14 December 2006

Christmas greetings to the ACLU

Can you think of a more insidious and ruthless organization than the ACLU? Al-qaida comes to mind but they have AK-47s.

What the lickspittle totalitarian busybodies over at the ACLU are doing is nothing less than tear and rend the very fabric of our society. They'd like nothing better than to emasculate us into a "brave new world" - one in which religion and family have been exorcised and obliterated.

In the ensuing vacuum, they'd make sure that The State stepped in to take care of our every need. If Big Brother ever had a Legal Death Squad, it's the American Civill Liberties Union.

Since the ACLU's main mission is to blindly eliminate every Christian symbol and artifice from our everyday life, I think it would be an excellent idea to send them a Christmas card this year.

Here's their address:

125 Broad Street
18th Floor
New York, NY 10004

Other sites are suggesting that you don't be rude or offensive but, I'd never censor you. Let loose! Express yourself! Tell them exactly how you feel (they won't read it anyway but it will sure make you feel good!).

And I hope someone like Joe Jackson gets an itchy trigger finger and goes down to personally deliver his Christmas card.

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