05 October 2006

What to expect

The Democrats are scared. Yes they are, believe it or not.

They know that a Republican President - as a wartime Commander-in-Chief - is the strongest possible factor in retaining Republicans in Congress.

That's a fact and that scares the crap out of them because their thirst for power at all costs is their highest pursuit. You'd think that maybe other things would be more important than feeding their own narcissistic delusions of grandeur -- like National Security, Border Security, making Federal Tax Cuts a permanent thing, reigning in frivolous lawsuits through Tort Reform, closing down internal leaks to the media that expose our counter-terrorism techniques ....

Um, no.

The Dems are so afraid that they'll be relegated to the cisterns of the political landscape, that they'll say and do whatever it takes to keep that from happening. Scheme, divert, accuse, dig, payoff ... scheme some more...call editor friends at NYTimes to run front page story....that's how they do it, folks. They don't have an original idea among them. The closest thing that could be described as 'refreshing' coming from a major Democrat was Barack Obama, who was touring sub-saharan Africa and gave a speech in Nairobi on Aug. 28. In it he condemned government corruption by saying, "If the people cannot trust their government," said Obama, "to do the job for which it exists -- to protect them and promote their common welfare -- then all else is lost. That is why the struggle of corruption is one of the great struggles of our time." He went on to say that Kenyans should "overlook their ethnic divisions" - why can't he say that here? Because he's joined at the hip politically with Richard "Little Dick" Durbin and those types of libertarian remarks would go far in making Obama look like a Republican.

Obama is no reformer. He is a 'company man' - he does and votes for whatever Howard Dean and Harry Reid say. God willing he won't be elected president. He'd be a black version of Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter all rolled up into one.

So you can expect to get more Republican "scandals" dumped on you over the next few months - probably one or two every couple of weeks. Teri O'brien writes succinctly on this very point:

The democrat party cannot tell you its real agenda, but I we know what it is:
Civil rights for terrorists, who will no doubt get the benefit of representation from the ACLU when they aren’t representing NAMBLA degenerates, with endless appeals to federal courts and the sharing of sensitive intel information with attorneys like Lynne Stewart.
Emasculating of the military, including the defunding of the war in Iraq, handing the enemy a victory that makes Black Hawk Down look like a consolation prize.
Endless hearings about the conduct of the Bush administration, including Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee John Conyers’ (there’s a scary phrase!) most anticipated attraction, the impeachment of President Bush. That’s just what we need at a time of war.
Because the dems knows that this platform is a loser, their only hope is depressing conservative turnout. That’s how desperate they’ve become, and that’s why from now until November 7, expect a “scandal” of the week, each designed to demoralize you, and get you to throw up your hands and say “What’s the point? They’re all the same.”

Doom and gloom, cut and run - the Democratic plan is to make Bush look bad at whatever cost ... that's all they care about.

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Sabian said...

The average Joe and Jane operates off of emotion. Taking a stand is unheard of these days. The Blago and Topinka ads are already making me crazy. I can't grab that remote fast enough. Speaking of sick...

I was at the doctor's office today hacking out my lungs. And they had "The View" on the Tube there. They were talking about the congressional sex/lifestyle vs pedophile angle when I interpreted what one of them said between my deep hackings....in summary, not verbatim...that we should remove politics from this and talk about this issue: Keeping kids safe from predators. Then she took a shot at the war in Iraq and the GOP. What was that all about?..Who was it who reminded the panel of ladies to stay on the issue?...I instinctively looked for the remote but either the granny with the oxygen tank was sitting on it or they had it behind the desk for when guys like me show up and start putting on Sports.

But I digress....
Obama is not unlike the rest. He will be the Dems "Uncle Tom". Another political puppet with a hand pulling the string. I would go into politics myself if I only had the stomach for the underbelly of society. Ha!

Hey Springfield! Hey Washington! Focus on what's best for the country, not your parties!!!!!!