21 November 2006

The REAL story of Thanksgiving

This year we all have much to be thankful for ... both in our homes and in the public arena. It's a busy time for everyone - shopping, cooking, travelling, and all the attendant obligations. Take a moment to breath a prayer of thanks to your version of God for your loved ones, for our troops, our police officers and for our country.


Chris Hitney 'crashed' another party! At least she wore green to match the ensemble of her hosts.

Here's the real story of Thanksgiving ... courtesy of Rush Limbaugh.

From the sublime to the absurd, check out this goof.

Teacher Bill Morgan walks into his third-grade class wearing a black Pilgrim hat made of construction paper and begins snatching up pencils, backpacks and glue sticks from his pupils. He tells them the items now belong to him because he "discovered" them.
The reaction is exactly what Morgan expects: The kids get angry and want their things back.
Morgan is among elementary school teachers who have ditched the traditional Thanksgiving lesson, in which children dress up like Indians and Pilgrims and act out a romanticized version of their first meetings.
He has replaced it with a more realistic look at the complex relationship between Indians and white settlers.

Another LibTard teacher brainwashing your kids into the liberal paradigm of "White=Bad, Minority=Good." Our educational system is full of these nauseating birkenstock-wearing idiots. The lesson he's putting through is white men arrived, stole everything, murdered and claimed the land for themselves.

Now is that exactly accurate? Not really. What about the atrocities on the Indian's side? Why doesn't he dress like an Indian and while the little kids take their naps, he could drag 7 or 8 of them silently out of the room so that when the others woke up they could recognize that the Indians decimated the ranks of settlers through murder and wholesale slaughter. Up until about the 1890's, Indians in Minnesota and the Dakotas were actively murdering white settlers in those regions. The US Post Office was intercepting outbound letters from settlers back to their homeland and censoring any mention of Indian massacres because the US gov't didn't want to hinder european immigration.

On to a sunnier topic: My wine suggestion this year. It is a delicious pinot blanc from Valley of the Moon winery (Sonoma, CA)



thebronze said...

Who is Chris Hitney?

I've seen references to her here and at SCC, but I'm from Kalifonia so I'm out of the loop...

Rue St. Michel said...

She is a copper who posed in front of a SWA aircraft that crashed at Midway airport last year. The aircraft killed a boy who was in a car. Chris sent the photo of herself out to family and friends and it has been making the rounds on the internet ever since.

It's just a playful joke on one of our own who had a temporary lapse of good judgment.

Thanks for the visit ... Happy Thanksgiving.

kateykakes said...


I hope you and yours have a very happy and safe Thanksgiving.


leomemorial said...

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!! Nothing spreads good cheer then a photo of Sgt Hitney and a cup of eggnog...lol