27 December 2006

Another Warren Commission lackey, dead at 93

Former president Gerald R. Ford is dead.


Although he'll be remembered as the guy who pardoned Richard M. Nixon, I'll always remember him as the person, while on the 3 man Warren Commission team sent to Dallas, who sat on his hands and refused to get Jack Ruby out of town where Ruby could be debriefed. Ruby was the keystone to that entire operation. He was the juncture where all the points of JFK's assassination came together. Ford, just like the rest of the Warren Commission, was seemingly uninterested in digging beneath the surface.

Ruby practically begged to be taken somewhere "safe" where he could shed light on the assassination. Ruby murdered Oswald in order to keep Oswald's mouth shut.

Years later it was revealed that Ford had fed top-secret Warren Commission documents over to the FBI in order to help bolster the FBI's view that Oswald was the sole assassin (see Plausible Denial by Mark Lane, pg. 43)

Ford was also eventually forced to admit that the Warren Report was fictionalized.

Back in that era, Politics was the operative word. Earl Warren, a congressman from California, had helped JFK on an election and was promised a spot on the Supreme Court as "payment" for his help. When the chief justice position opened up unexpectedly, Warren pushed JFK and Bobby Kennedy into appointing him as chief justice. Ford kept his mouth shut, played ball and joined in with his fellow commission members in making up the bullshit fantasy that Oswald was the lone gunman. For towing the "company" line and for being a good boy he was awarded the Vice-presidency. He eventually became president after Nixon was impeached.

So at a time when the truth about one of our nation's worst political events desperately needed to be uncovered, Ford and the others just laid over and did nothing to solve the crime that had occured.

And his most famous quip? -- "Our long national nightmare is now over." That was, of course, before Jimmy Carter was president. THAT was a 4 year nightmare that we're still paying the price for.


Anonymous said...

Actually Nixon was not impeached, he resigned before that could happen. Impeachment was a foregone conclusion but it did not happen.

Rue St. Michel said...

You are right. Thanks for the correction. Clarity is always appreciated.