16 December 2006

12 Days of Christmas

Remember how fresh and naive you were in 5th grade? Well thanks to Six Meat Buffet, you can revisit those halcyon days of yore - and - act just like a Dhimmicrat defeatist by playing the new Liberal Stratego. Makes a great gift for all your unhinged, Moonbat friends....

Well, we’ve got the new Stratego for Democrats - fight the War on Terror in the Dim-O-Crack tradition of undercutting, faux “supporting the troops” and a turncoat mainstream press! It worked in Vietnam, it can work in the War on Terror!

Appease, appease, blame your own troops, seek to understand your enemy, pull out, redeploy and self-destruct! It's so much fun!


leftisthebest said...

Let's see, Rue-y, you're saying liberals are to blame for the invasion of Iraq? By your comments I take it you believe the USA (notice I did not say we) are losing in Iraq.

As one of the only less than 10 per cent of the American public who opposed this nonsense from day one I can say it is the GOP, and some democrats, to blame for this mess.

Rue St. Michel said...

Hi Lefty -
I take umbrage at your characterization that we're losing this war. The only reason why it seems as if we're losing over there is because our media isn't reporting the good stuff - only highlighting the bad: the deaths, the injuries, the salacious and horrific.
The media and the Defeat-O-crats have succeeded where the terrorists couldn't. They've succeeded in wearing the US public down and enervating our efforts over there. By turning this into some Liberal political experiment in which the highest goal is to make the President look bad at any cost, they've given succor and comfort to the enemy and now he's emboldened.
You can say what you want about this war but sometimes war is good. You can take it to the bank that Islamic extremists are the New Fascists and we are in jeopardy.
I sincerely wish that we had other options that going to war. We have certainly made some mistakes but that happens whenever something as complex and dynamic as a war is undertaken.
As a good example of what I'm talking about, all you need do is look at France. They are in deep shit over there and the foundation of their ills??? An openly liberal political system with emphasis on Political Correctness and Cultural Diversity. Fraternité, égalité and liberté are their national motto but aren't enacted with the way they were envisioned. When you blindly go forth and act like everyone is exactly the same, you'll inevitably run into problems.
Thanks for the comment and for the visit.
What did you think of my Christmas gift suggestion?


Anonymous said...

Leftisthebest makes a good point Rue. You can't blame the media for the screwups Bush,Cheney and Rumsfeld have made over the past three years. I will say though that there are some Democrats who are accomplaces in this debacle. The Sunnis and Shites are determined to destroy each other no matter what the U.S. does. I say get our troops out of the line of fire and let them finish what they've started. This is not a war we can win. The Iraqi people for better or worse,are in the drivers seat. If they crash the car,it ain't our problem. You know as well as I do you can't save a group of people that don't want to be saved. In my opinion Afghanistan is the battleground where our troops and resources should be concentrated. Bush and Rumsfeld lost focus concentrating on Saddam instead of Osama. And because of that,the taliban a organization that we KNOW is a sworn enemy of America is enjoying a strong resurgence throughout Afghanistan. Karzai and his fledgling government need and want our help. Al Sistani and co. are doing nothing but pimping our government and military while blaming America for everything that's gone wrong in their country. These people wont take responsibility for their country until they absolutely have to. I say withdraw to the Kurdish territory just to keep a military foothold in the country and let the Sunnis and Shites slug it out. I'm sick and tired of turning on the news and hearing that another one of my brother soldiers or a marine has died in a ambush or a firefight in that hellhole of a country. I ask myself everyday WHY ARE WE THERE? And please don't tell me "to fight terrorism." There were no terrorists of importance in Iraq until WE got there. The best thing that could've happened to Bill Clinton was to have this idiot succeed him as President. The mess he and his administration have made in the middle east makes the Lewinski scandal insignificant. If ever a President should be impeached for lying to the American people,it's Bush.

Rue St. Michel said...

I hear what you're saying and it sucks that we went in but our hands were tied. I sincerely believe that the president had legitimate intel that led him to believe that there were WMDs and other stuff and that Hussein needed to go. You have to remember that we've never had to face an enemy like this before so these are all unchartered political waters. I know Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld made errors and mistakes. But realistically don't you think that pulling out would leave a vacuum that would be replaced with another clone of the Ayatollah khomeini? When Dhimmy Carter was in office, he threw the Shah of Iran under the proverbial bus and look what we got? The same dynamic is going to happen over there if we pull out too soon. Now is much too soon. What we should do is not be a bunch of PC sissies and let our boys do their jobs over there - break things and kill. That's why they're there. But now our guys have strict rules of engagement and indictments hanging over there heads if they make a mistake. It's sickening.

Thanks for the visit and the thoughtful comment. I appreciate it.