27 December 2006

Police officer deaths up over 2005

AP reports that traffic related police officer deaths are up 16% for 2006. The report also notes that officers killed by gunfire are down 9%.

Police officers who can ticket you for not wearing a seat belt sometimes ditch their own restraints, a factor that may have contributed to a double-digit jump this year in law enforcement traffic fatalities, according to a new study.

According to preliminary statistics compiled through Monday, traffic fatalities claimed the lives of 73 of the 151 officers killed in 2006. This compares to 63 officers killed in traffic accidents in 2005, the groups said.

We've all worked with someone who doesn't wear his seatbelt. I always wear mine.

It always annoyed me when my partner wouldn't put his belt on. I would have to explain it to him that during a car accident in which we were hit from the side, the unbelted passenger would become a projectile.

A car accident, even at low speeds, could ruin your life. Why take the chance? You're more likely to be in a car accident as a police officer, than in a shooting.

If you're haphazard about wearing your belt, make it a New Years resolution to do so. There is nothing more heartbreaking than seeing your fellow officers being pulled out of a car wreck. If they were wearing their seatbelts, you can bet that they'll just be checked out at the hospital and released.

Stay safe!

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leomemorial said...

My cousin was killed in the line of duty on my father's birthday; vehicular accident.

Here is a link for Officers and Civilians: