14 December 2006

Romney gives cops a boost in immigration fight

Governor Mitt Romney signed a deal with the INS (ICE) which gives Massachusetts State Troopers training in arresting and deporting illegal aliens without a warrant.

Sadly it is being reported that the deal with be rescinded by incoming governor Deval Patrick.

With ICE sweeps netting almost 1,300 suspected illegals in North Dakota, Utah, Colorado, Minnesota and Iowa, it seems that Bush & Company are attempting to soften us up for Bush's big "Amnesty Initiative" (ie. No Illegal Left Behind) that he's likely to push through congress when the legislators reconvene in January of 2007.

It's being reported that a suburban police department arrested an illegal alien this week for identity theft after the victim made a report that his social security number had been used by the offender over a two year period. The victim discovered the problem when he was notified by the IRS that he owed $58,000 in back taxes.

The offender is being charged with a felony. It's about time that arrests are made in cases like this. Anyone who uses a false social security number should be arrested, charged and deported (if they're illegal).

It is heartening to see that illegals are finally getting the notoriety that they so richly deserve.

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Anonymous said...

Don't blame the immigration mess in this country on Gov.Patrick. Put the blame squarely where it belongs;at the steps of the White House and congress. If the federal government would ENFORCE existing immigration laws,change the 14th Amendment,and adequtely protect our borders,we wouldn't be in this mess. Until bussiness owners stop hiring aliens or are severely penalized for doing so THE IMMIGRANTS WILL KEEP COMING.