14 November 2006

Political Correctness hits the Chicago Police

A confidential source informed me of some holiday controversy over at Grand & Central.

The rank and file patrol officers who work in the 25th district were abuzz yesterday when they started to notice that the Christmas tree in the lobby was gone. In its place was a hand-written placard pleading for the return of the "holiday tree".

The Christmas tree was placed in the lobby to support a children's charity. Paper stars on the tree could be picked up by officers or court personnel and a donation in the child's name could be made. There was never any mention of "Christmas" in or around the tree.

Why is this tree being selected for removal? Who knows. Every year an inflatable Santa is erected in the lobby, complete with Christmas lights and decorations. None of that was ever contested, nor removed.

But yesterday a 2nd watch supervisor ordered a subordinate to remove the tree, for unknown reasons. The supervisor happens to be of the jewish persuasion. Officers wonder whether a Menorah, placed in the lobby, would have suffered the same ill-treatment.

At a time when New Breed and Gangster Disciple gang members are targeting Chicago Police officers for murder, one wonders where this supervisor's priorities are.

It is a sad day when political correctness run-amok begins to sully the honorable halls of the Chicago Police department.


leomemorial said...

Civilian readers, let's show our cops support. They take an oath to lay down their lives and they can't have a Christmas tree?! Let's call!

Commander Juan Rivera
5555 W. Grand Ave.
Chicago, IL 60639

Anonymous said...

You know what, before you or whomever "leomemorial" is, get the facts, stupid. The tree came down when the paper stars with the kids names were gone, taken by POs to buy the handicapped kids presents for the party the District holds for them every year. That was the plan and that's what was done. The rest of the story is an intellectual exercise between two police officers. Nothing more, nothing less. You have no credibility and you are morons for sticking your nose in something that's none of your business or that you have no idea about. Get you heads out of your asses. So much for any credibility. And you criticize the news media? Get real.

Rue St. Michel said...

That is not the reason why the tree was taken down.

It is a fact that the 2nd watch supervisor, when confronted by a district superior, offered this as his only justification for removing the tree:

"First Amendment Rights."

And why have dozens of officers made inquiries into why the tree was removed and been met with silence. Why were placards placed around the station asking for the tree to be returned?
Why is the front office in 025 predicting that this is going to be a "Grinch" Christmas?

Before you post on my blog, get some information first. Goof.

I don't post thing haphazardly nor without regard to the facts.

The 2nd watch supervisor is a good boss and I and many other officers are surprised and disheartened by this.

R. Ivy said...

Okay let's stop this thing before it gets any more ridiculous. I work in 25, on days and am one of the big antagonists involved in this thing, beleive me, it is not what you are portraying, this is a joke and nothing more. Nobdy went nuts when we killed Santa and left "the body" with crime scene tape around it. Nobody went nuts when Santa was kidnapped by terrorists, and this too is our own little bit of holiday cheer. This is not a political debate or anything of the sort, its our own inter-district twisted sense of humor as were the "placards" that were hung around, its a joke people and if some don't get it Oh well! even those within the district. The biggest laugh of all for us, so far, has been that people thought it was a real issue. So lighten up peeps and a politically correct "HAPPY HOLIDAYS" to all. R. Ivy note its not anonymous. In case there is any further misunderstandings.

Anonymous said...

Hey Randy -
Tell the D/C .. he doesn't think it's a joke. Maybe the days crew should let everyone know where the humor is because we can't find it.

leomemorial said...

>>>>>6:58 AM

Hey anonymous fuck, who the hell are you? Rumor or NOT, our "organization" is about the dead and the living. If you reside here in Chicago, you must be one of these assholes who are totally clueless about OUR community. Meaning, we stick together. That includes supporting our men and women out here who not only bust their asses for this derelict city, but I also deal with many who get injuried trying to protect them.

Our cops can't have a christmas tree?? Hm.

Perhaps the next time they get dispatched somewhere, they should ask if these people celebrate christmas, hanukkah, kwanza, etc so their stupid watch commander can send out the most appropriate and politically correct police officer out to the call!!

Anonymous said...

First off, it's offensive that a Sgt. would or could order another to dismantle a tree. What type of direct order is that? Tree's are put up voluntarily. Where is it related to a 1st amendment right/demand it's not, there's no validity to that claim. Nor is it job related.

If the tree is or was a joke, then the Sgt and whom ever else may be involved, indeed joked the wrong way. His conduct of allegedly ordering a tree to be taken down which also had no relationship to an Officer or employee's job responsibilities, on top of the alleged Amendment comment. Happens to be one hell of an offensive joke! Sure doesn't sound like healthy humour or any type of humour to me.

Since when do trees come down before the Holiday, just because certain decor was removed? Also this angle is another weak lame excuse and insulting. You still surprised a bunch of us are not laughing with all the other B.S. that's going on! Joke or no joke this action was clearly insulting.
We will just wait and see if the tree goes back up and is erected by the same players taking it down!

Anonymous said...