04 October 2006

A staggering double standard

Congressman Foley (R-FL) is being justly denigrated and criticized for acting inappropriately when he sent sexually explicit IM's to an under-age male Congressional Page. When Foley resigned last Friday, it was a relief to see that the congressman saw the light and left before things got even uglier.

It's not the first time that the Page system has been tapped into in order to fulfill the sexual gratification of members of Congress. Back in 1983 there was another scandal involving Pages.

The House of Representative's first openly gay congressman was Gerry Studds, from the - ahem - great state of Massechusetts. He admitted to having sex with a 17 year old male page and was censured for it (also a first). While Dan Crane (R-IL), who was also caught diddling with a page - a female one - was censured and accepted it. Studds, possibly thinking he was a reincarnation of Oscar Wilde, claimed that his was a "special relationship" with the boy and he hadn't broken any laws. He ignored the censure, was applauded for it, and kept his job. He retired from the office with full pension as a 'hero'.

Crane was voted out of office.

The staggering double standard is obvious.

If you're a Democrat, you can actually have sex with someone much younger than you - hell, with someone of the same sex as you - and you're praised and get to keep your job.

If you're a Republican and you get caught sending some instant messages to an underage congressional page, then you're vilified and dragged through the mud.

I'm not condoning Foley's actions. He was wrong and he should be punished.

But it is just amazing that one party can act as libertines and it is not an issue. Clinton sodomized Lewisnsky in the Oval Office and then had the chutzpah to blame an amorphous "right wing conspiracy" for the whole debacle.

And the MSM is not blameless in this story. Why have they held this for so long? In order to wreak maximum damage on the GOP right before the election, of course. The target of Foley's affections is one Jordan Edmund. Passionate America has the lowdown on this "victim". If you read the text messages, this guy Jordan is feeding into Foley's little sexual fantasies. Jordan worked for Foley and must've know he's gay. Gay guys are always trolling for some action if they're not in a serious relationship, just like everyone else. What does this Jordan Edmund do when the conversation turns sexual? Does he tell the Congressman that he's uncomfortable with the way the conversation was turning? No. He goes right along with it and then some. The prudent thing to do woud be to just turn off the phone.

It all stinks and I think that this Jordan may have been trying to experiment alittle with his sexuality. Why else would you describe your personal masturbation methods to an oversexed, middle-aged, horny, gay man????

Well, the little dweeb has his own MySpace account. I couldn't locate the exact screen name he's under but the pages are here and here.

What it all comes down to is this: The Republicans throw their dirt bags out with the trash, the Democrats put them in the China Cabinet and call them their best dinnerware. At least Foley didn't rape Juanita Broderick or expose himself to a woman in an Arkansas hotel room.

I guess we can be thankful that Foley only chatted in a text message.

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