27 March 2006

Against illegal immigration: You're Racist

Illegal Immigration - There is passion on both sides.

Unfortunately, the side in support of illegal immigration uses violence to get its message across.
During a protest in Munster Indiana yesterday, supporters of Illegals getting home loans and access to other resources beat up a 61 year old man.

The reason?

The elderly gentleman said it is wrong to give home loans to undocumented people.

And here is where we are now folks. Back in the 80's we bought the lie that these people work hard, pay taxes and, just want a better life.

We were lazy. We didn't want to step up and do what was needed. We were asleep at the switch.

They said that other immigrant groups came here with the same difficulties and made a life for themselves and became decent American citizens. While decendents of German, Italian and Irish immigrants have left their cultural connection to their respective homelands behind them, not so for our Mexican-American colleagues.

Ask them, "Are you American?"

"We are Mexican," is the standard reply.

Insulated is the word to describe the presence of our Mexican brethren. And with 30% of our prison population being illegal Mexicans, we can see what type of person is crossing our southern border.

Mexicans want to preserve their heritage, culture and language. I see it everyday on the north and west sides of the city. On 16Sept all you see are cars floating around with Mexican flags on display and blaring Mexican music.

The mouthpieces for these people claim that the illegal immigrant wants to be a part of the American Dream. Then why don't they fly the US Flag on July 4th? The answer: Because they don't care. The part of the American Dream that they want is the Money.

Many don't bother to learn the language - why should they? They want to hold on to their culture and they know viscerally that once they start to speak english, the inexorable slide in to mainstream US culture will begin.

But that would mean that they'd have to get a drivers license, and pay taxes, and maybe - Oh my God - turn in their LINK card!

So almost 20 years after the last Amnesty, we find the number of illegal immigrants has risen and now they have the numbers to force US politicians to bend to the will of the illegal. 500,000 Illegal Immigration Supporters marched in LA. Do anti-Immigration forces have the wherewithal to protest too?

No. Because we've all got jobs to go to.

The operative word here is Illegal - I'm all for legal immigration. I want to see deportations - deport the illegal Russians, the illegal Polish, the illegal Nigerians : send them back!

Just because illegal Mexicans have greater numbers doesn't give them the right to twist our politics or our laws. The moment they stepped onto our soil in violation of immigration laws, the became criminals. Our democracy is made up of our citizens. The laws are the product of the voices of our citizens.

Illegal Immigrants have no voice - nor should they. Support HR4437.

25 March 2006

A Real Reporter

Recent headlines show just how the miserable cowards in the US Media react when embedded with our troops at war. Some are good, honest journalists but most are just over there to foment dissent at home with salacious morale dampening drivel.

Just yesterday a story broke about a reporter who claims to have witnessed US Forces go into a cafe during a firefight without first announcing that they were US Soldiers. You're going into a spot with hostiles pointing AKs at you and you're expected to announce yourself first?

WTF? Are they kidding? I hope they publish this reporter's name and home address.

Michael Yon is a journalist embedded with the Deuce4. His journals and photos come right from the front lines. He understands what our soldiers are going through and labels the bad guys as terrorists.

Check out this article - he was right there snapping pictures when his team got into it with a few terrorists.

Mullah Chiraq

The president of France, Jacques Chirac, has many national problems to confront. France is facing a growing radical Islamic movement, rioting and destruction, continued unemployment, and a burgeoning bureaucracy. Chirac has not taken a definitive position on any of these issues except to criticize the war in Iraq, the war in Afghanistan and US foreign policy.

In short, Chirac's strategy has been a consistent policy of appeasement.

The only voice of reason coming from within the French government these days seems to be French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy. He echoed the views of many in the West when he said he preferred an "excess of cartooning than an excess of censorship."

He also dropped some uncomfortably accurate names for the rioters.

The French are discovering two things: First, massive immigration since the 1960s has changed the population dynamics of France, where there are now between 6 and 8 million Muslims living (and maybe more as all governments hide figures for fear of a nationalist vote); Second, "The crisis of Islam," to refer to the last book of Bernard Lewis, concerns not only Muslims living in Iran or Saudi Arabia but also those in the Western world.

~www.techcentralstation.com (2004)

So it seems that while Jacques Chirac can't get upset about the disgraceful conduct of its Muslim immigrants, he can get mad about one thing - when someone speaks english in his presence.

BRUSSELS - President Jacques Chirac said he had been so shocked to hear a fellow Frenchman speak English at a European Union summit that he had felt compelled to leave the room.
"I have to say I was profoundly shocked to see a Frenchman express himself in English at the (EU) Council table. That's why the French delegation and myself walked out rather than listen to that," Chirac said.

22 March 2006

Media lends helping hand to Taliban Commander

Lisa Myers and her Quisling Captors at MSNBC interviewed a Taliban commander who claims to be responsible for the direct deaths of almost 20 US soldiers - including 3 Navy SEALS and 16 soldiers who arrived in a helicopter to rescue downed servicemen in the field.

WASHINGTON - Four years after the U.S. invaded Afghanistan, Taliban and al Qaeda fighters are showing renewed strength, using suicide bombs and rocket-propelled grenades. They are even training the next generation.
Since June 2005, 54 Americans have been killed in Afghanistan, by far the most lethal period since the U.S. invaded.
Behind some of the most deadly attacks is one man, a 35-year-old Afghan who calls himself “Commander Ismail.”

MSNBC interviewed this terrorist in August of '05 then again this month.

MSNBC apparently didn't go to the US authorities with any of this INTEL - though that would really be asking alot from these agenda-driven weasels.

Instead of doing something that would help the US soldiers who are in overseas theaters of combat, MSNBC decided to take this important information and publish it. The article is clearly slanted to show that the "insurgents" are strong and, just may be winning. The article is a "pile on" to the Bush Administration and is intended to highlight that these "insurgents" are not the Terrorists that Your Mother told you about - they are simply "freedom fighters" who are battling an imperialistic hegemony who is couching its aggressive military actions in words like "freedom", "liberty" and "democracy".

Our troops are doing a fantastic job over there and deserve to be credited for establishing a stable atmosphere in Iraq, killing terrorists and for preserving Liberty in the middle east. They are heroes.

Commander Taliban is not a hero. He is just another murdering theocratic thug whose highest motivation is to kill as many Westerners and Jews as he can so that he can get to be with those infamous 72 virgins.

Our MSM is a joke - only nobody is laughing.

For some positive news reporting out of Iraq, please go to http://michaelyon.blogspot.com

Semper fidelis!

High Court Handcuffs Police

MSN reports that the US Supreme Court has denied, by a 5-3 decision, the right to enter a home when given the authority by one party, but denied by another party.

The decision stems from a Georgia case in which a woman called the police during a domestic and, when police arrived, she asked them to come in. The husband (an attorney), refused to let the police enter.

The police came in and found illegal drugs and arrests were made.

The 3 conservatives on the bench - Scalia, Roberts and Thomas - were in dissent of the majority opinion. Roberts, whose brief was almost longer than the original case, wrote, "“the end result is a complete lack of practical guidance for the police in the field, let alone for the lower courts.” Roberts predicted “severe” consequences for women who invite police in only to be overruled by their husbands.

The police are already inundated with enough rules and regs that could sink the Bismarck. This decision only adds to the muddied waters.

Suppose a husband has beaten up his wife and locked her in the closet. The husband denies the officers entry into his home. What are the police supposed to do - just walk away?

If the officers want to protect their jobs, yes. Now we have no right to enter a home without a search warrant or, obviously, exigent circumstances.

It's fitting that the Liberal justices were all in favor of stripping away even more power from the police - it will only take one woman's murder to turn this decision on its head.

It is a shame that the Liberals have to see someone die in order to do the right thing.

20 March 2006

Spring is Sprung!

Although you'd never know by the temperature outside, today is the first day of the astronomical start of Spring.

Pagan festivals and mythologies from all over the world celebrated rites on this day symbolizing new life.

Far from being an arbitrary indicator of the changing seasons, March 20 (March 21 in some years) is significant for astronomical reasons. On March 20, 2006, at precisely 1:26 P.M. EST (18:26 Universal Time), the Sun will cross directly over the Earth's equator. This moment is known as the vernal equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. For the Southern Hemisphere, this is the moment of the autumnal equinox.
~ www.infoplease.com

Today's date is significant in Christianity because Easter always falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox. It is no coincidence that early Egyptians built the Great Sphinx so that it points directly toward the rising Sun on the day of the vernal equinox.

18 March 2006

The Whip is - back?

It must be hard to be a radio personality. Sure, we regularly see guys like Howard Stern, Rush Limbaugh and Imus making millions and making it look all too easy. You get a few strippers on the show, come up with a few sound bytes, a couple sketches, work up a crew of personalities to exchange witty banter with and -voila! - you have a hit show.

The trouble is you don't see the tens of thousands who go to broadcasting school, endure the parental criticisms, work the overnights at some college radiostation for minimum wage, take a second job just to survive and end up working 10 years in the industry and topping out at 18,000 per year.

It is a brutal business.

The market has been in a consolidation for the last 10 years - ClearChannel Communications Inc (CCU), Cox Radio (CXR) and Citadel Broadcasting Corp (CDL), are the heavy hitters in the industry. Citadel just reached a $2.7 billion deal to merge with Walt Disney Co's (DIS) ABC Radio.

Via FoxNews, advertising revenue for the Radio industry was flat at $21.5 billion in 2005.

The Chicago market, much to my chagrine, has ManCow. ManCow is difficult to listen to because the show is based on utterly false pretenses. You never know if interviews are being held where they say they're being held, you don't know if the bits are for real, you don't know if the phone-in interviews with "experts" are just some voiceover actor that ManCow hired - basically, the listener can't trust much of what is broadcast on ManCow's show. Each "character" on the show fulfills some role. Just like professional wrestling has a Good Guy and a Bad Guy, ManCow's Morning Madhouse has a role for every conceivable slot. He has a black man, an asian, a mexican, a woman ... etc. Each one comports himself in the most egregious stereotypical fashion in keeping with his 'role'.

As they say, the show is pure fluff. It is all form and no substance.

One of ManCows more memorable characters was "Brian the Whipping Boy." Brian played the "gay" character on the Morning Madhouse. When Brian the Whipping Boy left ManCow (due to contractual issues or ego conflicts - not sure), Brian the Whipping Boy became plain old "Brian" at 94.7FM The Zone - doing 5 to 9 morning broadcasts. ManCow's show defines the term "Vapid." It is literally just a loosely held string of barely-funny routines and adolescent potty jokes that gets too old, too quickly. Brian, Bill and Wendy at 94.7 had a more cerebral show. Filled with wisecracking snippets, personal foibles and some decent skits - it was infinitely better than the ManCow rant.

I'm proud to say that I haven't listened to ManCow in over 7 years. "Hi, my name is Michel and it's been 7 years since I heard a stupid, predictable gag on the ManCow show." However, I was coming home tonight and I flipped on WBBM News Radio 780 to catch the weather report "on the 8's" - and lo and behold - who did I hear doing the traffic report?

Brian the Whipping Boy.

I think that he was introduced as Brian Perot, though I couldn't get any confirmation at the WBBM website. He is not listed as a personality.

To go from doing primetime morning drive shows to overnight Traffic reporting must be a quite a step downward on the radio foodchain. I caught myself wondering what happened? Did Brian get caught up in a spiral of cocaine abuse, banging strippers and having to go into Rehab? Is he so fucked up as a result of getting dumped by two major market shows that he became suicidal and had a nervous breakdown?

I've always been a sucker for the under-dog. I always like to see the "local boy does good" angle. After hearing Brian the Whipping Boy get skewered on ManCow's show for years, I thought it was cool that he got a shot at having his own show. That's why I was certainly shocked to hear him doing traffic on WBBM.

Whatever the reason it was interesting to entertain the innumerable permutations of why Brian the Whipping Boy is now doing overnight Traffic reports at an AM newsradio station.

Oh how far hath the mighty fallen.

And don't get me started on how Roe Conn fucked over Garry Meier, that is for another blog altogether.

Some Immigrants Get It

When people emmigrate from particularly brutal regimes, it is always refreshing to hear how appreciative they are to be in the United States. Robert Fulghum writes about an encounter with one such young man.

Monday, on the one clear sunny day we had in months, dirty cars were lined up at the carwash like it was a border crossing. Doors and trunks were flung open, revealing the cargo truth of how much junk and trash most people carry in their car, regardless of make, model, or driver. While I waited in the delivery zone I tried to predict which car belonged to which driver.
So I'm standing out in the sunshine. Waiting. Watching. The wipe-down crew is mostly very black young men from Ghana, who sing-song to each other in their native language as they work. Standing beside me is a dapper young brown man reading a paperback book: "The Next Millionaire." No doubt the flashy new silver BMW sedan belongs to him.
"That would be you?" I asked, pointing at his book.
"That would be me," he replied.
"That would be you?" I asked, pointing at the BMW.
"No, that would be me," he said, pointing at the next car out of the washer.
An old Yellow Taxi in mint condition. "That’s my cab," said the dapper young man. "If I keep it sharp, I get more rides and better tips." He is, I learned, from Somalia. His first job in the States was in this very car wash. And now, three years later, he owns three Yellow Cabs. He brings them to the Elephant Car Wash to remind himself he is moving on up.
I pointed to his book, "The Next Millionaire," and asked if he expected to win the lottery.
He smiled, "Mister, if you are in America, you have won the lottery."

~ Robert Fulgum, March 16, 2006

The United States of America - where I proudly proclaim that today I will not be a victim. This is the greatest country in the World.

14 March 2006

Tattoo You


Ann Bauer, writing for Salon, describes her manic descent into a maelstrom of dionysian frenzy by, of all things, getting a tattoo when she was just shy of her 40th birthday.

Like an initiate in a tribal ceremony, she is whisked from the safety of her pre-dusk home, and transported through a labrynth of mercury vapor street lamps, down a darkened concrete tunnel and finally into the 'inner sanctum' of the village medicine man, er - woman.

There she is seated and the tattoo artist weaves her magic spell of buzzing needles, searing luxurious pain, and undertones of smoldering sexual tension.

As I read the story, I kept picturing that Ann looked like this :

[hat tip: Tonya.me.uk] ....

....The fantasy was far from the reality. It turns out that this mother of 3 is just a frumpy, middle-aged, divorced loser looking to prop up her boring existence and thin feminine ego, with a "dangerous liaison".

Rats! Fooled again.

Support HR4437

The pandering to illegal immigration special interest groups continues. There is a petition to stop HR4437 - Border Protection, Antiterrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act of 2005 - going around. Obviously I think it is a strong and sensible piece of legislation that we desperately need.

With 30% of our Federal Prison population being Illegal immigrants, it is time to step up and quit buying the lies about illegal immigration.

A recent demonstration in downtown Chicago, attended by about 75,000 illegals, saw this snippet from an attendee:
At the naturalization event in the State of Illinois Building, several new citizens said they became more conscious of their political power after Friday's event. Alpha Bah, who hails from the African nation of Guinea, said he was excited to cast his first vote. "The rally was exciting," said Bah, 34, of Zion. "Now, when I vote, I have to make sure that I help protect the rights of immigrants in this country."

So Alpha thinks that he's voting to 'protect the rights of immigrants'. Does he mean immigrants who are now citizens or, does he mean immigrants who are here illegally? Probably the latter.

Illegal immigrants need to go home. Not because we don't like them, and not because they aren't good people. And not because they are different from us. America welcomes diversity, and we have communities of people from all over the world. Illegal immigrants need to go home because they broke our laws. They came to this country illegally. They lied about themselves and used forged documents, which is a felony. They took jobs they were not entitled to, and they did not play by the rules that millions of legal immigrants chose to respect. Illegal immigrants tried to build a life based on lies and deception. What they did was wrong and against the law.They need to go back to their native land and fight for change. They need to demand an end to the graft, the corruption and the inequality that has paralyzed their nations and kept their people poor. They need to take back their countries, and we need to take back ours.
~Chicago Tribune Opinion page

From HR4437 SEC. 1302.FINDINGS.

(1) The mission of United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is to faithfully execute the immigration laws enacted by Congress and to ensure that only those aliens who are eligible under such laws and who do not pose a risk to the United States or its citizens or lawful residents are able to obtain permission to remain in the United States.

(2) Only United States citizens have an absolute right to be in the United States; for all others, permission to enter and reside here, either as nonimmigrants or immigrants, is a privilege that is conditioned on following the rules of one's admission and stay.

(3) It is important that United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, like all other Federal agencies that come into close contact with the public their customers.

(4) Immigration benefits fraud has become endemic. It undermines the rule of law and threatens national security, and so must be addressed aggressively and consistently.

(5) Internal corruption also threatens national security and erodes the integrity of the immigration system. In order to restore integrity and credibility to the system, the backlog of complaints against United States Citizenship and Immigration Services employees must be cleared by experienced investigators as expeditiously as possible without compromising the quality of investigations.

Let's stop penalizing immigrants who apply for citizenship and go about the process legally. Let's stop rewarding the people who's very first action in this country (stepping over the border), is breaking the law.

You can email the following US Senators to let them know that we need HR4437:

Senator McCain
Senator Feingold
Senator Clinton
Senator Schumer
Senator Obama
Senator Durbin

12 March 2006

Brief hiatus

I'm working on a piece for the blog and have been in seclusion -

Stay tuned!

In the mean time, please enjoy this lovely photograph of Miss Leann Tweeden.
Think of it as a temporary escape from our drab reality.

08 March 2006

TarHeel Jihadist gets a Pass from MSM

[hat tip: Michelle Malkin]

Mohammad Reza Taheri-azar tried to kill students in Chapel Hill last week in the service of a wicked ideology. In the process, he has exposed not only the continuing danger of domestic terrorism but also the inability of some leaders and communities to recognize that danger and take it seriously.

This guy openly admits to a 911 call taker that he tried to murder people in order to payback the US for its overseas military operations and it is not a Hate crime?

The MSM gets another point for being the quisling cowards that they are.

Take the eggs and run!

A "trick question" on Abortion | Salon.com

Call us juvenile, but this amused us.

As the religious right tees up a Supreme Court fight over abortion, some voices on the left are pushing the "life begins at conception" argument to its logical extremes. Last month at firedoglake, Jane Hamsher asked what an antiabortion person would do if he found himself in a burning fertility clinic with a 2-year-old child and a petri dish full blastulas -- and couldn't save both.
Mike S, who runs a blog that encourages liberals to torment right-wing talk radio hosts, took up the torch by calling into WABC and putting the question to host Andrew Wilkow.

Wilkow wouldn't say what he would do. "You can put anybody in a stupid, 'Catch-22' situation," he sputtered. "What if I can grab all the petri dishes and the kid and make everybody happy? You want to know why this is idiotic? Because you're the type of person that would burn a cop at the stake in a shoot-or-not-shoot situation where they have one Mississippi to make a decision, and you want me to tell you what I'd do in a burning building situation?"

~ Salon, March 8, 2006

This snippet from Salon.com shows just how deluded you, as a Leftist, have to be. They put some cretin up to call Conservative TalkRadio shows in order to pose the question, "what [would] an anti-abortion person would do if he found himself in a burning fertility clinic with a 2-year-old child and a petri dish full blastulas -- and couldn't save both." While this is a paradox and is patently unanswerable, the Left doesn't care about realities. Sure, most people with a split second to react, would grab the 2 year old because the impulse to self-preservation would require that you grab the little person that has two legs and can walk - being the most expeditious manner of getting you out fast!

But what begs the question of whether or not blastulas are 'life' is not what stage of growth they're in but, if a pregant woman is murdered. Isn't her murderer charged with taking two lives? Doesn't the law implicitly recognize that there are two distinct living people who are murdered? When the pregnant mother is killed, the State doesn't bring charges of "Blastula destruction" against the murderer - it's murder.

The Left loves to argue and the more convoluted and intellectual they can sound, the better. The Left loves to play at philosophy because it is an environment with no hard rules. It is an amorphous dreamscape that ebbs and flows with one's feelings. They twist the language like a pretzel and make knots out of words like a yeoman on a yankee cutter.
I found this at a Liberal blog that shall remain nameless because I refuse to link to such Marxist drivel:

The secret philosophy of the encounter ... "catches a moving train" and, with strong arms, jumps on the wagon that runs from eternity like Heraclitus' water, without knowing where it comes from and where it's going. Through Althusser's image we see in the materialist philosopher almost an IWW activist who travels through America to trigger off strikes, hiding from the cops and beating the industrial centres and mine pits along the railway… - Augusto Illuminati.
[...] The image of the vagabond who boards a train without knowing where it has come from or where it is going is a recurrent metaphor for the materialist practice of philosophy in Althusser's later writings, and it is one that has powerful resonances for many readers.
~ Cognitive Labour, "Borderlines"

They're more interested in sounding the depths of nonsensical scenarios. Burning questions like: if a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound, what is the sound of one-hand clapping, or what was the face you had before your parents were born - are all fodder for Leftist word salad.

I make a distinction between personal revelations and public policy. While it is noble for a person to devote time and energies to engaging in seeing every person as equal, turning the other cheek, helping the poor, contributing to charitable foundations, or supporting local artists - applying those tenets absolutely through public policy is ludicrous. Dhimmi Carter tried to do just that and plunged our society into a tempest of economic and moral torpitude.

Regular readers to my blog know that I'm a Pro-Choice conservative but that my issue with Roe vs. Wade is that a Liberal Supreme Court arbitrarily decided to invent the 'Right' to privacy out of thin air. There is no explicit 'Right to Privacy" in the US Constitution. If they can go out of their way to conjure such nonsense, then they can further project their Liberal utopian agendas on other areas of our lives. Effectively bypassing the ballot box and imposing their agendas on the majority.

That is why I understand perfectly why Conservatives adhere to the Pro-Life platform.

If I were running a Conservative TalkShow and was faced with this question from a Moonbat, I'd simply say, "Since Man creates his own reality, Nothing exists without his Will to Power therefore You do not exist."

- and then just hang up.

06 March 2006

Ahhh ... young love

Imagine a nice quiet suburb where a mother and father have worked hard to put away enough money to allow their only daughter to go to college. Kenna does well at school and decides to go downstate to attend a state university. Her parents, the Johanssens, are proud of their little girl.

Things are going well but then Kenna's grades start to slip a little. She doesn't call home as much and she's very terse when talking. She seems distracted - like something's on her mind.

Kenna calls and says that she's coming home just before Easter and adds, "I'm bringing someone."

She arrives and drops a bomb: "Mom, Dad - I'm in love," she giggles. "I want you to meet him. He's totally awesome."

The door swings open and a young man steps out from behind the door.

Kenna Johanssen says, "I want you to meet Fernando. And guess what? -- We're going to have a baby!"


Civis Romanus sum

The quote from Cicero means "I am a citizen of Rome."

I mean that in the pejorative sense in that Rome, like America, was a world dominant SuperPower. And that, based on our current socio-political environment, we are going the way of Rome. Luxury, sloth, idleness, immorality, decadence are elements that we share with our ancient Roman compatriots. Luxury, sloth, idleness, immorality and decadence are also the more benign elements that compose the "hip-hop" culture.

Rome was conquered and plundered by Aleric, King of the Visigoths, in 410AD.

"Where's my FUBU toga, yo?"

Watching the Academy Awards last night made me feel like I was seated at the Coliseum - watching a gladiator contest or chariot race. I imagined that I could hear the bored and apathetic crowd cheer at the Gladiatorial Games. The cheers and shouts would rise and fall as a short Roman sword pierced the side of Gaul fighting in the arena. Rome defined debauchery as they engaged in bacchanalian feasts - eating until they vomited, then having group sex sessions with prostitutes and same-sex liaisons. In the "anything goes" Roman culture, people had the time and luxury to devote to doing whatever they wanted. A porous border meant that anyone could get Roman citizenship, and an army made up of 90% mercenaries made sure that when fighting occurred - it wasn't Roman citizens getting killed in battles at various fronts. That, of course, meant that the armies weren't as motivated for action and wouldn't give 100% towards fulfilling their missions. As the borders shrank, the empire collapsed and the decadent governments' tax base evaporated - less resources were available to placate the citizenry with idle time wasters.

The world's great civilizations have progressed through
this sequence: From bondage to spiritual faith; from
spiritual faith to great courage; from courage to liberty;
from liberty to abundance; from abundance to selfishness;
from selfishness to complacency; from complacency to
apathy; from apathy to dependence; from dependence back
again into bondage."

Alexander Tyler (ca.1770)

Sadly, I actually could hear the bored, apathetic and brainwashed Hollywood crowd cheer as a group of no-talent, unintelligible, shiftless whelps skulked off stage after their hip-hop "performance." The standards that these people carry represent the basest elements of our society. Glorifying violence, drug use, sex, murder, revenge, lust, savagery, prejudice and illegitimacy - are what "hip-hop" are all about. As more and more people adopt the faux-"ThugLife" values, the more we'll see a decline in our own sense of what is right and wrong.

This is what provokes Muslims worldwide to see our culture as the vapid expanse of drek that it is.

As we cater to the dumb and mediocre in our society, the more we'll see that become the norm.

05 March 2006

Evacuees straining Houston

[hat tip: Drudge]

Sunday is a sabbath day - a day of meditation, prayer, solitude and charity. So it's interesting that this story of charity and being kind to those in need, show the predictable results of blindly letting people from a crime-ridden slough enter your city with impunity.

While Houston opened its doors to evacuees from New Orleans, the costs and climbing crime rates are becoming a debilitating issue for the city to deal with.

See here for story.

No good deed goes unpunished.

03 March 2006

The Surveillance debate

I don't like writing about a topic until I know as much about it as possible. But sometimes you can only grasp so much, and then you realize that the best you can do is to put together an analysis this is minimally coherent and clear.

It is like when WH Auden was asked, "How do you know a poem is finished?" The wry author said, "Young man, a poem is never finished - it is simply abandoned."

That's where I'm at with the surveillance issue.

There is so much legal jargon, constitional law precedents and case histories that it is easy to get lost in all the minutae.

It is interesting to note that without looking at the subject, my initial feeling (through MSM slanted rhetoric ) is that the Bush administration has the right to just go out and get surveillance authority whenever it feels like it. The MSM paints a picture that little old Norwegian grandmothers in Minnesota are, at this moment, being surveilled by a Pentagon SuperComputer.

FISA warrants are obtained when the government has reason to believe that surveillance is warranted. It is not an adversarial court, it is constructed more like a grand jury. The government presents its case to the court and then the court decides whether a surveillance is granted. The FISA Court was created in 1978 and required that any president go through it in acquiring a warrant for surveillance in top-secret foreign intelligence cases. Any disputed cases would be adjudicated by the FISA Court of Review - in Byron York's words a "sort of super-secret appeals court."

FISA warrants are rarely denied. Through the end of 2004 -18,761 warrants were granted. Only 5 were rejected.

As Byron York reported in the February 27 edition of National Review, a high-level meeting between various government departments - including the Justice Department, US Attorney General, FBI and David Addington [VP Cheney's top lawyer] - back in September of 2002 was assembled to discuss one case; whose details remain so classified that they are known by only a few people. The decision was named In re: Sealed Case and has become one of the hottest issues in Washington today in the fight over what the president calls "terrorist surveillace" and what the administrations' critics call "domestic spying."

For a detailed review of how the court is structured and how its case precedents formed it into its present-day existence, go here.

York writes that -
The conflict began with the passage of the Patriot Act in October 2001. The act tore down the “wall” that had arisen in the Justice Department that blocked intelligence officials and criminal investigators from working together and sharing information. That wall had been cemented by a set of internal department guidelines written in 1995, in which then–attorney general Janet Reno outlined the department’s constricted surveillance procedures.
The Patriot Act was designed to fix that problem. But a month after the act was passed, when the Justice Department submitted surveillance requests to the FISA Court under the new, looser standards passed by Congress, the FISA Court in effect rejected the Patriot Act, and instead reaffirmed the old 1995 Clinton-era standard.
A standoff ensued. In early 2002, the Justice Department adopted new surveillance procedures based on the Patriot Act. In March 2002, the department informed the FISA Court that it would use those new standards in surveillance applications. In May, the FISA Court said, in effect, not so fast, and ordered modifications in the procedures. Among other things, the FISA Court ordered that “law enforcement officials shall not make recommendations to intelligence officials concerning the initiation, operation, continuation or expansion of FISA searches or surveillances” — a reasonable facsimile of the old wall. The FISA Court also ordered that the Justice Department include certain staffers in all surveillance debates, an order that quickly became known in the Justice Department as the “chaperone requirement.”
The Justice Department resisted, and in July 2002 filed a surveillance application — the details are still a secret — using its new procedures, without the FISA Court’s mandated changes. The Court approved the application but insisted that the modifications be made according to the court’s dictates. And then, in August, the FISA Court took the extraordinary step of making its decision public, accusing the Justice Department of habitually misrepresenting evidence and misleading the court. That’s when the department decided to take the matter to the Court of Review, leading to the September 2002 session in that secure room in department headquarters.

So soon after the court of review met to discuss the issue because they wanted surveillance applications to conform to the Reno-Clinton restrictions. The government said, "Hold on - you've got to take the Patriot Act amendments into account." The Court of Review sided with the government. The Court said that the FISA court had attempted to unilaterally impose old 1995 rules. The Court of Review went on further to state that the FISA court may have exceeded its constitutional boundaries. It reaffirmed that the President has the "inherent authority" to conduct needed surveillance without obtaining a warrant.

The ACLU stepped in later and submitted a brief in favor of the FISA court's ruling. But it did little good - the US Supreme court refused to address the case.

So there you have it. The Supreme Court and the Court of Review state that the President has the Constitutional authority to conduct surveillance when he wants. Period.

It is amazing the William Jefferson Clinton was never questioned about his surveillance operations. Oh yes, that's right - he was only using wiretaps in order to get laid. Terrorists operated with impunity under the Clinton regime.

Silly me - the media is only concerned with surveillance because a Conservative is in the White House.

Rick spelled with the silent "P"

Rick Steves can now join the ranks of entertainers-cum-political-pundits. He can stand shoulder to shoulder with Susan Sarandon, Alec Baldwin, and Kanye West and The Dixie Chicks. Steves is now at critical mass - that point in an actor or entertainers life where he or she becomes successful enough to insulate themselves in a coccoon of deluded self-importance. The next step for them is to vocalize the messages that the they hear in their own heads and share it with the rest of us ignorant gnomes. Steves thinks he has some truly important ideas to share with us Red Staters, who are too busy hugging the flag and clutching onto our collective bibles to know any better. Steves joins the other idiotic actors who divert themselves from what they do best and attempt to play a new role - that of highpowered Political Analyst.

Steves thinks that we spend too much on our military, that there are "clever people" [Bush/Cheney/Rove] "with a different agenda". He continues - "They use Osama bin Laden to scare us — even terrorize us — into funding an agenda that's weakening our country."


Rick Steves, the erstwhile host of "Rick Steves Europe" and a frequent face on PBS fund-drives, has launched himself onto the national media by claiming that we're spending too much on our military. He stated on yesterday's Michael Medved show that we should use Federal funding to create art and music classes in schools - "just like when I was a boy". Medved called him to the carpet and demanded to know since when did the Federal government pay for art and music classes in local grammar schools? Of course the quisling canadian didn't have an adequate answer. Hmmm....

This is the same Rick Steves who argued that the city of Edmonds should take down US flags, raised in support of our troops being sent overseas to Iraq?

Why yes it is.

Steves, like a good Liberal lickspittle, doesn't have the facts to support his agenda. As a percentage of GNP, we spend less than 5% on our military. And the overwhelming percentage of the costs go towards salaries of our soldiers. Steves wants us to use Europe as a model of military spending since Asia and Europe spend less. What Steves doesn't understand (and that is alot) is that overseas countries have drafts - conscripted armies - we don't.

"The United States spends as much on its military as the rest of humanity combined: more than $400 billion annually (not including the hundreds of billions of dollars for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan). These military expenses are "off limits" as we sharpen our collective pencils to find $39 billion to cut from domestic programs. And yet, despite our already huge military expenditures, these days it's hard to get elected without promising even more military spending."

Like Sir Neville Chamberlain, Steves has decided that our best course of action when confronted by a hostile, dynamic and religiously-motivated enemy is to cry -It's none of our business! If we leave them alone, they'll leave us alone! Brian Crouch identified Steves long ago as a socialist-leaning, quisling coward who's only advice is to capitualate. Like Chamberlain, if Steves met OBL he'd probably come back and claim - "I like all the Al-quaeda leaders, even al-Zarahaway, and I was much impressed, interested and amused by the visit. I think the regime absolutely fantastic."

Steves must get along with everyone in order to do what he does. He cannot have strong opinions about a topic because, in his line of work, you must be flexible and open-minded. He is an avowed 'Europhile" and that is fine. I am too - to some extent - but to claim that EurAbia has it all figured out is not a rational statement.

...what if we decided that, rather than being outvoted routinely in the U.N. 140-4 on Cuba, Israel, torture, the international court, and issues of desperate importance to the developing world (such as global warming, land mines, debt relief and AIDS), we believed it was good for our "homeland security" interests to be supported by the U.N. 140-4? Instead of being at odds with the rest of the world, we could join the family of nations in dealing with the pressing problems that confront us all.

It is sad to see another American take up the cause against us by seeking a strategy of capitulation and defeat. Although I'm sure Rick Steves means well, he seems to have a good heart and cares passionately about people, cultures and the Arts, his strategies would be a death trap for the US and her allies. He has literally taken Dhimmi Carter's policies to heart.

It comes down to not being able to differentiate between personal concern and public policy. What is good for your personal life is not readily applicable to public police. Appeasement, capitulation and understanding should be for our allies - death, and martyrdom for our enemies.

And yes - they are our enemies.

01 March 2006

M'thinks they doth protest too much

Garrison Keillor steps down from the rarified heights of Mount Elitist to harangue us proletarians that we need to impeach Bush. Keillor says the president is out of touch and doesn't know what's going on. Keillor, the voice-over actor, author and radio personality - seems to be well-versed on what the president knows and doesn't know.

What is strikingly apparent is that Keillor is a fool.

He gives lip service to his loyalty to America and her Constitution and rallys around the "freedom" flag but his actions are the true tribute to the totalitarian beliefs that are the core of his persona. Lost in the foggy realm of Lake Woebegone, Keillor lost touch with reality long ago. Here is an excerpt from his Salon.com piece.

...arguing America had ratified the Geneva Convention that forbids cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment of prisoners, and so it has the force of law. They seemed to be arguing that the president has the right to order prisoners to be tortured.

One such prisoner, Mohammed al-Qahtani, was held naked in isolation under bright lights for months, threatened by dogs, subjected to unbearable noise volumes, and otherwise abused, so that he begged to be allowed to kill himself. When the Senate approved the Torture Convention in 1994, it defined torture as an act "specifically intended to inflict severe physical or mental pain or suffering." Is the law a law or is it a piece of toast?

Our adventure in Iraq, at a cost of trillions, has brought that country to the verge of civil war while earning us more enemies than ever before.

.....The peaceful lagoon that is the White House is designed for the comfort of a vulnerable man. Perfectly understandable, but not what is needed now. The U.S. Constitution provides a simple ultimate way to hold him to account for war crimes and the failure to attend to the country's defense. Impeach him and let the Senate hear the evidence.

Wow. Mohammed al-Qahtani was held naked? And forced to endure bright lights and loud music? That is sooo terrible! And I wonder what combatant uniform al-Qahtani was wearing when he was captured by US Forces? Because for the Geneva Convention to be applicable, the combatant must be part of a designated Army. He was only wearing a burka? Oh well - sucks to be you, Mohammed.

Keillor is a quisling.

The real issue here and why the Left is bagging on Bush is because they're looking for some 'payback' due to their beloved William Jefferson Clinton being Impeached. They're just dying to show that the Right was wrong when they forced WJC to endure testimony before House panels - and was then caught lying under oath. I'd love to hear what "evidence" the Left has on Bush's 'warcrimes' - probably Cindy Sheehan would testify that her son visited her in a dream and said, "No WMDs - Bush Lied - People Died." That would probably enough for Chuck Schumer and Barbara Boxer to move directly for a vote of Impeachment.

Predictably, Keillor is silent when it comes to outrages, murders and assassinations committed by Muslim terrorists. Here is just another sad, pathetic example of someone who sips Chardonnay at Press Club parties and uses his platform to diminish and divide our country. In Keillor's adolescent fantasy of how the world works - the formula is "America Bad - Enemies Good"

There are no High Crimes and Misdemeanors that the Left can attach to Bush - they'd like to think that they can rewrite history and force their socialist colleagues in the MSM to spearhead an attack on the President.

The only place their charge will lead them is over the cliff.

2nd Amendment in Action

[hat tip:Keep and Bear Arms]

MIAMI -- A man shot and killed another man trying to rob him at a gas station early Tuesday morning, according to Miami-Dade County police. Police said the victim was approached by an armed man at a BP gas station on West Dixie Highway at about 4 a.m. Gas station employees said the robber was a 22-year-old man who went by the street name "S.P."

A witness said S.P. came into the parking lot, saw the victim wearing a gold chain, pulled a gun and demanded that he hand over the chain, NBC 6's Jeff Burnside reported.

The victim was also carrying a gun. Police said he shot and killed the robber during a confrontation. NBC6 news

Now that is street justice.

A day without a story like this is like a day without sunshine.