14 November 2006

Cop murderer gets appeal

The scumbag animal who was convicted of murdering Trooper James Gross, has been allowed to have his death sentence reviewed by another court because a judge ruled that a juror had a "bias towards the death penalty."

The good news is that the convicted murderer of Officer Gross is only having his sentence reviewed - so the worst is that he'll do life in prison, or better - he'll be put down like a rabid dog.

Either way this savage killed that officer in 1996 and has had 10 years of writing letters, watching tv, seeing movies, exercising, eating 3 meals a day, playing cards, talking to his loved ones, interacting with other people and walking in the warm sunshine.

The officer's friends and family have had 10 years of loss, pain and grief.

My sincerest wish is that the reconvened jury gives this guy a death sentence - he deserves nothing less.

Here is the link to the news story.

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