21 October 2006

Supporting Illegals: Not Cheap

Back in 1994 when Ross Perot was running for President, he made one of the most memorable remarks to come out of a presidential race. It wasn't as memorable as Reagan's "Well, Fritz - there you go again" remark to Walter Mondale but, it turned out to be prophetic.

I'm paraphrasing but when Perot was discussing NAFTA, he said in his trademark Lollipop Guild voice, "If NAFTA passes, you're going to hear a great sucking sound coming from south of the border."

How right he was. Indeed you can probably hear a tremendous sucking sound if you live in AZ, TX or NM - it's the sound of US currency flooding the Mexican economy. It's not entirely the fault of NAFTA but the program is a peripheral cause. It is mainly due to the flood of illegal immigrants.

According to the Houston Chronicle. illegals in Texas will send $5.2 billion US dollars to Latin America [primarily Mexico]. That is up 64% over 2004 numbers. California will send back $13.2 billion

Tammy Bruce writes about the economic impact of having so many billions flowing out of the US:

Wait until you get to the actual spin of this particular story: we are essentially asked to accept this because while they do send billions and billions out of the country, illegals allegedly spend most of their money here (obviously not on health care with the rate our hospitals, trauma centers and emergency rooms are closing), sending only a supposed 10 percent "back home."
The point, however, is not how much illegals spend here and send there--it is the fact that we're dealing with billions of dollars that should be in the pockets of American workers; money which in its entirety would remain here, and without the concomitant abuse and destruction of our infrastructure, including health care, roads, schools, law enforcement and the judicial system. All provided to people who do not pay taxes, and have the gall, instead of paying for health insurance, to send tens of billions out of the country entirely.
What's fascinating to me, is the Republicans still seem to have no clue that it is illegal immigration that has angered the base more than any other issue, including the president's maniacal spending. Democrats, especially people of color and those who live in the inner city, who are perpetually taken for granted by the Democrat party, are the first ones to be fundamentally harmed by this illegal alien invasion. That party is also so disconnected it has no clue (or more likely, as I argue, actually doesn't care) how this scourge affects the life of the average American.

A related story out of Tucson reports that pro-illegal immigrant groups have signed a "hospitality" agreement with the government of Mexico to allow the groups to prepare and assist Mexicans, who are south of the border, to enter the US illegally.


It is interesting to note that the Mexican government actively supports, guides and helps its citizens enter the United States illegally. The illegals then come here and start sending billions of US currency back to Mexico. It seems to me that the Mexican government can get behind their citizens because all the people in Mexico consider themselves Mexican first. When they come here they're still enamored of Mexico. They want to maintain their culture, their language and - after having made enough money - will go back to Mexico and purchase a rancho with their "hard-earned" savings. That begs the question: Where is the United States government's support and aid for its citizens? It seems that as soon as the illegal crosses the border, the US automatically bestows "rights" upon that individual. A pregnant Mexican can come across illegally and her offspring is now a full fledged American.

Years ago I wondered why socialized welfare programs seemed to work in countries like Sweden, Norway and Holland (this was before immigrants from North Africa and the Middle East swarmed into those countries, stressing their social services to the point of collapse). And it occurred to me that those programs worked in those countries because the recipients of welfare in Sweden were people who's first priority was being Swedish. The same of those in Norway - they're Norwegians getting welfare. They are identified with their culture and their nation.

Not here. We have so many millions of people who consider themselves anything BUT American. There is no esprit de corps. The liberal establishment has been hard at work telling you that Nationalism is a bad thing. The Liberal media won't show the Jihadis beheading people, they don't show the World Trade Centers getting hit, they don't show you positive stories coming out of Iraq. All you get is a big dollup of Guilt for being an American. The media gives people who are critical of America full voice to air their grievances.

Drive through a "depressed" section of Chicago around the 4th of July and count the number of American flags being flown - for every 100 homes you'll see 1 flag. A stopped a 16-year old Maniac Latin Disciple who was standing on Fullerton avenue waving a Mexican flag. I asked him what he was doing. His answer was, "Celebrating my independence." He was born here in the US and didn't speak spanish. I asked him if he knew what the meaning of September 16th was. He just stared at me with a blank look and shrugged his shoulders. He didn't know. Many of these kids have no idea about US history and barely know the history of the culture that they supposedly celebrate and identify with. All they want is to eat, drink, smoke and fuck. Sadly there is a whole generation of these empty, vapid truants being raised by single mothers. And when they get out of the gangbanging, the only job they're qualified to do is work as movers.

From Frontpage magazine, back in April:

But it is not “cheap labor.” It may be “cheap” to those who pay the wages, but for the rest of us it is clearly “subsidized” labor, as we taxpayers pick up the costs of education, health, and other municipal costs imposed by this workforce. That has become a substantial and growing cost as the nature of illegal immigration patterns has changed.
Illegal immigration today isn’t “cheap” labor, except to the employer. To the rest of us it is “subsidized labor,” where a few get the benefit and the rest of us pay. These costs ought to be obvious to all, but the myth of “cheap labor” and “jobs Americans won’t do” persists
It is hard to get an exact profile of the people who live in the underground economy, but the average family of illegal immigrants has 2 to 4 school-age kids. It costs U.S. taxpayers more than $7000 a child just to educate them in our public schools. Now no minimum wage workers, or even low wage workers, pay anywhere near enough in taxes to pay for even one child in school. Even if their parents were paying all federal and state taxes, Colorado’s estimated 30,000 school-age children of workers illegally in the U.S. impose gargantuan costs on other taxpayers.

The dilemma is compounded by the fact that approximately 50 percent of illegal workers are paid in cash, off the books. Go to any construction site almost anywhere in America, and you will find workers paid cash wages. Virtually every city in America has an area where illegals gather and people come by to get “cheap” cash-wage labor.

From the same article: Professor George Borjas of Harvard, an immigrant himself, estimates that American workers lose $190 billion annually in depressed wages caused by the constant flooding of the labor market from newcomers.

The only thing cheap about illegal labor is the saving to the employer.

You and I and all other taxpaying American citizens make up the difference. To the tune of billions.

¡Despiert√°nse norteamericanos!


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Didn't go to sleep when I should have, below is a partial.


By Chip McLean

October 21, 2006


Just when you thought the US government couldn’t possibly behave any more irresponsibly, they do something to once again prove us all wrong. The latest example is the effort being made by the US Department of Agriculture to distribute food stamps within the Latino community. It seems our tax dollars are being spent on Spanish language television advertisements in order to “promote” still another massive government giveaway.

Ostensibly, this marketing effort is to provide information to Spanish speaking citizens and other legal immigrants who would qualify based on the USDA’s eligibility guidelines. Those guidelines apparently include a number of non-citizens in the rather loosely worded definition


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