11 October 2006

Sex, Packers and Politics

Only in Wisconsin - yah, hey dere!

Sandy Sullivan of Oregon, Wisconsin is running for Secretary of State under the GOP ticket. She has no political experience and is expected to lose the race to the encumbent. That being said, Miss Sullivan is creating quite a stir because of the memoirs she published back in 2004, which were entitled Green Bay Love Stories and Other Affairs
In it she claimed to have affairs with Paul Hornung and Bart Starr back in the 60's during the Pack's heyday.

Upon meeting Hornung for the first time Sullivan wrote,"Here he was, in the flesh! Oh! My God! He was soooo CUTE! ... He immediately asked me out and I immediately accepted."

She quickly learned "there are two things football players think about all the time ... FOOTBALL AND SEX ... and seldom in that order."

I wonder if cheese kurds are an Aphrodesiac? Here's her website, and here's her blog.

Her most impressive talent listed on her website is - Grew up hunting and fishing - skilled marksperson

Wisconsin desperately needs some conservative backbone. It is a socialist nightmare up there. Best of luck Sandy!!!


leomemorial said...

Is there anything else to do in Wisconsin other then play football and have sex?????????????????????!

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Rue, check e-mail