10 November 2006

Terrorists, Democrats - Is there a difference?

Al-Qaida's top terrorist, Abu Hamza al-Muhajir, claimed in an audio tape that Al-Qaida was directly responsible for the resignation of Donald Rumsfeld and the defeat of the Republicans at the polls.

"We haven't had enough of your blood yet," he taunted in the recorded message. He mocked President Bush as a coward whose conduct of the war was rejected at the polls, challenging him to keep U.S. troops in the country to face more bloodshed.

Just as rightwing bloggers and military experts have been saying, our enemy is sophisticated and follows our news media.

The terrorist leader boasted that al-Qaida in Iraq is moving toward victory faster than expected because of Bush's mistakes.
Al-Muhajir praised the American people for handing victory to the Democrats, saying: "They voted for something reasonable in the last elections."

He also said Bush was "the most stupid president" in U.S. history.
"We call on the lame duck not to hurry his escape the way the defense secretary did," al-Muhajir said in reference to Rumsfeld's resignation as Pentagon chief on Wednesday.
"Remain steadfast on the battlefield, you coward," said al-Muhajir, who took over leadership of al-Qaida in Iraq after Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was killed in a U.S. airstrike in June."We will not rest from our jihad (holy war) until we are under the olive trees of Rumieh and we have blown up the filthiest house — which is called the White House," al-Muhajir said.

Al-Muhajir also told Iraqi Sunnis to ally with a shadowy mini-state that militants claim to have established last month under a man identified as Abu Omar al-Baghdadi.

"I vow allegiance to you," he said, addressing al-Baghdadi as the "ruler of believers " and placing al-Qaida in Iraq fighters under his command.

The Democrats don't care that they're playing right into the hands of our enemies because they're so blinded with hate for George Bush that anything that puts a hole in the administration's boat is sanctioned by them. The only problem is that we're all in the same boat and we're all going to sink if we let up in Iraq and let our enemy think that he's winning.

Sadly he already thinks he's winning. All Al-Qaida has to do is read the NYTimes or the LATimes and they'll see that our media is firmly on the side of the "insurgents". According to the Wall Street Journal, our media has been very busy highlighting our troubles and downplaying our successes:

Between Jan. 1 and Sept. 30, 2005, nearly 1,400 stories appeared on the ABC, CBS and NBC evening news. More than half focused on the costs and problems of the war, four times as many as those that discussed the successes. About 40% of the stories reported terrorist attacks; scarcely any reported the triumphs of American soldiers and Marines. The few positive stories about progress in Iraq were just a small fraction of all the broadcasts.
When the Center for Media and Public Affairs made a nonpartisan evaluation of network news broadcasts, it found that during the active war against Saddam Hussein, 51% of the reports about the conflict were negative. Six months after the land battle ended, 77% were negative; in the 2004 general election, 89% were negative; by the spring of 2006, 94% were negative. This decline in media support was much faster than during Korea or Vietnam.

It's no wonder that Al-Qaida thinks that all it has to do is sit back and wait. Our very own media is busy fighting on Al-Qaida's behalf.

It seems to be working.

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