08 November 2006

The Ides of .... November?

With the midterm bloodbath finally over and the Democrats sweeping to victory, I can only say that I'm not surprised. I'm alittle disappointed but overall I'm glad that the Dems swept. At least some sort of message will get through to the embattled United States President, the Honorable George W. Bush.

"El RushBo" Limbaugh echoes my sentiments on the elections:

The way I feel is this: I feel liberated, and I'm going to tell you as plainly as I can why. I no longer am going to have to carry the water for people who I don't think deserve having their water carried. Now, you might say, "Well, why have you been doing it?" Because the stakes are high. Even though the Republican Party let us down, to me they represent a far better future for my beliefs and therefore the country's than the Democrat Party and liberalism does.

While I can't say that I've been "carrying the water" for Bush and his administration, I can say that in hindsight there were some niggling doubts about where I thought the administration's loyalties were. Yesterday Bush was asked about how he felt now about his immigration policy. He perked up and became excited when he said, "Yes, I think we have a better chance of getting immigration reform now with a Democrat-controlled Congress."

The only thing stopping full fledged amnesty for illegals was a Republican controlled congress. Well you can forget immigration enforcement. This putz just got his ass handed to him in an election and he blindly trudges on into handing our country over to illegal aliens. He apparently doesn't care that they're bankrupting our social programs, medical facilities, social security, and municipalities.

The problem with the Republican leadership is that they ignored and continue to dismiss their bases' views and wishes. Bush moved away from the conservative principles that got him into office. The Big Government, the big spending the out of control social program spending .. spend...spend...spend...spend....This guy is worse than LBJ !

An additional problem which you can lay at Bush's feet is his ineptness in communicating to the public. Besides the southern twang and malapropisms, he just never stepped out and told us what the hell was going on in Iraq. The White House went dark for a long time - even while the Left was hurtling grenades at it and attacking it with all types of asinine accusations. And the White House just sat there and took it all without counter-attacking the idiotic afronts. When we wanted to hear positive stories about Iraq, all we heard was "comprehensive immigration reform". When we wanted to know more about domestic surveillance and the FISA courts, all we heard from Bush was "social security reform."

As a registerd Republican it has been a damn frustrating 6 years.

Maybe Bush will start doing something about his image and begin giving us the information that we need to feel like we, as United States citizens, are just as important as your run-of-the-mill Illegal alien. Bush seems to think that there is no difference.


Coldtype said...

Poor fella. You still don't get it do you? The White House couldn't respond effectively to the Anti-War movement because there was no way to avoid the immense documentary record of lies and deceptions regarding the Bush administration's justification for the war of aggression in Iraq.

Furthermore, as polls have long indicated, the American public had no intention of going along with neo-con fantasies of Pax Americana.

What else you ask? The neo-liberal "globalization" program of aggressive privatization of public assets, and the job-destroying, sovereignty-neutralizing, anti-democratic "free-trade" agreements--which served the interests of corporations and major investors but not people in general (at home or abroad)--was roundly rejected by the public.

Only George W. Bush and his "beastiary of madmen" (1), along with True Believers like yourself were blind to these realities--until November 7th. Stay safe.

(1) I wish I could take credit for that wonderful phrase but the credit belongs to Professor Brian Leiter of the University of Texas Law School. If alternative narratives and interpretations of current events don't frighten you visit my blog site. Then, maybe the next time one of your heroes crashes and burns you will have seen it comming.

- Coldtype

Rue St. Michel said...

Huh? It appears that you don't get it:
This was no Democratic victory - it was a Republican loss. The GOP self-destructed because Bush utterly ignored his base, didn't keep the American people advised as to what was going on in Iraq and kept putting forth his asinine immigration policies.

The Anti-War movement is a figment of your overactive imagination. The 60's are over Dude, get over it. And you brought up 'anti-democratic freetrade agreements' - are you kidding? You remember who came up with all those NAFTA/CAFTA inititatives? None other than Bill Clinton.

Bush never lied to us, the WMDs were believed to be there by many different countries and many different people believed it (Hillary, J Kerry, T Kennedy, J Murtha .. you know, all your heros)

And, just to be clear, I'm not opposed to Liberals. I like liberals who are like John F. Kennedy: strong on defense, fiscal conservatives and clear on their core principals. I have utter contempt for liberals who have been hijacked by the lunatic Left and who tromp around decrying America as the source of evil in the world, while ignoring Jihadists who murder in the name of Allah.

We are at war and its deadly serious. Unfortunately the media won't support it and instead focus on nonsensical issues; like gay marriage.

What this election showed was that the White House will pay the price if it continues to "go dark" and not keep us informed as to where we're going and the results of our actions are. And I hate to break it to you but the only place you're likely to find a beastiary of madmen is on the socialist left - go ask Ward Churchill. He's probably a "grand pubah" in the Order of Madmen.

Coldtype said...

You obviously haven't been paying attention to my posts, either at SCC or on my blog. First of all I do not support the Democratic Party, nor the useful fiction that America has a two party political system. As I've repeated ad nausium on my blog as well as on SCC: there is only one political party in the US, the Business Party with two wings.

On fundimental issues both wings are in complete agreement with one another. Both, in fact, are considerably to the right of American public opinion on a host of issues.

And no, that list of craven war-criminal apologists you listed are hardly my heroes Rue. The people I admire and respect have names like Noam Chomsky, Edward S. Herman, Michael Parenti, John Dewey, George Orwell, Rudolph Rocker, Emma Goldman, Martin Luther King Jr, and Gore Vidal. In other words Rue, the Authentic Left.

As always, stay safe.

- Coldtype