10 November 2006

MSM bagmen for DNC

The New York Times finally, albeit inadvertently, admits to being the lickspittle for the Democratic party. While Pelosi, Emanuel and the rest of the DNC moonbat goofs continue to crow and gloat over their victory, you wonder how could such an empty, platitude-rich platform of nothing carry an election? Well we can now see what really pulled the Democrats over the victory line.

On a warm night in mid-September, Representative Rahm Emanuel, the Illinois Democrat leading his party’s campaign to win back the House, stood in front of I Ricchi, a stylish Italian restaurant in downtown Washington, screaming at an aide who happened to be in his sight.
Why, he demanded, had Iraq fallen off the front pages and the evening news, replaced by President Bush’s weeklong commemoration of the Sept. 11 anniversary? How could Democrats win if this unpopular war was fought uncovered? As he headed in for dinner, he pronounced himself as despondent about his party’s hopes as he had been all year.
Two weeks later, the political world had turned, propelled by new bursts of violence in Iraq, new questions about incompetence in the waging of the war in Iraq, and an intelligence report suggesting that the American invasion had actually worsened the terrorist threat.
As Republicans and Democrats reviewed the outcome of a midterm election yesterday that upended political power in Washington, they pointed to this span of time as the most critical period of the campaign.

~NYTimes, "Democrats turn War in ally" 09Nov06

Did you catch that? Emanuel is the puppet-master of the New York Times senior editors. He can call what gets on the front page of the Old Gray Lady. That shows you how embedded the major newspapers are with the Democratic party and the peripheral NutRoots fringe.

This NYTimes story offers us a snapshot, a glimmer, into what's really going on within the Drive-by Media. Whatever the Leftists want to push, gets pushed. Anything that shows Republicans in a favorable light, anything that shows patriotism, nationalism, good stories about the War, or positive aspects to George W. Bush - all get buried or ignored. The media's bias and agenda driven news stories are not passive; theirs is a proactive agenda that seeks to pass its political messages off as objective news.

stretch pelosi

It is frankly outrageous that the news continues to deny that they operate on a blatant liberal agenda -- I wouldn't really mind much if they would just cop to it and quit acting like we don't have eyes to see and ears to hear. It's a slap in the face. The NYTimes slogan should be : "All the bias that we see fit to print." Forget putting clarity and objectivity into their faux-news articles ... it's all about bringing down their enemies and helping their friends.

What is it about the voters of Illinois that they could be so uniformed and gullible to vote into office the likes of Rahm Emanuel, Dick Durbin and Barak Obama? Is it just a function of the Crook county machine? Probably. You can't put it all down to the antics of Cook County Democrats; Downstaters though fell hook-line & sinker for Durbin's outright lies during the senate race against Al Salvi. Durbin even had the audacity to run on a pro-Life platform (he's since "seen the light" and is now and openly avowed "pro-Choicer").

But what are the Democrats really going to do for us? Nothing outside of raising taxes, opening the borders to illegals, expanding their government programs, appointing liberal activist judges and slowly etching away our freedoms through their totalitarian agenda of appeasement, political correctness and cultural diversity. Oh, I forgot - they're going to "restore integrity and honesty" in Washington.

"Democrats promise to work in a bipartisan way for all Americans," Pelosi told an ecstatic crowd. "We are prepared to govern. And we will do so working together with the administration and Republicans in Congress in partnership, not partisanship. Americans voted to restore integrity and honesty in Washington, DC, and Democrats intend to lead the most honest, open and ethical Congress in history."
~ Nancy Pelosi, "The Australian news"

This coming from the crowd comprised of such honest and trustworthy folks as William Jefferson (D-La.), Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ.), Senator Torricelli (D-NJ.) and Congressman John Murtha (D-PA.) (an unindicted co-conspirator in the ABSCAM FBI sting operation). The only reason Murtha wasn't indicted was because fellow Pennsylvania Congressman Bailey (D-PA.) "saved his ass" from the Feds by interceding on Murtha's behalf during the investigation.

As a sidebar to how the media handles Democrats and Republicans differently, see this story on the Torricelli scandal. The idiot over at the Daily Kos writes that the AP reporter who covered the Torricelli story is a "partisan fraud", "wingnut" who did a "hatchet job" on the senator. You can only have an agenda if you're a Conservative, a Christian or a Republican. Otherwise you're above such monikers.

So there's little doubt that the next two years are going to be rough. The Democrats are already gloating about initiating impeachment hearings against the president, they're going to try to dismantle the Republican immigration reform plan and they're going to raise your taxes. It's like my buddy Dan Szalkus said, "The American voters who elected the Democrats are like people who forgot how a hangover feels so they go out and drink like a sailor on shore leave." After 6 years of sobriety, the American voters chugged down the Kool-Aid and EverClear like a couple of Appalachian moonshiners. It's going to be all headache, nausea and pain over the upcoming two years. Sadly we won't remember having any fun while we danced.

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