, in sworn testimony to congressional investigators, described steps he took to help Hubbell obtain a $24,750 "consulting fee" from the City of Los Angeles at the same time prosecutors examining the Whitewater affair were seeking the cooperation of Hubbell. According
to the Independent Counsel, Hubbell "did little or no work for the money paid by his consulting clients." The Independent Counsel determined there was insufficient evidence to conclude that Hubbell had received the money as quid pro quo for refusing to assist in the Independent Counsel's investigation into the Whitewater controversy.

Jim McDougal: d his wife, Susan McDougal (the former Susan Carol Hendley), were financial partners with Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton in the real estate venture that led to the Whitewater political scandal of the 1990s. Starting in 1982, McDougal operated Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan. On April 14, 1997, McDougal was convicted of eighteen felony counts of fraud and conspiracy charges. The counts had to do with bad loans made by Madison in the llate 1980s. As his savings and loan was federally-insured, the $68 million was paid by taxpayers. During the McDougal case, special prosecutor Kenneth Starr requested a reduced sentence for McDougal because of McDougal's assistance in the investigation.

• A drug dealer donates $20,000 to the DNC, attends a Christmas reception hosted by Hillary Clinton, has his photo taken with the Clintons and Al Gore and then -- three weeks later -- is arrested for smuggling 6,000 pounds of cocaine into the United States. It should have come as no surprise to anyone involved. After all, Jorge Cabrera had already served two prison sentences -- one for trying to bribe a grand jury witness and the other for filing a false income tax return. Later he will be back in the news when a businessman pleads guilty to laundering $3.5 million for Cabrera between 1986 and 1996.

•  "I see the White House is like a subway -- you have to put in coins to open the gates." -- Clinton contributor Johnny Chung talking about the $50,000 he gave Hillary Clinton's top aide while seeking VIP treatment at the White House.

• Spilling some of the beans on her "close friend" Ron Brown, Nolanda Hill tells Prime Time Live that Brown used drugs while Commerce Secretary and considered taking a big payoff from Vietnam to get trade restrictions lifted but dropped the idea when he got a tip that FBI was on the case. Hill also says that Brown thought it was Hillary who placed John Huang in a Commerce Department job. Huang left the Lippo Group -- with a golden parachute of around $800,000 -- to work for Commerce. Brown orders a top secret clearance for Huang. While at Commerce, Huang visits the White House about 70 times, is briefed 37 times by the CIA, views about 500 intelligence reports, and makes 281 calls to Lippo banks.

• A federal judge issues a fine for a quarter million dollars because, "The Executive Branch of the government, working in tandem, was dishonest with this court." At issue is the composition of Hillary Clinton's health task force, a body stacked with those from the medical industry who would gain most from its faux reforms.

Although Ken Starr was vilified in the press for pursuing Clinton for official misconduct, he really did a lackluster job of investigating this cur. Starr overlooked, or failed to follow through with significant "persons of interest" who had valuable insight into various aspects of Clinton's misconduct while President, and before. Witnesses were either ignored or coerced into making statements to the FBI that fit the official version of events. If their stories gained "traction" in the press, the witnesses or victims were quickly denounced as being irrelevant.

As testimony to how shady the Clinton's are, just look at the latest scandal to hit them. Hillary was caught on tape back in 2000 soliciting donations for her campaign in direct violation of Federal election laws. She could be charged with multiple felonies. The story is here.

Here is a complete list of Hillary's scandals. Do you honestly believe that she is just some 'victim' who is being picked on, overly scrutinized by bandelleros with an agenda? Come on now. And it seems she just lies for the sake of lying. American Spectator reports in 1996 that on her Asian tour, Hillary Clinton told New Zealand television that she had been named after Sir Edmund Hillary. Sir Edmund, however, was an unknown beekeeper the year of Mrs. Clinton's birth. When she went to New York to run for the senate, she stated that she'd always been a Yankees fan. When it was pointed out that she'd always referred to herself as a Cubs fan - because she was from Park Ridge, Illinois - she said that she was a fan of both teams.

When it comes to Hillary, you reap what you sow. And this Sow needs to go back to Arkansas to work on her phony deep south accent. And let's not forget that back in 2000 Hillary Rodham Clinton called New York City police officers "murderers."

With "Weird" Al Gore now winning the Nobel Peace Prize, there is more buzz about him running for president. I hope and pray that he does. Hillary is shaking in her boots that Gore gets in the race because he would bring the Loony Lefties away from her and it'd split the Democratic vote. Run Al - Run!!!

The one source about Negative Hillary that has alot of veracity is Dick Morris. Here are some articles by DIck Morris all about HIllary: here,here, and here is a recap of her "paltry" Senate voting record.

And a 'must read' is Morris' article here where he shows her to be worthy of "Hypocrite of the Year."

I feel that if more people were educated on what the Clinton Machine is really all about, most would shy away from Hillary.

Spread the word.

11 October 2007

Cop sues parents of drowning victim

UPDATE: Officer.com is reporting that the sergeant in this case is dropping the lawsuit.

Finally some sanity to this thing. Wow.

From the What The Fuck?!? files comes this little gem:

A Florida cop was called to the scene of a drowning victim. The victim was a baby who fell into the family pool. When the officer arrived, she slipped on a puddle of water and hurt her knee.

From The Sun-Sentinel:
Rescuers were able to bring him back to life, but he suffered severe brain damage and cannot walk, talk or even swallow.

Now, his family faces another burden: One of the rescuers, Casselberry police Sgt. Andrea Eichhorn, is suing, alleging the family left a puddle of water on the floor that afternoon, causing her to slip and fall.

The officer is suing the parents for $1 million dollars.

Comments? What do you think about this case. From what I understand she's on disability since she was injured on the job. Why would you sue someone who legitimately called 911. The baby ended up surviving but with profound disabilities.

09 October 2007

Drink up, Boys!

The boys over at SCC posted a photo showing a Kool-aid delivery truck dropping off product at 35th & Michigaon (CPD HQ). Former Superintendent Phil Cline was seen leaving soon after. Here's a photo of him walking out:


I'd wondered why so many asinine decisions are formed inside that building. This answers alot.

Bush supports Illegal rapist-murderer

We all knew that el presidente Bush was an illegal alien lover. He can't seem to do enough for them - giving them free health care, "a pathway to citizenship", free in-state tuition (via the Dream Act), and unfettered access to state drivers licenses and roadways.

Well now we come to find out that Bush also supports illegals who rape and murder.

WND reports that Jose Medellin, who was convicted of raping and murdering Jennifer Ertman and Elizabeth Pena back in 1983, will have his case reviewed by the US Supreme Court this week to see if his capitol crimes conviction will be overturned.

Medellin, along with a number of fellow gang members, abducted, beat, raped and strangled the two houston teenagers. Medellin confessed and even kept a Mickey Mouse watch taken from Ertman as a souvenir.

Medellin was going to get executed until the Bush administration intervened and supported Medellin's excuse that he shouldn't be executed because he was never given the chance to call the Mexican Embassy about his case.

What Bush is doing is basically telling the state court that it needs to review this case because the World Court says so. Since when do we adjudicate US cases based on what the World Court says???

"We find ourselves in an unusual position," Texas Solicitor General Ted Cruz told the Houston Chronicle. "Texas is not regularly litigating against the United States. But sadly enough, the United States will appear alongside Medellin at the argument."

Medellin v. Texas will be argued Wednesday and could determine the fate of Medellin and 50 other Mexican killers on death rows in the United States, including more than a dozen in Texas. All of them say they were not told of their right to contact Mexico for legal help.

The court is expected to produce a ruling clarifying which powers reside with the president, Congress and courts, which powers belong to the federal government versus the states, and what the relationship is between international and domestic law.

Please send an email to the white house, and/or call to tell them that this is a bloody outrage!

08 October 2007

How many Illegals?

As Robin would say to Batman - Holy Third World Nation, Batman!

It's being reported that the figure that the US government provided in its estimation of the number of illegal aliens was highly under-reported.

Trash the 12 million, bro. We're looking at 38 million illegals - approximately 5% of the current workforce.

Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS) is the group that issued the study.

Wanna help? Get behind this important piece of legislation:

HR 3494, introduced by Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), would implement a system for identifying and removing violent criminal illegal immigrants and would deny certain federal funds to "sanctuary cities" that protect violent criminal aliens.

The Charlie Norwood CLEAR Act of 2007 (named after the late Congressman from Georgia) would provide additional training and funding to local police to help enforce current immigration law.

Allowing the thousands of local law enforcement officers to apprehend criminal aliens they encounter during the performance of their jobs will greatly enhance our security. We cannot allow our country's vast interior to become a free zone for aliens who slip past our borders.

This legislation would:
*Require DHS to take an alien into custody within 48 hours
*Affirm that state and local law enforcement officials have existing authority to assist in enforcing immigration law during the course of their routine duties.
*Deny State Criminal Alien Assistance Program funding to "sanctuary cities" that refuse to assist with immigration enforcement.

Italians or Vikings?

Today in History: A double whammy. It is the anniversary of the Great Chicago fire and also, Columbus Day.

Columbus' discovery has now been refuted since more and more evidence points to the Vikings as being the first to land on America's shores.

On a related note, just to show how far these noble nordic peoples have fallen - Danish Cultural Minister Brian Mikkelson, visited Dublin and apologized to the Irish people for his predecessors's bad behavior; all of 1,200 years ago.

I guess we're all in the habit now of apologizing for everything. But why stop 1,200 years ago - let's go back even farther. I wonder if we'll ever see Israel apologize to the Canaanites for putting all their men, women and children to the sword circa 3,500 bc.

07 October 2007

Vet cuts down Mexican flag

I could just hug this guy! The enemy is engaged! If you have a problem with this, just think how you'd be treated if you owned a store in Las Moches, MX and you hung an American flag over a Mexican flag. I think that we can all agree that you'd be lucky if you only got your ass kicked. You'd probably see some jail time too.

06 October 2007

Cubs fever

UPDATE: Cubs get swept by Arizona D'backs in 3.


Even you South Side knuckle draggers can finally admit that this is the year that the Cubs go all the way!


A kid can dream, right?

Celebrating the mediocre idiot

The NYTimes recent homage to Harold Pinter brought to mind what a quisling tool this "nobel laureate" is.

The Times falls fatuously at the feet of Pinter - proclaiming him "the heir to Samuel Beckett."

Many pundits have pushed pins into the inflated dross of this playwright, most notably David Pryce-Jones (who has actually had the unfortunate luck at having to spend time talking to with this guy.)

Philosophically Pinter is aligned with Michael Moore, Rosie O'donnell and George Galloway. One of my favorite quotes about Pinter comes from Mark Steyn:

The fanatical Muslims despise America because it's all lapdancing and gay porn; the secular Europeans despise America because it's all born-again Christians hung up on abortion; the anti-Semites despise America because it's controlled by Jews. Too Jewish, too Christian, too Godless, America is also too isolationist, except when it's too imperialist.
Too Christian, too Godless, too isolationist, too imperialist, too seductive, too cretinous, America is George Orwell's Room 101: whatever your bugbear, you will find it therein - for the Continentals, excessive religiosity; for the Muslims, excessive decadence; for Harold Pinter, excessively bleeding rectums.

It's sickening that people like Pinter actually get praised for being mediocre curmudgeons.

The Oprah Connection

Naila Franklin, the woman who was found murdered last week in Calumet City, has generated national media attention. Her case even garnered a spot on America's Most Wanted. And even a letter from Barack Hussein Obama was read aloud at her funeral.

I can't figure out exactly why all the fuss?

I guess I'm not surprised considering how much media hype surrounded the untimely demises of Natalie Holloway and Anna Nicole Smith. Ms. Franklin's death, meaningless and tragic, should be and is being dutifully mourned. The death of any innocent is an outrage. It's being reported that prior to her disappearance, she made a police report for some threatening phone calls that she'd gotten.

As an aside: I can't tell you how many times I've done a telephone threat case report for someone, or an assault report, who claims that they want the report "just in case something happens." I take that to mean that if they "disappear" the police will have a paper trail to follow.

Obviously this case highlights the flaw in that logic. Just because there is a report made and assigned to a detective, if the victim comes up missing there is little chance that the report will help police track down what happened to the missing person. As in this case, the named offender showed up for the interview with his lawyer in tow. Unless there is evidence linking someone to the crime, you can do dozens of reports and it won't make much of a difference in finding you.

Well my sources inform me that the reason there is so much media attention on this case is that Ms. Franklin is a relative of Oprah Winfrey's. I can't confirm that as Oprah's office won't comment but I have it on good authority. Oprah raised $3 million for Obama at her last fund raiser, and I have a sneaking suspicion that that was why he sent a letter to Franklin's funeral. Recently, one of Oprah's director was arrested on domestic battery charges. We all know how protective Oprah is about the sensitive details of her "empire". So maybe the reason this isn't being reported is that The Big O can't take anymore negative press.

Another aspect to this case that is puzzling is that Franklin disappeared on 18-Sept and was found on 27-Sept; 9 days missing. I'm told that the decomposition of the body was "very advanced" and that forensically it is a bit of an enigma. One wonders if the family is telling everything that they know about the details of this case.

05 October 2007

NRA is right after all?

A liberal academic wrote an op-ed for USA Today in which he finally grasps the importance of the Second Amendment.

Jonathan Turley, the author, admits that the framer's intent at inserting this Amendment into the Constitution was to create "a right" to gun ownership.

Would someone please read this article to Mayor Daley? Maybe one of his armed body guards can do it.

Hillary wants to "unite" illegals with families

Hillary ROTTEN Clinton has an idea that she must have borrowed from Obama: She wants to unite illegals with their families.


Then we should send them back to their countries of origin where they'll be able to spend time with their families.

Just one more idiotic platitude from the party of "compassion"

Immigration Successes

We're seeing more and more "ETL" initiatives hitting the news lately. Thank God.

Thousands of illegals were swept up in an ICE sting:

More than 1,300 foreign-born criminals and other immigrants who ignored deportation orders have been rounded up in southern California in the last two weeks in what officials said on Wednesday was the largest sweep of its kind in the United States.
Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers arrested 530 immigration violators and took custody of almost 800 foreign nationals already in prison, but who had previously evaded deportation orders.
"The 1,300 taken into custody by ICE in the past two weeks include numerous suspected street gang members, as well as aliens convicted of sex offenses, assaults and kidnapping," Immigration and Customs Enforcement Assistant Secretary Julie Myers told a news conference.
"We have made our communities safer and protected the integrity of our nation's immigration system," she said.
Most of those arrested were Mexicans, but the group included immigration violators from 30 countries, including Armenia, India, Indonesia, Jordan and Peru. More than 600 have already been repatriated, officials said.

I'm heartened to see that they're at least targeting criminal illegal aliens. Let's kick them out and then go after all the rest.

01 October 2007

Chicago Police jazz band?

Do any of you know if the department has a Jazz band? If you've got information please post a comment with all the relevant details.

A copper I know wants to get into a group and was wondering if the CPD already has one.

30 September 2007

US vs. Finnigan

Here is the criminal complaint against JEROME FINNIGAN and what he conspired to do to his former colleagues. I guess desparate times call for desparate measures.

This reads like some bad "B" movie script. I can' t believe how many times these dweebs use the word "dude."
They must have watched The BIg Lebowski one too many times.


28 September 2007

Illinois dhimmis cancel Xmas

LGF has a link to a story from my own backyard. Here in Oak Lawn, IL some schools have decided to stop celebrating Christmas and Halloween out of fear that it may "insult" Muslim students.

I've long been disappointed in my fellow Illinoisans - they put Dick Durbin and Barack Obama in office after all. So what does that tell you about their collective IQ.

I'm also embarrassed by the LibTards who are taking up space in this state and voting, no less.

This is just another "pre-emptive dhimmitude" (as LGF puts it) and it speaks to how low we'll go out of political correctness.

Just for yucks I'd love to see some municipality go out of their way to celebrate a Christian holiday, in effect putting the Muslims on the defensive and forcing them to acknowledge that this is STILL a Christian nation and we have nothing to be ashamed of for that.

Fat chance. The Left has really sucked the life out of our society by dividing the family and deconstructing the churches.

Hey Thanks ACLU!

Gay NYPD cop sues city

A gay NYPD police officer is suing the city for unspecified damages because he alleges that the department supervisors didn't do anything to remove him from, what he claims, was a hostile work environment.

He claims that he overheard a fellow officer utter the word "faggot" in the precinct locker room. Gasp!

He also says that people drew pictures of him in sexual positions and taped them on the wall in the locker room. Double Gasp!

It sounds like this guy is just thin-skinned. Police officers "bust the balls" of their colleagues all the time. Seriously. This guy wasn't dragged into a bathroom stall and gang-raped, for chrissakes! So someone uttered the "faggot" word in his presence. If you come out and claim the lifestyle, you better be prepared for the backlash. If a copper is having multiple extramarital affairs and someone calls him a "male whore" he's not going to sue the city.

If he'd established a good rapport with his team by being a good guy and a good officer, then I'm sure they would have extended him the courtesy of being respectful of his lifestyle choices. It sounds like he was a whiney goof who was liked on the watch.

Can I SuperSize my McRaid?

Good news on the "Enforce The Laws" [h/t: Laura Ingraham] immigration front: an ICE raid in Nevada nets 56 illegals working at McDonalds Restaurants.


Of course the Open Borders wankers are decrying this enforcement raid as a throwback to Nazism. "We don't approve of the Gestapo methods ICE is using," said Gilbert Cortez, a Latino leader who urged Hispanic workers to stay home from work in protest Friday.

Good job, agents! It is so nice when a plan comes together.